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For Developers

Update; June 9, 2011 – 

Who am I?

My name is Lisa Caplan, I sometimes go by the handle,  The Stay at Home GeekMom. (See About Me) I now write reviews for 148apps.com, right here and launching soon, apptudes.com (see press release here)

I also have colleagues and friends working with me on AppTudes from a number of other big review sites. Submitting a code to us will get your app seen across a wide variety of review sites and blogs.

How To Submit Apps for review:

Please submit apps directly to 148apps.com if you only want a review there. Click here for more information. The writers are all great and will do your app justice.

If you want your app on a variety of sites, particularly sahgeekmom.com and apptudes.com or you want to run contest or promotions it’s best to contact me here at lisa@sahgeekmom.com

Jailbreak Apps are welcome are always here.

Either way there will be cross-promotion from both sites, so wherever I review you I will get you some genuine quality exposure.

*NOTE: Code Redemption Does Not Guarantee A Review. I don’t app-bash, but won’t cover apps getting less than 3.5 stars or even apps that may be wonderful, but I just don’t get. There are enough sites to tell you what not to buy, I want to focus my attention on the Best of iOS (and now Android too!)

More Exposure, Better Rankings and More Profit.

To submit your app for review kindly send me a promo code, to lisa@sahgeekmom.com,  lisa@aappadvice.com  if you feel more comfortable seeing my credentials, but if you send it there, I can only use it there, and if it’s not hot, no review. If you send it to me here, I can give the app app the dual-coverage that makes what I can do for you special.

Next up will be the following lists and guides:

  • Best iPhone apps for Artists
  • Best Scarp Booking apps for iPad – List
  • Best Apps For Summer (all iDevices) – List
  • Rainy Day Apps (all iDevices)
  • Best Interactive Books for iPad – List
  • Best Casual Games of the Year so far…

Find me on linkedin, to see all my sites and let’s connect!


Please understand that I cannot market your app as the Stay at Home GeekMom or on AppAdvice. That would be a clear conflict of interest.

I do have a background in Search Marketing (SEM), however, and if you would like to hire the real me for some freelance work please just drop me a PM here and I can contact you from my personal accounts.

But, I will not promote app on review sites I write fir, for a company that pays me for marketing service. So, if you need a review, please contact me in that capacity first. Once the reviewing is done, I can work with you and I will already have an intimate knowledge of your product.

Help Me Help You:

I can’t promote you as the SAHGekkMom, I can, however, run promotions or contests with you. I can get you much more traffic if you sponsor a contest or giveaway of some kind but, you do not have to.

I also supply prizes, but it does help people take note of the associated review if they can get exclusive swag directly from you.

The prize doesn’t have to have cash value, recent prizes have included codes of course but also signed posters and t-shirts and gift cards. Also you can decide whether you want to do a random giveaway, or actually have a contest i.e. “make the best painting with our app and win a featured spot on our website and a mug with our logo” (you get the idea 😉 )


It is my job and desire to provide fair, informative & honest reviews. If I truly think I can’t say anything positive I will likely drop the piece as it is not my intention to bash apps for giggles unless they are clearly preying on consumers.

I will, however, give you every opportunity to address any questions or concerns I have and to put in your two cents before going live on either site.

You can subscribe to my Dev Page feed here or follow me on twitter (@SAHGeekMom) where most of my developer-friends now hang out.

What Kind of Apps:

I give priority to Educational Apps, Art (making or displaying) Apps, Apps for Young Children, Apps for School-Aged Children, Apps for Tweens, Teens & College, Apps for Parents as well as GTD/time management/budgeting/shopping/discounts/Social Networking etc. And as I mentioned Cydia Apps and Tweaks)




Comments on: "For Developers" (3)

  1. Dear SAHGeekMom,

    My name is Ramond Riggs and I have 2
    interactive childrens ebook iPad/iPhone
    apps available at iTunes. “Jack and the
    Beanstalk” and “Cozmo’s Day Off” by Ayars
    Animation are 2 nicely written and animated
    ebooks for children 3-6. If you’re interested,
    I would be happy to provide promo codes.


  2. Dear Stay at Home Geek Mom,
    I would like to nominate my partner for her wonderful artwork; we develop educational apps together. Her original art work is used in three of our apps. Please let me explain:

    ABC Shakedown & ABC Shakedown Plus are our first two apps. ABC Shakedown Plus, was too big to download on the fly, this became an issue, the app was not easy to access and inconvenient. Most people using the app didn’t pick up on the fact that all the sounds and animation correlated with the letter; ex. for L, the Lion Licks, for R, the Rainbow clouds over and it Rains, Rat-a-tat. Subsequently the app was redesigned to have a smaller file size; ABC On the Go was born; less animation and flashier sounds and movement – without the reinforcement of letter sounds.

    The games are based on a quick drill incorporating best practices. For many years I worked with students in need of early intervention in reading readiness. Some were classified, many were not, what they all had in common was that they lwere struggling to learn the letter sounds . It was remarkable to me how fast they mastered the alphabetic principle using the letter name, familiar picture, and letter sound altogether, and most importantly practicing all 26 letters every day! Many programs first teach you to identify the letter names before teaching the letter sounds, and can spend a week on just one letter…. My goal in making an educational app was to share what I know works with as many kids as possible. If you are interested in taking a look, I can send you promo codes.

    Jayne Clare

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