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Hi, do you possibly remember your friendly Stay at Home GeekMom? I have been ignoring my few, but faithful readers and I apologize.

But, today I feel compelled to write a long rambling personal piece, not about specific apps, but what I’ve been up to, a bit about how my career has changed since I started this little blog, and if you still want to get the skinny on great kid stuff, I can give you some great ideas. We (yes I noted I shifted person there; I have a reason) have some changes planned too, for this once hobby turned full-time occupation.

Some of you folks know, or if you poke around the site you can know, (I am more discrete on the larger stage) that I am a disabled at-home mom, with a passion for all thinga Apple.

The iPad took me out of the stupor I had been in since leaving the working world and made me want to share that reawakening with the anyone who cared to hear what I had to say.

I set out to share, no profit in mind, what I thought were the best and least-covered apps for people like me, writers, readers, artsy-fartsy folks and other moms and dads. My son was only a year younger, but wow turning 8 changes a lot. He was really into kids books then, now he is a serious gamer.

My life has changed too – I started this, and then got picked up by appadvice.com. I left them for 148apps.com where I have been happy and at the same time last father’s day I launched a little web site with one partner (who bailed at the last second, but that doesn’t matter any more) with profit in mind.

We would cover a ton of kids stuff, but also a ton of games, apps that I personally might not use etc.

We planned to launch with a weeklong giveaway theme. But, I had accumulated not just contacts, but friends in the app world and the outpouring of free codes to share and other crazy prizes was amazing. So was the reader response, so that become the theme. I haven’t plugged it yet, but PLEASE come check it out at www.apptudes.com.

That was just this past summer, and now it’s not even winter and my life bears no semblance to the one I had when I started here.

When I am not reviewing apps and games or making app lists, I am editing, selling ads, hiring and firing staff (that one still kills me, shh, they have no idea I am total noob) contacting developers, begging writers to please please write, please … I think I spend 2 hours a day begging for content… did I mention we’re hiring! Not to mention social media, just tweeting alone exhausts me, and what is G+ anyway? I have Facebook and Tumblr and Flickr and Stumbleupon and Digg and Reddit coming out of my eyeballs… that’s the short list!

So why on earth should you care? Well I wanted to start by encouraging everyone out there to start blogging – if you can write anyway. I am so far from getting rich it’s funny (or not when the payroll is due) and if you hear promises of getting rich quickly from blogging or even running a full-on website, dismiss them. You can throw up a shoddy, shady site and jump in ranking quickly them tumble down the charts like a stone, or you can put in insane hours of sweat and hard work, and teach yourself a new skill every hour, but it can be done.

I also, of course, want you to come on over to AppTudes and meet Tudey, our mascot, because you are missing out on the fun. I still cover the same stuff, but now just about everything is winnable, and my staff (chuckle again at the notion) is amazing and everything (well almost) they cover is up for grabs too.

We put writing and honest reviews first, and only cover the best of iOS -let someone else tell you what not to buy. There are over half a million apps; we bring our readers the hottest and best, period.

And, what has startled and thrilled me most are the companies who work with us to give all this stuff away. I won’t name names, but come and check out the current and past contests and you’ll be as amazed as I have been.

Because of this and our ever-growing global, Canadian and US rankings, we actually are planning to expand.

Who are we? Well, when partner A fails and it’s too much for one person you can close shop, or find a new partner. I went local and found the most talented IT and WordPress guru and he jumped right in. Now we have a managing editor, an HR rep, and we are blasting the websites where people look for jobs to find new writers, marketing folks, and sales reps and so much more (you can hop over and check the jobs page if you think you might want to get involved.)

And, what of SAHGeekMom? Well, we are not disbanding, but we may soon be rebranding – whether we keep the name or go with AppTudes Jr, we will filter the kids and artsy content here, and create unique posts for this market. At minimum it will be SAHGeekMomS, and maybe a few dads too.

In the mean time, as time permits, I will try to post at least the intro to relevant content here and a link to the review, list or contest on AppTudes, but I really encourage you to pop in and check us out. We also have a vibrant Facebook group with some exclusive contests. And, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

For now, know that I am on hiatus here. For developers who continue to reach out (and my thanks to you all) you can contact me fastest at lisa@apptudes.com, but if you just want to send us a PR or codes the fastest route is to contact Hilary Brumer, managing editor at hbrumer@apptudes.com.

I look forward to seeing you there soon! Wow I miss just writing freely and chatting, if time ever permits I will come back to blogging just for fun, it’s great stress relief!

Happy App Hunting



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