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Contests Giveaways and Swag

Update 6/15/11

We JUST set up a Facebook Fanpage here. While we figure it all out, we have special prizes just for those who take the time to visit and like.

When we hit 100 likes we will give out a $10 iTunes Gift Card. When we hit 200 we will give out a $20 iTunes gift card. If we happen to hit any other multiple of 100 we will give out $25 iTunes cards at each milestone.

But act fast, the contest closes Friday June 17, 9:00pm EDT!

Good luck and thanks for checking us out. Don’t forget to follow @apptudes to be the first to know about all the freebies and great reviews and lists coming your way soon!

To see just some of what you can win suring our launch week swag-a-thon click here.

Update 6/9/11


New Contest! Win 10Tons (Grim Joggers, Azkend, Sparkle etc…) have a new puzzle game, Joining Hands and the Stay at Home GeekMom has a promo code just for you!

Click here to read the review and see how to enter with a comment or a tweet! Good Luck!

Update 6/2/11

Meet Tudey the wise-vracking bird with a new attitude on App Reviews!

WOW! The response to our press release about our new venture, http://www.apptudes.com, a new site Launching Father’s Day, June 19, 2011, with fresh views on apps for iOS but also Mac and Android, has been overwhelming. Thank you all so much for your support of our new venture in app reviews, we’re so excited!

To get as much attention to the press release as we can, Sue and I are offering two $10 iTunes gifts cards (redeemable at US or CND App Store – see below for details) for the two Tweeters who follow me @sahgeekmom (and follow Sue @technopinksue) and click the Tweet button on the press release here. You can also Tweet this page, or Tweet something all your own, but be sure to mention apptudes.com and include @sahgeekmom so I can find you. All roads lead to swag!

Tweet as often as you like, the top two get cards, nice an simple! Contest Closes 6/5/11 9:00PDT, but wil reopen with a new item to tweet and more cards to win right after so bookmark this page!

Also while you are checking out the press release check out (and please visit) just some of the sponsors AppTudes has secured for our launch week Swag-a-Thon.Thanks to all our dev-friends for their support! Here are just a few:


You can win codes, premium radio subscriprions tro Slacker Radio, and so much art you will need a new device to store it all.  We have prizes and contests for kids, dad’s and everyone who loves iOS and now everyone who loves OS X and Android too!

And, watch for a special contest sponsored by Owlchemy Labs, Makers of Snuggle and Smuggle truck for iOS Mac and PC. They have something big planned with us and for you when their update to version 1.5 releases soon.

Don’t miss any of the action, start following @apptudes on Twitter now for more chances to win during the pre-launch set-up and of course during our crazy give-aways coming soon to www.apptudes.com.

Update 5/25/11 Make a scrap-book page with My Scrap Life or Kids Corner and Win One Of three iTunes Gifts Cards. Up To $50!

Well you can’t accuse me of slacking since I’ve been back from the hospital. I’ve brought you two giveaways here, one for Chillingo’s Spider Jack and one for iPad Game of the Week, Casey’s Contraptions, and given away a copy of Crates on appadvice.com.

Now that those contest are closed and the prizes have been awarded, I have something different and exciting. More like what I first promised when I posted this page back in February. And your kids can enter and win too!

The Stay at Home GeekMom has teamed up with the developer of great scrapbooking app My Scrap Life and great kid’s photo-fun app Kid’s Corner, and the whole team at appadvice.com to bring you an amazing chance to win one of three iTunes gift cards.

You can win one $30 card for the best scrap page made on each app (you can only enter once and the kid’s appp is limited to entrants under twelve, please let the kids have a fair chance) and a grand prize of $50 to spend on apps or anything else in iTunes you want.

Read about the contest here, and please note, this is one of the times where I am promoting the contest, but I’m not responsible for winners or prize distribution, so please read the fine print below carefully and happy creating. Good luck!

2/17/11 – About Contests, Freebies, & Swag

Please if you plan to enter a contest take a moment to read this so you aren’t disappointed.

What can I win?

There are tons of things you can win at http://www.sahgeekmom.com including (but not not limited to)

  • Promo Codes for Free Apps
  • iTunes Gift Cards*
  • iTunes Gift Apps*
  • Exclusive App-Related Swag like signed posters, t-shirts, and other collectables.**
  • Featured spots on YouTube and other Websites:**

* Gift Cards and Gift Apps, when specified that they are being provided by the Stay at Home geekMom will unfortunately be restricted to US and Canadain iTunes account holders only as those are the only accounts I have a funding source for.

Prizes via the CND App Store will generally be received with 48 hours, but for US App Store winners it may take up to 7 business days (based on PayPal’s estimation of when international transaction will clear)

Also please remember I am a mom first to a young child and my husband and I are both disabled (see About Me.) I have the best intentions, but there are occasions when real life will delay a prize or even a contest. It has happened already in fact.

I appreciate your understanding about this, as these are circumstances beyond my control. I will update the page accordingly and when appropriate make-up for any inconvenience I can.

**Any featured spots or Exclusive Swag will of course be awarded/hosted on the developer’s site or YouTube channel and the winner and nature of the contest will be at their sole discretion.

The Stay at home GeekMom will often help spread the word about contests, but unless otherwise noted, please assume everything is coming from the devs, not me, and I can only exert so much control.

That said I don’t deal with shoddy developers, and I truly don’t anticipate, with my particualr demographic, any of this being a big issue, but I need to CMA, I know you understand 😀

Who Can Enter?

Depending on the type of app hosting the particular contest or giveaway, the contests may be limited to children only, or open to all. If there is nothing stating a limitation, assume please that everyone is eligible, but note the above limitations regarding gift apps and gift cards that come directly from the Stay at Home GeekMom.

I will have exclusive contests open only to those who follow me on twitter (@sahgeekmom).

Those contests will usually involve retweeting, posting a link, or leaving a comment, and will run for a short time. The prizes will almost exclusively be promo codes, and I will have secured them in advance from the developers, know exactly how many are available, and they can be redeemed at any iTunes Sore World-Wide assuming the app is available there for sale to start with.

For these contests I may or may not have time to update the contest page. The prize itself, however can only be delievered via twitter so you must be following me to receive it (@sahgeekmom).

Yes it’s a bit of shameles self-promotion, but I’m worth it, you’ll see 😉

NOTE 5/23/11: For reasons of privacy, winners will be notified by email if they left a comment with one I can reply to, or via DM (Direct Message) on Twitter. (Which requires us to follow each other, I believe, I’m still a noob…) If I tweet that you won and you can’t DM, just email sahgeekmom@gmail.com so I can confirm you are you.

Many devs tweets the contests, and some of my winners take the time to tweet or post a thank you, but no one has to or expected to, it’s just nice to know when someone is happy.

But, since I don’t know how to provide any proof, you will just have to trust that these giveaways are legit. You don’t pay to enter, so you have nothing but a few typed words or a click to lose anyway. And my readership is still growing; if you enter often, with my odds, you are almost bound to win something soon.

Who Chooses the Winners:

As I have stated some contest and promotions will be handled by the developer or distributor of the featured app. In those cases the method of selecting a winner will be disclosed, but be at their discretion not mine.

As for my own contests, I have not had enough response yet to start learning how Google Randomizer works. If you want to enter you will just have to take me at my word when I say I am honest.

When I have only a small pool of contestant I put their email addresses at random on a spreadsheet. If you have several entries I put you in several times I then print the list. and let Pump (my son and co-reviewer, again see About Me) point. That’s who wins. In fact that’s pretty much how things work around here in general and by here I mean my home, not just my blog. 😉

Yes I confess, my friends and family are very supportive and come to visit, but it should go without saying that if a member of my blood or extended family should post a commetnt when a comment is all it takes to enter, that they will be excluded. The same will go for my close friends.

But I do have over 1200 friends on Facebook, (after months of removing strangers, why isn’t there an app for that? I topped 2500 when I was addicted to CafeWorld, FarmVille and

Fluff Friends simultaneously!) Most of them are strangers except from co-gaming or having similar interests.

I use Facebook as a means of  promoting my site. I have a search marketing background and just can’t bring myself to exclude all those eyeballs for no reason.

I hope to have a dedicated Stay at home GeekMom Facebook Fan Page in the future, but as the blog is still a week shy of it’s one-month anniversary, I haven’t gotten there yet. (edit 5/23/11 ok, so now it’s been four months and still no fan page, I’m busy! But it’s coming, I promise. The domain is reserved.

I will not be adding people who figure out who I am on Facebook (I pretty much live-out-loud so it’s not all that hard.) My goal is to have my current account be for my real friends and family only and I am trying to remove, not add strangers no matter how nice.

Of course if we get to chatting (esp. with devs and artists, I’m pretty gregarious) that changes everything. But be forewarned, I spam like mad, brag shameless about Pump, and lately I don’t have the time to spend there chatting that I used to. I haven’t even seen my farm since December ’10.

For now the rule for Facebook ‘friends’ entering is if I don’t recognize the username or email address I will consider the entry a valid one.

OK I think that about sums it up. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or if I have failed to clarify something. I am really a new, and while I am grateful for the rapid growth I have had, I am still learning the ropes.

Thanks for your patience and Good Luck!




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