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Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition For iPad – Win Promocodes At Apptudes.com

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Board Game, Family Game
  • Platform: iPad 
  • Price: $9.99 
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4 Stars
  • Pump gives it 4.5 Pump’s Up
  • Recommended Age: 6+
  • To win a PROMOCODE visit my new app and game review site Apptudes and follow the direction on the original post there.

MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition for iPad, by Electronic Arts has just been released and if the original Monopoly appeals, this is the same game you know and love but, with an international twist, gorgeous animations, and a lot of customizability.

In 2008 Hasbro decided Monopoly, a game about making money by acquiring real estate needed a 21st century international edition and Monopoly – Here & Now was born.

EA has long had classic Monopoly for iPad and released an iPhone version of Here & Now in December ’08, but never adapted it to the big screen – until now. If you have an iPad 2 and love the game it’s a must-have.

Gameplay is the same, but instead of the familiar Pennsylvania Aves and Park Places, an open vote put my very own Montreal in the money spot, along with international capitals and places you might need Google Earth to help you find to fill out the rest of the actual board.

There also a change of currency, which raises salaries and property costs, but maintains the original profit ratios. And, Here & Now has factlets about the various places on the board on the “flip side” of every Chance and Community Chest card.

So, why buy this if you have the classic on iPad or own this version on iPhone? Well, if you have an original iPad, maybe now isn’t the time, but for iPad 2 owners, EA has given the GUI a gorgeous makeover and four distinct gameplay modes.

There is the familiar “Play Now” option, where players go up against one or several human and AI foes and “Teacher Mode”, which is a single payer against an AI opponent with guidance to introduce the game concepts.

There is also a local multiplayer option, which works via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Up to four players can compete, on individual devices.

But the biggest change – and the best selling point – is the “Tabletop Mode.” You can play with up to three friends, exactly as you would with the physical game. Players take turns playing on a board that, like a cardboard one, works in every position and both orientations naturally so there’s no passing and twisting the iPad.

What appeals to me most is the degree of customizability in the game. Almost every household I know has their own rules for “Free Parking”, or what to do if a player lands directly on “Go”. All of these options, and more to increase or decrease both the difficulty and the duration of the game are tweakable.

I tested the game on iPad 2 was impressed by how smooth everything was, and how vibrant and fresh the game looked. When I went to test the local multiplayer features, however, I broke out my original iPad and understood the complaints I was seeing on the App Store. On original iPads the game crashes and the animation is choppy.

But, that brings up an interesting issue. Is a game company’s obligation to make a game that works equally well on all devices, or should they use the latest technology to push the boundaries of what their games can do?

What follows in my opinion, and I invite debate in the comments:

Apple’s mobile devices, unlike, say, PCs, are uniform and there is only a single new model introduced each year. iOS users are spoiled – we have come to expect all products to work on all devices, even two generations old, despite the fact it’s common knowledge that tech toys at all pricing points have intentional built-in obsolescence.

There are so many Android devices that the Market is full of apps and games that only work on some – but we seem not just to expect, but demand and complain vociferously about backward compatibility.

This is neither realistic nor fair. The iPad 2 is into its second quarter in a life span of four, and as someone who paid good money for the faster processor and other advancements I want companies to take advantage of what this puppy can do before the iPad 3 rolls out.

EA should absolutely clarify that the game is iPad 2 optimized, or offer a mode that doesn’t use some of the advanced features if they continue to market to the entire iPad market. And being that they are EA, and deeply invested in iOS, they will likely update and perhaps lower the framerate of the rich animations or something comparable.

But if we don’t let the big players use new technologies to their maximum advantage, across all platforms, gaming and gamers suffer. Does anyone else see the inherent absurdity in asking for a downgrade in an update?

MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition for iPad, takes a classic that was already modernized and uses the latest iOS technology to brilliant advantage.

On iPad 2 the fluidity is amazing, the multiple game table environments are rich, the pieces on the board are animated flawlessly and even with humor, and there are enough variations in gameplay from modes and settings, to make this the most replayable Monopoly since Parker Brothers first brought out the game. If you have the latest iPad and love board games, don’t pass Go, don’t collect 200 dollars, just download it and start having fun today.

Or… head over to Apptudes.com and win a promocode! See details here and Good Luck!

Happy App Hunting



AppTudes is Live – Best Apps For Dads and Giveaway!

This is a reprint from apptudes.com- to win you must comment on the original post here -Good luck and Happy Father’s Day!

Welcome to AppTudes!

To celebrate our Father’s Day launch we have something extra special for you. You will often find shopping guides here for all occasions, but in the spirit of our week-long Swag-a-Thon, many of the paid apps on this list are yours to win!

So be sure to read carefully to see if the app is up for grabs, and, be sure to check back every day this week for more amazing chances to win.

Here’s how this huge  giveaway is going to work. The first thing you must to do to enter is leave a comment on this post  (on AppTudes.com, not here at SAHGeekMom) specifying which app you are interested in and what device you have, i.e. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can only enter for one of these apps, but you can earn two extra entires to increase your odds of winning it. Remember, not every app on the list is tied to a giveaway so please read carefully. Sorry Scrabble fans, EA didn’t give us any codes. But, if you keep coming back, maybe in the future they will. 😉

After you leave a comment you can earn one entry by tweeting THAT post (Click Here)!

You can also go to our Facebook page here, like it, and leave a comment on the day-one giveaway post, just letting us know you entered. A simple “I left a comment under the name of John Smith” is enough, but we are really eager for feedback so please feel free to also share your opinions here or on Facebook about which apps you think are the coolest on this list and which apps for dad you would recommend. We have a list for grads coming soon, we had to save a few essentials for that one too!

In total you can earn up to three entires, and a random draw for each app will be held June 20, at 9:00pm PDT. The winners will be contacted by email privately within 24 hours with the code. Good luck.

So, Happy Father’s Day! If you were a really a good dad this year, maybe you unwrapped a shiny new iPhone 4 or iPad 2 with your burned toast and coffee in bed. Or, maybe your dad already has an iDevice, but you want to help him fill it with amazing new apps to mark the occassion.

Well, whether your pops is a sports fan, a gamer, a family man, a work-a-holic, or just wants only the best of iOS we have compiled some amazing choices for fathers and grandfathers of every age, and by the way, most of these are pretty awesome for moms, kids, and everyone else too.

Psst! Just click on the app icon to go right to the App Store.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper (sold separately for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch)
By ESPN, $9.99 both versions

Summer’s here, professional hockey and basketball have wrapped up their seasons, NFL football is still months away so what sporting dad doesn’t turn to baseball for his summer team-sport fix? Whether you are a devoted followed of the Major Leagues or you want to keep track of your own neighborhood softball or Little League, ESPN has the perfect score card solution for you.

ESPN iScore Baseball Scorekeeper is a simple and fun way to track baseball or softball stats, and is a critic’s darling having not only received raves from appolicious.com and almost every other iOS site, but also hailed by the mainstream press.

Check out our complete review here and don’t wait to pick this up for any National Pastime fan in your home. Or, maybe wait just a little bit, because we have promo codes for this amazing app! So if you want it for free, be sure to read the rules up top, leave your comment here, on Twitter and on Facebook and check back tonight to see if you are a lucky winner! P.S. you can earn a fouth entry for this app by leaving a relevant comment on the full review.

Zite Personalized Magazine (iPad only)
By Zite, Inc., Free

Is your papa a news junkie? If he is and he has an iPad, you have to show him Zite.

There are as many ways to get news on iOS, as there are games on the App Store. I don’t mean there are as many news apps as games, but with Twitter clients, Google readers, network-news apps, news aggregators and of course a web browser, you can pretty much have your news served up any way you like.

If you want to see a comprehensive look at the best (and worst) news apps for iPhone and many for iPad please click here, but if you have to start somewhere on iPad, start with Zite.

Zite allows you to select topics in any possible area of interest from hard news and politics to entertainment, sports, tech, travel, family life – if it’s on the Internet, Zite will help you find it. Pick a few basic categories to start, or dive in and fully customize the app right away, either way, Zite will create a beautiful digital magazine just for you.

And, Zite also adapts to your tastes over time and helps you discover new news sources and even new areas of interest. Beside each article you can like or dislike the piece, ask for more from the site or author, or request additional coverage on any of the major topics that article covers.

If, for example you found an AppTudes review of an Android and iPhone app, you could choose to see more from us, and/or more about iPhone, iOS or Android.

You can also add your Google Reader and Twitter feeds to make it 100 percent your own.

This app would be well worth paying a premium for, just because the GUI is so gorgeous and the reading experience so pleasant, but since Zite pulls content available freely on the web, it is also completely free of charge. It is iPad only, however, so don’t forget to check out this list for universal and iPhone options too!

iMuscle – (NOVA Series) – iPad edition (available for iPhone/iPod touch separately)
By 3D4Medical.com, LLC, $4.99, $1.99 for iPhone

Does your dad work out, or does he need to? You can help him help himself with iMuscle. It’s is a mobile workout aid that allows users to target a body part or specific muscle, and see it rendered beautifully in 3D. Then after studying the make-up you can access videos in-app (no online connection needed) of muscle building and rehabilitation exercises targeting that part of the body. You can check out a demo video here.

The best thing about the iMuscle is that it supports multiple users, so dad, mom, kids, everyone can keep track of their fitness progress. Professional trainers can use it to track multiple clients and it’s a great tool for physiotherapists too. This is a high-quality, professional-grade, but user-friendly app that will help you not just work out, but do so with maximum effectiveness and minimal injury.

We have codes for this one too, aren’t our sponsor’s amazing? You can see almost all of them here, and most of the apps you can win this week, but we didn’t put up everything, we have a few surprises left up our sleeves. =D But, remember if you want iMuscle, leave a comment, tweet and visit us on Facebook!

SCRABBLE (sold separately for iPad)
By Electronic Arts, $2.99 or $9.99 iPad

Tip: With all EA games, unless you really need it now, never pay full price. Several times a year, right around major holidays, EA dramatically reduced all their prices, in order to climb to the top of the charts, so new iDevice owners will see their titles easily from the App Store home page. They may or may not have a Father’s Day sale, but certainly they will have one before back-to-school. The staff at AppTudes know all the little App Store secrets, and we’ll be putting up a special AppStalker Guide soon, you can see an older version of that guide here.

The name Scrabble pretty much sums it up. EA has brought the beloved board game to life on iPhone and iPad and dads young and old, as well as every word nut, will enjoy the true-to-the original gameplay.

Aside from being able to play against a computer opponent, you can play with up to four people in your home, (and if players have their own iDevice they can hold their tiles and connect seamless with the free Scrabble Tile Rack companion app.) You can also invite anyone from your iPhone’s phone book to play, connect using Facebook or your our network, or have the app connect you to random players from around the world.

Scrabble is a must-have game for dad and grads of all ages. (p.s. a list for grads with lots of giveaways coming soon!)

Nascar Junkie for iPad (sold separately for iPhone/iPod touch)
By EZ Apps, Inc., $1.99 (both versions)

Did we say baseball was the only summer sporting past time? Well Nascar fans will beg to differ and if your dad is a fan, Nascar Junkie is a fantastic way to stay up to date on all things Nascar.

The app aggregates all the best Nascar websites and blogs from around the racing world and puts them into a fun, simple interface so you are always up-to-date on everything from winners, to upcoming events, to Nascar news. A bonus for the die-hard fan, both versions now have push notifications (which will be enhanced when iOS 5 makes its debut with a whole new Notification Center later this summer) so dad never misses a thing. Social network integration makes this the best app for fans not only to keep up to date, but also to share Nascar news with fellow fanatics.

Yet again, we have codes from our incredible sponsors – you know what to do (or if you don’t check out the detail up top) – good luck!

Hop on Pop (universal)
By Oceanhouse Media, $3.99

Father’s day is about more than saying thanks to dad, it’s about bonding with dads. And, at no time is father-to-child bonding more important than the first years of life.

Who better to make the experience fun than the inimitable Dr. Seuss? Oceanhouse Media has been serving up Seuss and other amazing children’s authors on iOS for about as long as I’ve known iOS, and no one does kid-lit apps better.

Hop On Pop is just one of the amazing titles in their catalog, but it’s ideally suited to Father’s Day, and the folks at Oceanhouse have graciously decided to give one father or grandfather a chance to share the classic rhyming book with the little people without whom there would be nothing to celebrate.

All Oceanhouse Media books use a clean, perfected interface with just the right blend of interactivity to promote early reading, and all the right Seuss, er stuff, to make the text as pure as it was when dad first had it read to him when he was a little boy too.

By the way if you are looking for the best iPad and iPhone kid’s books please check out some Stay at Home GeekMom lists here and  here, and soon you’ll be able to win this amazing book, Auryn’s The Little Mermaid, too: check it out here.

We’ll be migrating all this content over to AppTudes ASAP and will be giving away amazing kid books from Oceanhouse, Auryn and may others all week so stayed tuned.

And yup, we have just a single copy of Hop On Pop for you right now, and someone out there is going to win it so don’t forget to comment, visit us on Facebook and tweet tweet tweet!

and speaking of tweets…

Twitter (universal)
By Twitter, Inc, Free

If your dad isn’t connected to the social media world yet, it’s time he was. And, if he is already a networking maven, he will need a way to stay on top of things from his new iPad or iPhone.

Facebook makes a free app for iPhone and is slated to release an iPad version in a few months, but Facebook is actually declining in popularity in North America, perhaps in part due to Zuckerberg’s reticence to work with huge players like Google and in some cases, Apple. The why is speculation, but the fact is the social network that continues to grow worldwide and serve new functions almost daily, is Twitter.

Aside from being a way to keep in touch with friends, share photos and celebrity gossip, Twitter is also is an incredible news reader, and it’s becoming one the most indispensible business and marketing tools around.

There are myriad Twitter apps you can download, some free, some paid. If your dad is already a power-user you might want to opt for an app with lots of bells and whistles, but for general users, Twitter’s own app, completely free, is the best choice. So install it for dad, set him up with an account and get him tweeting… appropriately.

Packing Pro (universal)
By Quinn Genzel, $2.99

Travelling this summer? Or does dad travel a lot for business? Wherever you are going, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic and iOS sites, TUAW, iLounge and my own 148apps.com all call Packing Pro the must-have travel app.

Mom’s will love and need it too – it’s indispensible for single travellers, but if you’re packing for several you simply must get this app.

The interface is not just easy, it’s fun, so much so, you may fail to notice Quinn Genzel has packed in a ton of features.

There is expert list assistance which is essentially several packing templates for both genders and different ages. Users have the ability to create up to eight lists at once, the app has tons of themes to make it your own, and includes suggested lists for everyone from campers to business travellers. There is also a master list of over 400 items and of course, you can add your own.

The best part, the app syncs across devices, so you can create lists for everyone in your party and share them easily.

If you plan on leaving home this summer for more than a few hours, the first thing you need to pack is Packing Pro, right onto your iDevice. Then, happy, stress-lite travels! What? You’re still stressed? Well how about a free copy of the app? We’ve got them, comment and socialize to win!

Quickoffice® Pro (available for iPhone and iPad, sold separately)
By Quickoffice, Inc., $9.99 iPhone $14.99 iPad

Ah, what do you do with a work-a-holic in summer time? If dad can’t take a break, the beauty of a mobile device is he can take the work on the go with him. And, so can students, writers and everyone else who relies on Microsoft Office products.

Apple offers appified versions of its iWorks suite on the App Store, now also available for iPhone, if your pops uses Microsoft products at work or home there is no perfect solution on iOS.

But, there are a few good apps that allow you to create, import, edit and export docs in popular MS formats like .docx .xls etc. as well as PDF’s.

QuickOffice Pro is the best of them and was picked by the NY times as a top 10 Must-Have App for the iPhone and it was Best of Show Winner – Macworld 2010.

You can create docs with the app, and also edit existing ones, share them easily, and even use Air Play to view your files on a TV which is  a great way to show a Powerpoint presentation in particular. It has the most robust formatting tools in its class and is suited to both  power and personal use.

Grim Joggers (universal)
By 10Tons LTD, $1.99

If your old man prefers getting his fitness virtually, or is a just a gamer, Grim Joggers is on of the best endless runner games available for iOS.

You lead a pack of fitness-fanatics on a run through treacherous terrain, using a simple touch control to jump and avoid obstacles. Like all endless runners, the goal is to stay alive for as long as you can, but aside from the clever theme, Grim Joggers stands out as an iOS perma-favorite because you are not only trying to keep yourself alive, but lead your fellow joggers to safety too, which add a whole new dimension to gameplay.

We have a complete review coming later today with an extra chance to win, we’ll post the link as soon as it goes live, later today.

And, if you love this or any of 10Ton’s amazing games stay turned, we have promo codes to give away! In fact the amazing game-lovers at 10tons have given us tons of codes so check back daily, we have 10 tons of their best titles!

Everyday Golf Coach HD (sold separately for iPhone/iPod touch)
By Perish the Thought Golf, $6.99 HD $5.99 iPhone

Summer, for dads around the world, often means just one thing – golf. Its pretty hot with moms too and lately even kids are getting into the act.

There are dozens of apps to help you track your golf balls, keep score, and improve your game. If improvement is what you’re after, Everyday Golf Coach is a superlative choice.

PGA Pro Noel Rousseau created 32 “highly acclaimed” videos just for this app. Since I’m not a golfer, here’s how Perish the Thought Golf describes themselves:

From tee shots to sloping lies, shots from the rough and an array of short game skills. No gloss, no cheap tips, just a brilliantly executed package that will ultimately improve your game. Now with the addition of the swing analyzer this gives you the complete golf coaching app.

A lot of apps that use videos require an Internet connection. What’s great about Everyday Golf Coach is the videos reside in-app. With new carrier bandwidth caps this means you can take your pocket coach right onto the back nine with you, and not use up any of that precious data plan.

Beginners and seasoned golfers will benefit from the instruction, and as an app, the GUI shines. Check it out! We have it, so be sure to comment if you want it and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Nightstand Central – Music Alarm Clock with Weather, Sleep Timer, and Flashlight (available for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch separately)
By Thomas Huntington, $1.99 iPhone $2.99 iPad

OK, so no one loves an alarm clock. Its function is to interrupt you when you least want to be bothered, but we all need one and if you must have one, why not have the best and most beautiful.

Nightstand Central is one of several popular app options that allows you to customize your clock face, get your weather, and select not only from pre-set sounds, but also your iTunes library.

It’s a standout, however, because it brings in the best features of all the other apps out there. It let’s you choose from beautiful backgrounds or import your own, you can fine tune the look of the clock, and create different playlists and multiple alarms. It even doubles as a flashlight app.

If your dad has to wake up early this summer, Nightstand Central, popped into a speaker dock, or propped on a hotel night table, is the way to go.

Fahrenheit – Weather and Temperature on your Home Screen (Universal)
By International Travel Weather, $.99

Weather. Whether dad stays in and plays Scrabble, or takes his new iPad out golfing, it pretty much all comes down to weather.

And, there are as many way of checking the weather on your iDevice, as there are ways to read news. You can get it from the web, from the iPhone App that comes preloaded, in 3D, from space, so how do you choose?

Well, if it’s function you are after, look no further than Fahrenheit (or if you use the metric system its sister app, Celsius)

The app brings you weather from home and around the world, including extended 10-day forecasts in an attractive spartan GUI, and provides more than enough information for all but the most weather-obsessed.

The standout feature that makes the app indispensible is it is the only app on the app store that has a badge on it showing you your local forecast in almost real time, without having to so much as tap.

It would seem like an updating icon would be a no-brainer, but it took until 2011 for someone to do it without jailbreaking. Now that International Travel Weather has, this is the essential weather app for iPhone and iPad.

Bloomberg (available for iPad and iPhone separately)
by By Bloomberg Finance LP, Free

If your padre is a money-guy, he’s going to want to stay up to date with the latest stock news, and there is no more respected source, nor a better iOS interface for market news, than that made by Bloomberg.

There isn’t much to say, if you need the best and latest stock market news and analysis this is the app to get. It’s available for both iPhone and iPad and is completely free.

Weber’s On The Grill (sold separately for iPad and iPhone)
By Weber-Stephen Products Co., $4.99 (both versions)

Mmm’ summer’s here and it’s time to break out the grill and start barbequing. Whether you own a Weber grill or a Habachi, their app is a must have for dads who love to tend the flames.

The app contains 280 ”Weber Original” recipes and an additional 40 for rubs, marinades, and sauces.

The app is more than a cookbook however; it is a reference tool with a pretty sophisticated navigation system, a grocery list manager, even a grill timer! There are also 100 grilling tips and instructional videos by celebrity chef and author, Jamie Purlance. Even the photos are mouthwatering. Get this for the grill master in your yard today.

We love this app so much that even though we weren’t able to reach Weber-Stephens, AppTudes will give a gift copy of this app, that can be earned the same way as promo codes. But, please note: iTunes gift apps and gift cards can only be redeemed in the US or Canadian app stores. If you win one, be sure to let us know which store you use. Remember, tweeting and Facebook visits, increase your odds of winning!

And that’s all we have for you right now, but the App Store is overflowing with great apps, for dads and everyone else. If you think we missed a great one, please share it with our readers in the comments, and check back often, we will be populating the site with reviews we have written elsewhere and fresh reviews daily so that we can become your one-stop app-shopping guide soon!

Good luck, and thanks for welcoming Tudey and AppTudes! We look forward to see you soon!

Web-Slinging Meets Rope Cutting in Chillingo’s New Spider Jack

Miss me? 

I plan on writing a lengthy post explaining my absence and how iOS devices and apps, as always, got me through a rough time, but for now suffice it to say that The Stay at Home GeekMom has some medical issues, and they flared up rather severely in the last weeks. But I’m back and raring to review so let’s go. I have a great action-puzzler for anyone in your home ages 5-105.

And, to make up for my absence, I am bringing you a special giveaway of a Gift Copy of Spider Jack or Spider Jack HD. Read the review below for details on how YOU can win!

  • By: Maxnick.com / clickgamer.com / Chillingo / EA
  • Genre: puzzle game, casual game, addictive game, family game
  • Platform: iPad & iPhone iPod touch sold seprately
  • Price: $1.99 and $.99
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Pump gives it 5 Pump’s up!
  • Recommended Age: 5-105

Spider Jack HD by Clickgamer.com iconSpider Jack and Spider Jack HD, by Maxnick, and distributed by clickgamer.com  (AKA Chillingo) is a new physics puzzlers that bears not just a passing resemblance to the same publisher’s hit title Cut the Rope by Zeptolab.

If you are a fan of Cut the Rope style puzzlers, you are going to love Spider Jack. And if you’re not, this action-puzzler may be just the hybrid of genres to change your mind.

The game initially apes Cut the Rope so much, it’s easy to be dismissive and call it derivative. But play a few levels before you leave a snarky App Store comment. Spider Jack actually has more than enough variation in gameplay and even audience, to stand on its own merits.

After a cute opening  intro cartoon, the game begins like Cut the Rope in reverse. You are a spider intent on your next meal. The goal is to cast your web so it leads you up to (and later down and around to) your ensnared fly-feast. Simple enough, right?

But unexpected, clever elements come into play quickly. You have to float in bubbles, dodge electric currents, even use a hairdryer to propel you towards your goal. Some stars are time sensitive adding to the action-component of the game and time-warps come into play in the last of the three included worlds adding unpredictable mayhem.

This game is as much about timing, jumping, swinging and quick reflexes as it is about planning ahead. A straight drop may solve what all the well-planned drifts won’t.

Like other games of this genre, you can earn up to three stars per level. And while successful completion unlocks the next, Spider Jack has a nice “skip level” option if you get stumped.

There are 75 boards included with the promise of more to come, spread across three environments: a barn, a bathroom and a laboratory.

Check out the trailer:

Cute ain’t it?

An interesting, if not totally welcome, twist is that Chillingo or EA (who acquired Chillingo and recently took over their Crystal gaming network) has it set up so there are unlockable “gift levels”. If you invite (read spam) five of your social network contacts to join Crystal or play Spider Jack, (I didn’t check which, just shamefacedly deleted the offending Facebook posts and hoped for forgiveness), you can unlock five bonus levels per environment. That’s 15 invites for 15 extra levels.

I confess, this isn’t the first time I’ve spammed my friends for in-game rewards, but never on iOS, unless it was for Zynga’s Facebook game, Farmville, via the iOS companion apps. And at least those were other players.

I’m not sure it’s fair play for a paid game, but that said, you don’t have to get the gift levels either. Just know they are an option and they are a lot of fun, allowing up to five stars for successful completion. And getting them will annoy your friends.

While we’re playing true confessions, I have to admit, I don’t like Cut the Rope. Pump adores it, and in theory I see it’s a great game, but it’s a pure puzzler and I’m not the biggest fan of the genre. I don’t want to think too hard when I recreate; call me lazy, but I game to unwind. Thinking is for real life…

But, I do love quick-play action-puzzlers and where Cut the Rope often leaves me in knots, no level of Spider Jack is so hard, nor so time consuming, that you need to beat your head against the wall or Google for cheats.

Pump’s Point: “I really like this the best of all my new games better than Cut the Rope and Burn the Rope and Angry Birds. As fun as Burn it All at least! It’s faster and more fun and it’s easier for kids but it still makes you think a lot. I like the bathroom area the best.”

As usual my seven-year-old son and co-reviewer is better than me at the game already, despite my playing for hours while waiting for doctors. And even his younger friend, Kaitlyn, aged five, was able to play through many levels without any assistance.

Spider Jack’s web-slinging ways are zippy, and there are a number of different solutions to each level. It’s a perfect pick-up-and-play game.

If you love Cut the Rope, Spider Jack is a no-brainer. But even if you shy away from traditional puzzlers, this games serves up enough action, with great graphics, replay value and unexpected twists to be well worth the small price. Grab it and start spinning.

Want to win a copy?

All you have to to is tweet this review (and include @sahgeekmom so I can find it) or leave a relevant comment. Don’t forget to let me know which version you want. A winner will be chosen at random,  You can enter once by each method, and check out my contest page to see how you can ern extra entries as well. Because this is a gift app from me to you, not a promo code, it is limited to the US and CND app stores, and US prize may take some time to deliver. The details are on the contest page too. For easy tweeting and sharing click on the “share” button at the bottom of this post.

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Here are the screenshots for you:

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Top 10 Games for iPhone iPod touch and iPad: Grade School Ages 5-12 Part Two

The Stay At Home GeekMom Weekend Edition 3/19-3/20

Pump’s Points: Top 10 Games for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad: Grade School Ages 5-12 – Part Two

To recap yesterday’s part one, I have something a little  different for you this weekend. If you’ve read my About Me page, you have met Pump, my 7 1/2 year-old co-reviewer.

I had planned to bring you MY top-10 list of games for kids his age, but when I asked him to name his favourites, none of mine even made the top-20! I brought  you the first five yesterday (click here to read) .

Now here is the second five, a list of the ones he almost picked, and some observations I made about kids and games along the way.

They Games are not in any order.

All mentioned games are universal apps, or have a version for both iPhone/iPod’ touch and an HD one for iPad.

If you see only one icon, the app works on all, otherwise icons on the LEFT are iPhone iPod touch, on the right will be the iPad HD version. Clicking on them will take you right to iTunes.

What a KID thinks KIDS should play. the second five:

Pump’s first pick today is an Edu-App No-Brainer and a wonderful board game too.

It’s called Zoologic, by Foxmind who also make the apps and we have been playing since Pump was about age 4 (for real this time) and he has never tired of it. This game has replay value to spare, it’s perfect for preschoolers right through at least grade 2 or 3.

It’s a wonderful logic puzzle whether on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or out of the box and the game play is virtually identical. The iOS version has saved me a lot of money though.

Aside from the lower cost than the board game (game is free to try, you must make in-app purchases from .99-5.99 to unlock more levels, the HD version costs more) but since Pump loves the cartoon animals so much, he has used them for many other things besides Zoologic, so we are on our 4th box!

This game is free of the bells and whistles that adorn most of his other choices, and I had no idea but was thrilled to learn he still played it regularly enough to be in this list.

Pump’s Point:  This is easy to learn, dogs don’t like cats, mice eat cheese so you can’t put stuff like that near each other. But it gets hard. This games makes me smart and I have fun.

The next game Pump wanted kids to know about is another classic, Uno, from huge game publisher Gameloft.

The reviews are mixed in the app store, but I have played it with Pump and it’s true to the original game, is easy for a pre-reader to grasp and play solo, and the multiplayer option really allows us to interact. You can also play on multiple devices .

There is of course an iPhone version which is a steal at .99 and HD is 4.99, but if you love this perennial favorite, it’s worth it since the iPad version is where the multiplayer option feels authentic. You really play together, up to four players, sharing the device.

Pump’s Point: This is fun because you can play it with your friends and your parents. And you can’t cheat.

Here is a video review:

To find that Spirit HD by Marco Mazzoli (a name, how refreshing!) an award winning arcade game, and I had no clue he even knew it existed, was a real surprise.

But he has great taste because I don’t think any year-end app round-up in 2010 did NOT have Spirit for iPhone (.99) or HD for iPad (1.99) on their best games of the year.

I do understand why Pump likes it though. It’s got arcade quality graphics, it’s completely touch controlloed and it’s simple. There is nothing to kill, to win you draw circles with you finger around invading ships and create a vortex.

I wish I had a proper trailer, but this video is certainly going to give you a better understanding than I will especially in so short a space.

Pump’s Point: It’s very cool to use the lasers. It’s a bit hard but so much fun. Your kids will like it. I do.

Ok brace yourselves, I’m going wordy on you with this next one!

Pump, had be be listing these in any order other than which folder we looked in, would like have put Chillingo’s terrific physics/puzzle game Cut The Rope at the top with Angry Birds. It’s only .99 for iPod touch and iPhone and 1.99 for the HD version.

It was actualy made by Zepeto labs, Chillingo, is just a distributor, but a formidable one. But they don’t always brand things as theirs and when they do, there are still varying degrees of hype. and branding Cut the Rope gets about as much as Angry Birds which apparently passed the unfathomable 100 MILLION paid download mark just 6 days ago!

So the fact the publicly traded company scooped up Chillingo means that a) Chillingo is going to continue to have the budget to create movie tie-ins deals and dominate the casual game sector of iOS (and other mobile platforms. like Android.)

It also means that indie devs like Zepto Labs, Rovio (yes they were small once, but not since 2003,) KYY Games and many others whose apps are purchased attain the Buzz in the App Store and the insider information to keep the games firmly on the top of all the charts.

I know, I know, “who cares, I thought you were talking about kid’s games.” Well please bear with me I am leading up to what I discovered about how the kids I know and at least this one parent perceive good kids choices differently.

I’ll get back to that in a second, tho, for now I have to say this is one big-name game with Buzz I am thrilled to see Pump play.

It’s not flashy; like most characters in Chillingo titles, Om Nom, the monster is obscenely cute, and to top it off he’s on the hunt for candy! But don’t panic. That’s where cute ends and serious challenges start.

This is game that fosters patience, logical and critical thinking and frankly stumps me far sooner than Pump. But this is not a kid’s game, it has a devoted following that crosses age, gender and national divides. It’s just that good.

But what is it? Well it’s about cutting the ropes that are keeping the candy away from Om Nom so that it drops to his greedy little greedy mouth, and collect stars along the way. Look to the left. Easy right? Well not so fast! As you move from box to box the challenges increase.

Also they put in holiday themes at no extra charge.

Pump’s Points: It’s very simple. You just need a good brain and you’ll like it. It makes you smart. And I can beat my mo at this game so you can bet your mom for once too. [HA!]

Here is the official trailer:

So you know all that preamble about who Chillingo and Rovio and EA are? Well we’re coming to my point.

Pump’s first choice, my least favorite (I know, I know don’t kill me, it’s just an opinion, not a review!) was a toss-up between Angry Birds and his ultimate choice Angry Birds Seasons.

It’s an amusing game, but I don’t think this is exactly a physics brain bender. If you toss enough birds in enough ways, you will eventually knock down the structures supporting the evil pigs. I’m glad he Seasons over regular angry birds, as there is a new purchasable feature which launches a Mighty Eagle that just wipes a troublesome level out. I call shenanigans!

It’s .99 cents and 1.99 for HD, and unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have at least heard of this most successful iOS franchisee that had crossed over not only Android, but is coming soon to consoles and has a huge movie tie-in Angry Birds Rio, coming up.

Here’s the Cinematic trailer, it will tell you the backstory to this admittedly very cute and clever but also somewhat disturbing premise:

Seriously, is that a feel-good tale? lol!

Obviously this game is appealing to all ages and all types of gamers but it’s a physics puzzler. And it’s fun. I think it’s a tad obnoxious not to include the holiday issues in the main app, like Lima Sky’s DoodleJump, who has a similar movie tie-in and hype, although not the multi-national-corporate-behemoth backing or their own Cut the Rope.

But for the small investment they have released a Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s and now a St. Patrick’s day game all of which stay playable. And don’t get used to the icons, dollars to donuts an Easter Buny-bird is flying into the App Store soon. They even have plush toys that do crack me up!

And while the Angry Birds Rio Game is set to launch, the 20th Century Fox movie, is simply called Rio, no mention of angry birds and now watch this trailer and explain, someone please, how these sacchraine-sweet characters in this children’s feel good 3-d Easter movie relate please?

I’m not against Angry Birds and yes, I’m no fan of corporate culture, but some of my personal favorite games come from powerhouses too. I just think Angry Birds has gone off the deep end in terms of marketing, they are now actively targeting kids over their bigger market, regular gamers, and I frankly doesn’t think it lives up to the hype.

Pump’s Point: Kids love holidays so get this one instead of regular angry birds. It’s fun and hard but your kids will learn to knock down castles.
 I think Pump’s point kinda makes mine 😉

Here are the other 10 games Pump wanted on the list:
  • Angry Birds HD, Chillingo
  • Battleship by EA
  • Cooties! Chillingo (review here, the real dev added a kid’ss mode just for Pump, well not really, but you’ll see what I mean if you follow the links
  • Shrek Carting HD, Gameloft
  • Food Processing, Chillingo (Read My Review Here, it’s awesome)
  • Planst Vs Zombies by Popcap
  • Peggle, Popcap
  • The Game of Life HD, EA
  • Doodle Jum
  •  Spongebob Marble and Sliders by Nickelodeon.

He has great taste, I can recommend them all to varying degrees, certainly no duds from my dude!
Tangent Alert: The rest of this post contains my observation, so please, if you just wanted a list, don’t feel like you need to read this to find more games, you have them all. But I hope you’ll read on as I found out some interesting sstuff.

Do you see the trend? I picked the top 10 from his 20, or more aptly pushed him pick between games that were too similar like regular Angry Birds and the holiday edition, and in total we have only 2 games by indie devs, and ZooLogic, because while perhaps not indie, Foxmind is hardly a household name.

No matter how many organic, toy-like, stellar apps and games I buy for him, and as much as he does love them, when left to play on his own or when asked to list his preferences he pretty much goes staright for the flash. He has, for example, many Battleship clones but he always goes back to EA’s because of the high production value, despite it being the lesser of several gaming options in his mom’s opinion.

What that means to me is that while I will always bring him the best creative wonderful educational fare, I will have to pay very close attention to what hits I put on any device he uses.

To me it’s like reading vs TV. If you ban the latter altogether you do miss some good stuff, and the former becomes unpleasant, so a balance is needed, but when my iPad2 arrives and I turn over this old girl to him, I will have to seriously rethink which games to leave installed.

And I will also have to keep an eye out for apps that become exploitative over time. Angry Birds is all about marketing now for example. You saw the toys, they have put movie trailers right in their apps, and they are releasing yet a third game based on the upcoming movie Rio. I am not shelling out another 2-3$ for the same game redressed, at least not until Pump has mastered every level on the others and that’s not happening soon.

I also learned that when it comes to importuning board games, especially if I am actually buying the app for us, not getting a code for a review or appadvice and now even here, I will stick to the sometimes mediocre, sometimes incredible (Check out Risk!) big brand companies’ version, since it is far more likely to be played than a better version with less slick. I will still always support indie devs, but if he not going to play something, I’m not going to buy it.

Kids are just too used to being fed eye-popping eye-candy everywhere they go. 3-D movies and Disneyesque theme parks saturate their senses with CUTE. And like it or not, it effects how kid’s respond to othermedia. When I was Pump’s age I “knew” as a child that Canadian TV was “inferior:” to American, read had lower budgets. So I dismissed entire networks missing many wonderful programs for kids in particular but across the board, until my late 20’s.
And that was long before Saturday morning cartoons migrated to 28 dedicated cable channels!

On a lighter note, you must see this parody of Angry Birds from what seems to be an Israeli show. It’s also a parody of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. It’s hilarious but be advised, in the mostly gibberish, I am pretty sure I caught some profanity, so make sure you room is at least PG 13 before playing the one 😉

Ok that’s it for this Stay at Home GeekMom Weekend Edition. If you have an ideo for a top ten list you would like me to put togother for you, please leave a comment!  I will bring you as much as I can this week and don’t forget to look for my daily reviews on appadvice.com. in the mean time here are some recent posts you might enjoy:
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App Stalking Report Part Two – And Edu-App No-Brainers for the Weekend! The Sales Never Stop!

TGIF has never been a more welcome acronym!

There are still sales more sales to tell you about plus a few Edu-Ap No-Brainers for everyone in your family for the weekend.

Click for This Morning’s App Stalker Guide!

And please remember the Stay at Home GeekMom Weekend Edition where I do app round-ups and top 10 lists is coming so if you have a catergory of app you wanted reviewed leave a comment.

Time’s a wasting so let’s go to the rest of the goodies today! Please forgive the sloppy editing, my eyes are bleary from looking at screens for so many days and I can hardly see my own words – I appreciate your understanding.

My first Edu-App No-Brainer will keep the curious busy this weekend.!

Articles -The Wikipedia App let you read through Wikipedia’s articles ina beautiful magazine-like format. It’s normally 4.99, now .99 and I spend hours browsing it. A MUST-HAVE!

For the little learners an amazing way new learn to read and spell is Montessori Crosswords – Teach and Learn Spelling with Fun Puzzles for Children. A much-too-complicated name for a simple and wonderful Edu-App No-Brainer.

Kids as young as 3 can complete simple puzzles and get familiar with words in a way only Montessori can offer. It down to .99 today so grab that too.

The last of my Edu-App No-Brainer is for folks between preschool and high school. Math Academy -TAG is a wonderful and engaging math program for addition, subtraction, multiplication and divison. It’s well reviews and FREE down from 1.99.

Do you have a fan of retro gaming in your house? If so Pix’n Love Rush DX is an fantastic little gem that taes me right back to the 80’s, but it’s iPad-awesome. It’s dropped a dollar to .99 and worth a play.

Time for true confessions. I love Sneezies! Pump and I both give the original iPhone version 5 stars, and the ipad version is almost as good – 4.5.

It may have been forgotten in the wake of hits like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, but App Store vets know Sneezies was one of the first games to put pre-EA Chilingo on the map.

This game so simple I use to to help with relaxation, but then again, now that the iPad version has increased the difficulty a little too much (I am an expert and some levels are just plain impossible without a run of luck)- They seem not to have accounted for the larger iPad display when they decided on the ratio of germs to space, but who cares, it’s still fun.

The premise is simple,

Touch the screen to drop a burst of sneezing powder into the field of floating Sneezies and watch as they sneeze themselves out of their bubbles in a marvelous chain reaction. Try to rescue as many Sneezies as you can in one go by setting off the chain reaction at just the right place, and at just the right moment.

There is a kid’s mode, challenge mode and 2 years later, I still turn to it at least once a week. The HD version has been sitting at 2.99, but is .99 to celebrate iPad2 launch so if you have kids or just need a pleasant distraction and addcitive (no not addciting) casual game this is an all time Stay at Home GeekMom fave.

OK so many more to cover, but no more details!

I briefly mentioned that one of my favorite full-featured handwriting and note taking app, Notability had a huge, pre-iPad2 update, but it’s also on sale. It’s universal, an amazing tool for students from middle school – grad school and suitable for work and a steal at .99.

Here is an app with a misleading name, but for once it understates. Writers Studio, universal, is on on miSoft’s many sale items today. But as I writer I assure you this is no studio for me. What is is a great cheap tool to make multi-media presentations.

It’s got tons of features and is froma dev you can trust and I would think a middle schooler with a presentation would be the best audience. it’s a dollar off, like their other offerings which I won’t list but encourage you to check out. They are not stellar, but they do the job, are simple to use, and have been around long enough to trust.

I was on the fence about mentioning this one other miSoft app. Blocks!! is a Lego simulator and I really think Lego is the superlative toy ever created.

I don’t like their popular console games, I don’t like anything that takes away from the creative and tactile building experience. ( i do not like Green Eggs and ham…lol, I’m app-slap-happy after 48 hours round the clock app stalking!)

But Lego has many pieces to lose and is not a great travel companion, so if you have a lego nut and a road or plane trip coming you might grab this serviceable emulator while it’s .99. I certainly wouldn’t pay more for it.

Zombie Pond for iPad is new to me, but gets good user reviews and Pump is a zombie-nut so I took a chance and grabbed it for .99, down from 1.99. The screen shots look kid-safe. I’ll let you know!

If you love manking music, but don’t really know how here is another universal offering, an App Store staple and fun toy! it’s normally 2.99, for iPad2 day, .99.

description reads: SoundPrism enables you to create beautiful music immediately without any previous knowledge. With its unique visualization of pitches and intuitive controls composing sophisticated melodies, tone and chord patterns becomes child’s play.

sometimes even big names like Playrix screw-up and we profit. Fishdom HD, one of several slick puzzlers from the same company was so eager to get to the charts of the top, they forgot to wait until Apple approved their update!

Well goody, because while their other titles have had recent prince INCREASES, they could only package the Lite version in the HD version of Fishdom for now and had to give it away for  FREE.

Remember if you download it that you are warned in the silly description that the game currently is only partly there, but when the update is approved you will have free updates of the full version for as long as Playrix keeps the title so grab it, you can’t lose.

Pocket Informat HD, a full-feature time-management program with every bell and whistle you need and several you might not, has been drastically reduced. I don’t use this, it’s more GTD than I have things to do, but I have reviewed it before and it’s really nice.

At 14.99, the regular price, I don’t usually recommend it.You can lose a few features and save over $10, but since’s it’s down to 5.99, now is your chance to get something to micro-manage every moment of your hectic business or private life. The most recent update has seen user reviews skyrocketed and it’s gorgeous to look at.

I confess the sokoban-style game craze went passed me, but if you like that sort of puzzler Psychoban HD is a top hit and  it’s completely free instead of the regular 2.99.

My last one for the day (yay!) is a really fun casual game both Pump and have enjoyed for a while. It’s a bubble popper called Dubble Bubble Shooter HD and while it’s a fair price at 2.99, this one is free too!

Holy Cow! I have brought you 51 apps in the last 48 hours. The best of the thousands of sales. And I’ve been on ipad2 patrol for appadvice.com so I am pooped.

I am all apped-out and done for the week! But my Weekend Edition where I get chattier, (I know, right?) and do app round-ups is just 18 hours away so please subscribe to the blog or RSS feed so you don’t miss anything. And if you want me to do a top 10 list for you, just let me know!

Also watch appadvice.com for the latest on the iPad2 ad iOS 4.3 and all things apple, and watch for my review there on the amazing new art app Vermeer HD

Read my App Stalking Guide to find all the treasures for yourself.

Here are other Stay at Home GeekMom reviews from my blog or appadvice.com to check out for more great apps for your iDevice:

Happy App Hunting


App Stalking Report! Everything is on Still On Sale in the App Store!

App Stalking Report and Edu-App No Brainers! Sales, Updates, Freebies Galore!

Want to know if The Stay at Home GeekMom recommends the apps below? Here’s how to tell.

If I own it and think you should get it I have inserted an icon that will take you to the iTunes page if you click on it.

If there is no icon it doess not mean I don’t like, I have two here to avoid, you’ll read that, it means I have no idea what’s it’s like, I’m just sharing information.


Don’t Forget to Enter My Promo Code Giveaways!

Click the AppAdvice Icon for my Latest Reviews including brand new GarageBand!!!

Ok here we go:

WOOHOO! World of Goo was 9.99 when I bought it back in December and it’s maybe the best puzzler on iPad. It’s on sale for 3.99 so get it!! 

Attention Musicians: Korg Ielectribe has dropped $10!!  only 9.99.

Hmm, think they are worried about competition from Apple’s GarageBand? (Sorry. That name looks wrong, but I’m too tired to check, correct me in comment and I hope you KWIM, apologies to Korg!)

Reckless Racing HD is 2.99 down from 4.99!

GREAT FOR KIDS: Game of Life for iPad dropped from 6.99 to 4.99. Pump give this 4.5 Pumps Up! He loves the spinner!

Ok 2 of 3 of my My Edu-App No-Brainers are a bit more game than edu-app but they are all great for kids and everyone else in your home!!

If you know The Stay at Home GeekMom you know I adore Auryn Apps‘s new book which I reviewed here and on appadvice.com,

The Little Mermaid -Auryn was already a no-brainer at 3.99 but grab it today for 2.99. This one will really show off you new or existing iPad!

Uno, the beloved card game looosely based on Crazy-8 and one of Pump’s favorite games is on sale for .99 cents today. That’s for Hd.

This is because HUGE iOS App Comapny Gamehouse is having a BLOWOUT! Actually so is EA and just about every big player in the App Store!

Ehe second Edu-App No-Brainer which is FREE!

Doodle Rain HD is a both an AWARD WINNER and A family game fun for all ages.

It’s a Top Educational Game in 4o countries with a GREEN concept. And lots of fun.

Grab it while it’s free! Although for it’s regular price of .99 it’s alwys a good deal.

A huge update from EA/Chillingo/Rovio hit Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD.

A new holiday, St Patrick’s day, is out for Angry Birds Seasons today too! (Both veriosn)

BTW, Don’t think these sales are charity, but watch for lots of them because the big boys know how  are big for a reason.

Smart companies with hit games are going to be flooding the App Store with good deals because the iPad2 is out tomorrow.

App Insiders know that if they drop prices or let games go free they surge to the top of the charts and get maximum exposure in the App Store.

Sherk Kart is one of Pump’s and my favorite racing games is down from 4.99 to .99.

And if your kids are Shrek fans Shrek Forever After – Kids Book HD is also on sale down from 2.99 to .99.

SimCity Deluxe for iPad down from 6.99 to 4.99

Risk one of Pump’s favorite games and a much more engaging game for me than the board game becuase it’s not so slow is also on sale for iPad 6.00 – 4.99

Monopoly for iPad 9.99 – 6.99

Snood for iPad, much fun, 499 –2.99

Another awesome racing game, Needs for Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad is also down from $10 – 6.99

Rock Band Reloaded has an even bigger  drop from 9.99 to 4.99 and Pictureka1 for iPad is only 2.99 down from 4.99

Clue: Secrets & Spies is on sale too, but AVOID IT – it’s nothing like the bnorad game and gets VERY poor user reviews.

Do grab Yahtzee HD though, it’s true rendition and down from 4.99 – 2.99

WordSurge is also on sale, but a word game that calls itself “addicting” is an “avoid at all cost” game – yikes, imagine the dictionary?? Skip it in favor of all the other great titles  for sure.

I am going to grabe Alice Hd, based on Lewis Caroll‘s book. I have no idea what it’s like but itr’s 1.99 from 4.99 so it’s worth it to me to find out. I’ll keep you posted if I actually get to look at it!

Not shocking and not for me, but a hit, Madden NFL 11 by EA is down 12.99 to 4.99.

Hey Readers! Jane Austen Collection with Search (the full version this time for loyal followers) is Free today!

And check out the other edu-apps by same company all on sale!

I’ve never heard of it, but Let’s Go Chipper, a kid’s game with an eco-spin is free too – if you try it please let the Stay at Home GeekMom know what it’s like.

Other hits, Tetris, Mirrors’s Edge and Need for Speed Shift are all also drastically reduced. 5.99, 2.99, and 6.99 respectively for iPad. That’s a HUGE drop for acclaimed Mirror’s Edge!

Scrabble lovers can get the original for 6.99 and I admit I love it, but it’s not a big price drop and Words with Friends HD 2.99 is as good or better for less all the time.

Sci-Fi reader? Best Science Fiction Collection (with search) is free today too.

(I told you it was a crazy day and expect more of same for a few days as ipad2 users converge on the App Store!)

Build A Word – Easy Spelling is on sale, it’s a another app I haven’t tried, but it down from 2.99 to .99 so again if you pick it up please send me your feedback.

Have a baby or want to sleep like one? BabySleep Plus (Lullaby) HD is FREE today too.

The Lord o the Ring: Middle earth Defense for Ipad is only .99 and Spider-Man: total Mayhem HD is also only .99 usually $6.99, and the iPhone version won all kinds of best games of 2010 awarss. Another super-hero game, Iron Man 2 for iPad is also .99.

One of my fave note-talking apps for school or business had a HUGE update last week and is now on sale from 3.99 – 1.99. It deserves an icon, but I’m swampped!

My fave GTD App Do It (tomorrow) (read my appadvice.com review here) had a major update too as if it could get better. Syncing has been improved so if you don’t already have it, get it!

If you read my iPad books for Young Readers review last weekend, you might want to know that  iReading’s Emotion Management Stories Series is only .99 cents today too.

That’s it from one pooped geeky mom. I will have more tomorrow. But if you can’t wait read my App Stalking Guide and find all the treasures for yourself

here are other reviews to check out!

Happy App Hunting


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