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Jobs & Devs: AppTudes.com


Please welcome AppTudes: Fresh new attitudes about apps!

Watch for www.apptudes.com, going live: June 19, 2011.


Our team of experienced writers will bring you side-by-side app reviews, exclusive contests, App Store shopping tips, insider looks at hot apps before they launch, and breaking mobile-tech news. Look for side-by-side Android vs. iOS match-ups too.

We have two projects, so this post is aimed first at iOS, OS X. and Android developers.

Second, we are also looking to fill a number of staff, freelance and internship (for credit if your college or university allows) positions. Job-seekers, please scroll down for a list of openings and other important information.

For iOS, OS X, & Android Developers:

Apptudes.com will offer unprecedented access to a host of marketing tools for all of your iOS, and some Android apps, at no cost to you along with advertising solutions.

We are planning a community (with a dedicated forum) for developers, large and small, to submit apps for review on multiple sites, to facilitate dev-to-dev idea sharing, and to help you run promotions that will maximize your exposure and most of all, your sales. We know the secrets to help get you seen and we’re sharing!

To submit apps for review or for app list and app guides, Sue is the go-to girl!

For Promotions & Marketing inquires or to advertise on our site kindly email Lisa, our SEM and marketing guru directly at lisa@apptudes.com


Do you write iOS reviews? We are looking for experienced, previously published iOS reviewers. And Android reviews too.

We are also interested in teaming up with iOS/Android bloggers who want more traffic, but have an established readership or Twitter following.

YouTube reviewers and vloggers are welcome too.

It doesn’t matter what sort of apps you like to review, we want everyone to have their own niche!

“Game Guy” (or Gal) wanted ASAP to cover games for the hardcore gamer. You’ll be free to talk about consoles and PCs, but in context. Relevant experience required.

Android Maven” wanted STAT too.

At this time, we are not accepting novice writers for staff positions, but offer internships for student-writers (for credit if your school allows), and newcomers to the field as well as guest-review opportunities.

Job Seekers

We are taking applicants for the following positions:

  • Web-design – freelance
  • Web master – permanent
  • iOS developer to build and maintain our AppTudes App – permanent
  • Copy-editors – permanent, freelance and intern
  • Graphic artist – one permanent and freelance or intern
  • Social Media Coordinator – permanent, freelance or marketing/ecommerce or related degree intern
  • Forum Admin(s) – permanent or intern

PLease submit resumes to lisa@sahgeekmom.com

We can’t wait for you to see our new attitude towards apps, coming soon www.apptudes.com!

Happy app hunting, stayed tuned for more info coming soon!



Comments on: "Jobs & Devs: AppTudes.com" (2)

  1. of course I know you, embattle! I have know your fun games for a long time. I’m so flattered you dropped by.

    I took the code off the blog and redeemed it quickly, please send them to lisa@sahgeekmom.com for your privacy in the future, but we’d love to check out your game, of course. thanks.

    And, please drop me an email if you want to talk about any sort of apptudes.com launch-week promotion.

    If you check out the press release on the home page of my blog here, or there is a link on the right hand side of the page too, you will see we are getting a tremendous amount of support from the iOS developer community. We’re touched and speechless!

    Sue and I and our writers and even our behind-the-scenes folk all really love games and apps and hope this will help us extend the reach of our passion from our personal blogs where we began, to appadvice.com and in their top-30 app that reaches thousands and thousands of app shoppers, and beyond with the launch of apptudes.com!

    We’ll have a dedicated dev forum too, hope you stop by! Please tweet to your dev-friends to let them know we’re coming and if it’s hot, or cool, and it’s for iOS, OS X and now Android, we want to bring it to the world first across our various web properties.


  2. How are you?
    This is Embattle Games, we have just published a game called Bump Color recently, wish you could please check and review it. We highly appreciate that and here is the promo code:
    game name : Bump color(iphone)
    promo code :

    Yours faithfully

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