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About The Stay at Home GeekMom

Update: 6/9/2011

The Stay at GeekMom is Now on 148apps.com and The Portable Gamer

Wow! My blog and reviewing career are not yet six months old, but thanks to some amazing support from developers, friends, the Twitterverse, and of course you, I have had more amazing opportunities to cover the best apps on the App Store than anyone deserves. Thank you!

My latest good news is that I have moved from appadvice to a bigger site, with a calibre of writing I aspire to match: 148apps.com.

I will still be bringing you reviews of hot games and apps, but now I get to share my thoughts (and devs, that means your apps) with an even wider audience. You can email me there at lisa.caplan@148apps.com. (Check out my bio here)

Stay tuned for my review of Chillingo’s new crazy game Rocket Bunnies going live on 148apps this week!


Another amazing venue is one I am launching with fellow iOS and Android reviewers from major sites, watch for the launch of AppTudes.

We are set to launch the new site with a Swag-a-Thon week in which we will be giving away a ton of free apps, online subscription services, iTunes cards and more great swag so please click here to read more or follow @apptudes on Twitter so you don’t miss a thing.

Coming Father’s Day, June 19, 2011

Who is the Stay At Home (SAH) GeekMom?

 My name is Lisa Caplan. I’m located outside of Montreal, Canada, and I am a full-blown app addict. I mean I need a 12-step program level app-aholic. I was already hooked on my iPhone, esp. my  iPhone 4, but when I got my iPad for a holiday gift something transformative happened to me. It’s the same feeling I got back in 1979 when I got my first Apple II. I knew I was looking at something that was going to change my life forever. I was right both times.

I am not an Apple pitchman, however, so I am not going to try to sell you on iGizmos. If you have read this far I will assume you have an iOS device already or you’re thinking of getting one seriously enough to do your research. If I presume correctly, and if you are a parent, student, artist or art lover or just someone who loves learning, playing, reading, and getting the most from your Apple tablet or smartphone you found yourself in the right place.

I will be reviewing what I have and love, and since my first love is my seven-year-old son and sometimes co-reviewer, Pump (yes we really call him that,) I will be covering lot of education apps for him, and tons of games and entertainment apps that are family-friendly. But, this not just a blog for mom’s by a long shot!\

The Stay at Home GeekMom has, with great respect and fondness, left the team at appadvice.com.

I am so grateful to the amazing people there. If they had not tweeted one of my earliest reviews, and subsequently hired me, I would probably still be talking to myself out here.

I continue to be in touch with many people over there so if you have something you want them to see, and don’t know how to get it there, I will be happy to forward the message. But, from now on my reviews will be on 148apps.com. Please contact me here, or there, I no longer receive appadvice email.

You can still read my older reviews and lists: just click here or on the appadvice icon.

If I can convey my sense of wonder and excitement to you, and give you a peek into how the iPad has changed my life, I will be well-pleased.

I cover apps apps on both sites, for home and life management, shopping on and off line and anything that might make a mom’s (or dad’s) life easier and even better.

And if an app is related to the arts – liberal, fine or performing – I want to own it, so I will happily review it.

My interests are vast and the iPad keeps opening up new doors to me so expect reviews of just about every painting, doodling and photo editing app, tools for writers (or would-be bloggers) and the top GTD (gettig things done) and time-management apps. I have the best creative apps around and want you to enjoy them without wasting time on the frustrating or poorly designed ones.

I love readers: books readers, RSS feeds and Google Readers, every type of news app, the hottest casual, and educational games, and lots of music making, music discovery, and music playing apps.

Don’t forget to follow me @sahgeekmom on twitter for exclusive twitter only giveaways, as well as hot news, and everything you ever wanted to know about iOS.

Not that it matters in terms of content, but it is relevant in other ways so I will share with you that I am a disabled stay-at-home mom. This means I have a ton of free time to devote to this blog as crutches and wheelchairs don’t mix well with snow and ice and I am located in Montreal, Canada. (Tt’s alomst summer now, and I’m out more, but thanks to my iPad 2, which has 3g, I will be able to write poolside, from the soccer field, on vacation, or anywhere else! Go Zaggmate 2!

Beyond the too-much-time thing, my husband is legally blind and an iOS lover too, so I also have a good idea of which apps are best for people with physical limitations and I keep watch on apps intended for or useful to any sort of illness or mental or learning disability. Disability-access advocacy is also a passion of mine.

If you would like me to review an app you developed or want to be included in an upcoming list or guide I have a page just for developers here. I offer marketing solutions too!

Find me on Linkedin! Let’s connect!

Thank you for stopping by. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog or rss feed (or follow me on Twitter @sahgeekmom) so you are the first to know about the free app giveaways and special contests I hold regularly.

See you again soon,


Comments on: "About The Stay at Home GeekMom" (14)

  1. How did you get started blogging? How do you get paid? Can you make a living blogging?

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about mobile apps. What direction do you think apple is heading in the next year or so? Would you consider Apple or Android apps better? I found some cool app discounts at http://www.sonotretail.com/ which you should checkout. It sure is fun to learn about all this new technology!

  3. Hi,

    I just read your latest post on your blog site and I think it is a really great piece for your viewers.

    After reading your blog, I was wondering if I could highlight your most recent post on our blog as well write a guest column for your readers?

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Margot, Senior Op Ed Columnist

    Blog Content Guild
    1015 Bee Caves Woods Dr, Suite 102
    Austin, TX 78746

  4. Could I interest you in reviewing a new children’s book app, WINTER IS for iPad?It is by Auracle, imprint of Auryn (Auryn Ink) based on the out of print book illustrated by me, Mindy Dwyer. The author Ann Dixon and I are friends from Alaska and this is our first app!
    I still use traditional watercolors and brushes but sitting down with my first instructional video on how to paint with Photoshop. I am excited and had fun reading about your art making apps on your blog.
    Please see the app at http://bit.ly/nzqfNR and I will send you a promo code.

  5. Very nice site for review of apps for kids. I was wondering whether your site will be interested to review my company’s app “Kids Karaoke”? It’s a sing along app for parents and kids based on 8 classical songs. It is especially useful for parents who travel a lot, so that they can sing songs for their kids to stay in touch with them. You can have a look at our website http://www.sysmoko.com or check out our fb page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kids-Karaoke-Sing-along-with-Ann/110153459057142.

    We will be more than willing to send you a promo code if you are able to do so. Please drop me an email or contactus@sysmoko.com if you are interested!

  6. This site makes my wonderful new iPad so much more enjoyable!!! Thanks for pointing me on the right road and providing a clear and concise map to the best apps on the market today!!! Your knowledge about the vast sea of apps and awesome reviews are the BEST!! Thanks so much!!!

  7. SAHGeekMom
    You are now my favorite site for app reviews. Not only are your reviews clear but they are G rated! No foul language and you have a great sense of humor.
    I find the game descriptions clear and very informative.I really enjoy all the images and videos which capture the game features.
    My entire family have looked at the site and we have purchased most if not all your recommendations. We have never been disappoint.
    This site is a real breath of fresh air.

  8. Janey Gibbs said:

    I’m so happy for you!! Looks like you’ve finally found your niche!! Keep up the good work!! I don’t do apps but I’m happy that you have found what you’ve been looking for as long as I’ve known you!! BRAVO!!

  9. Lori Valerio said:

    Great site.

  10. Paul Valerio said:

    Awesome site!!!

  11. This is a great site! I think you’re going to make a lot of people very happy with your reviews!

    I also remember my first Apple iic, I think it was in 1984! Wasn’t as early on the band wagon as you, but oh fond memories!

  12. Yanya Reiner said:

    Great article Lisa. We too go an ipad for Christmas and are loving it. I will be checking back periodically for tips and new apps!!

  13. So glad you chose to share more about yourself! It makes me more sure that it is a “real live person” writing the reviews rather than someone just trying to make a buck!

  14. Currently my company is working on a guest blog for BrainPop, http://www.brainpop.com/. I am reviewing stellar FREE apps this weekend and came across your blog. I’m a classroom teacher (special education) and an app developer, as well as an app reviewer. Your blog is awesome and we may want to share links…. Please contact me so we can chat.
    Thank You,
    Jayne Clare

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