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Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition For iPad – Win Promocodes At Apptudes.com

  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Board Game, Family Game
  • Platform: iPad 
  • Price: $9.99 
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4 Stars
  • Pump gives it 4.5 Pump’s Up
  • Recommended Age: 6+
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MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition for iPad, by Electronic Arts has just been released and if the original Monopoly appeals, this is the same game you know and love but, with an international twist, gorgeous animations, and a lot of customizability.

In 2008 Hasbro decided Monopoly, a game about making money by acquiring real estate needed a 21st century international edition and Monopoly – Here & Now was born.

EA has long had classic Monopoly for iPad and released an iPhone version of Here & Now in December ’08, but never adapted it to the big screen – until now. If you have an iPad 2 and love the game it’s a must-have.

Gameplay is the same, but instead of the familiar Pennsylvania Aves and Park Places, an open vote put my very own Montreal in the money spot, along with international capitals and places you might need Google Earth to help you find to fill out the rest of the actual board.

There also a change of currency, which raises salaries and property costs, but maintains the original profit ratios. And, Here & Now has factlets about the various places on the board on the “flip side” of every Chance and Community Chest card.

So, why buy this if you have the classic on iPad or own this version on iPhone? Well, if you have an original iPad, maybe now isn’t the time, but for iPad 2 owners, EA has given the GUI a gorgeous makeover and four distinct gameplay modes.

There is the familiar “Play Now” option, where players go up against one or several human and AI foes and “Teacher Mode”, which is a single payer against an AI opponent with guidance to introduce the game concepts.

There is also a local multiplayer option, which works via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Up to four players can compete, on individual devices.

But the biggest change – and the best selling point – is the “Tabletop Mode.” You can play with up to three friends, exactly as you would with the physical game. Players take turns playing on a board that, like a cardboard one, works in every position and both orientations naturally so there’s no passing and twisting the iPad.

What appeals to me most is the degree of customizability in the game. Almost every household I know has their own rules for “Free Parking”, or what to do if a player lands directly on “Go”. All of these options, and more to increase or decrease both the difficulty and the duration of the game are tweakable.

I tested the game on iPad 2 was impressed by how smooth everything was, and how vibrant and fresh the game looked. When I went to test the local multiplayer features, however, I broke out my original iPad and understood the complaints I was seeing on the App Store. On original iPads the game crashes and the animation is choppy.

But, that brings up an interesting issue. Is a game company’s obligation to make a game that works equally well on all devices, or should they use the latest technology to push the boundaries of what their games can do?

What follows in my opinion, and I invite debate in the comments:

Apple’s mobile devices, unlike, say, PCs, are uniform and there is only a single new model introduced each year. iOS users are spoiled – we have come to expect all products to work on all devices, even two generations old, despite the fact it’s common knowledge that tech toys at all pricing points have intentional built-in obsolescence.

There are so many Android devices that the Market is full of apps and games that only work on some – but we seem not just to expect, but demand and complain vociferously about backward compatibility.

This is neither realistic nor fair. The iPad 2 is into its second quarter in a life span of four, and as someone who paid good money for the faster processor and other advancements I want companies to take advantage of what this puppy can do before the iPad 3 rolls out.

EA should absolutely clarify that the game is iPad 2 optimized, or offer a mode that doesn’t use some of the advanced features if they continue to market to the entire iPad market. And being that they are EA, and deeply invested in iOS, they will likely update and perhaps lower the framerate of the rich animations or something comparable.

But if we don’t let the big players use new technologies to their maximum advantage, across all platforms, gaming and gamers suffer. Does anyone else see the inherent absurdity in asking for a downgrade in an update?

MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition for iPad, takes a classic that was already modernized and uses the latest iOS technology to brilliant advantage.

On iPad 2 the fluidity is amazing, the multiple game table environments are rich, the pieces on the board are animated flawlessly and even with humor, and there are enough variations in gameplay from modes and settings, to make this the most replayable Monopoly since Parker Brothers first brought out the game. If you have the latest iPad and love board games, don’t pass Go, don’t collect 200 dollars, just download it and start having fun today.

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Happy App Hunting



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The Stay at Home GeekMom Game of the Week: Burning Birds is Hot!

SAHGeekMom Game of the Week: Burning Birds is Hot!

  • By: Kamaji Multimedia

  • Genre:  casual game, puzzle game, family game
  • Platform: HD and iPhone/ iPod Touch each sold separately.
  • Features: Game Center
  • Price: Hd 1.99/iPhone .99
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4.5 Stars
  • Pump gives it 4 Pump’s up!
  • Ages 7+

Burning Birds is the latest in a line of bird-themes iOS games which is likely to take up permanent residence on your iDevice. This one’s a keeper.

It’s appropriate for gamers as young as seven, but takes quite a bit dexterity and has the most minor of cartoon violence. (Not as gruesome like the Angry Birds backstory) It’s good for kids, but it’s not a kid’s game. I do think it has the making of a hit if thy market it correctly. It’s really cool.

And while I have a concurrent contest ending soon on appadvice.com, here’s a chance to win even more codes with way better odds just for my loyal readers! So let’s get to it.

Burning Birds is part match-three puzzler, part strategy challenge, part fast-paced action game, and all entirely too much frantic fun.

The object is simple: you are a bird on a wire and you have to move across a horizontal axis, dropping appropriately colored eggs to create sets of three. To succeed you have to explode a specificnumber of eggs per level, while avoiding getting burned.

The game starts simply, deceptively so. You get a clean pictorial instruction panel and you’re off to drop your first egg. Within a few levels the challenges, clever and unexpected ones, start to pop up. More colors come into play, as well as blocks and bombs, but those are to be expected in this genre of game.

But surprise! Soon you find yourself with up to five birds to manage at once, and you have to keep them constantly jumping to avoid the fatal electric current that travels across the wire. It can get pretty crazy and almost impossible to put down.

But this is where it got frustrating for Pump, his dexterity and fine motor skills are amazing, but this is challenging even for a seasoned gamer.

Otherwise he was totally engaged by the cute cartoonish birds, and since he a pretty amazing gamer, he was soon earning more stars per level than I was. He wanted to let your kids know that “this game is really good. It’s a bit like Angry Birds but there’s eggs and dropping and bombs, but no pigs. It makes you be smart and have fun. But it’s very fast with two birds.”

The game isn’t really anything like Angry Birds except for the obvious and game setup. You have several environments and multiple levels on each. You need to complete one in order to unlock the next. You can earn up to three stars for each level, if you manage to grab the coins and act fast.

There are five worlds for a total of 75 levels, and each features a different kind of bird. With unlockable achievements, Game Center integration, and trying to perfect past levels. you get a lot replay value.

Kamaji Multimedia’s first foray into iOS gaming is impressive; Burning Birds is surprisingly polished. The graphics are gorgeous in both HD and on a retina display and be forewarned: the theme song will get stuck in your head.Check out the trailer:

This is one of an endless number of games that describes itself as addictive, (which I’ll still take overaddicting any day), but this is the rare case where it’s not just a over-done marketing ploy, But seriously, Burning Birds should come with a warning label for compulsive casual gamers. I’m already hooked. I check out upwards of 10 apps and games a day, hooking me is not easy.

There’s not much to complain about. The only issue I found with Burning Birds (the iPad version) is a slight lag between touch and bird-flight, which can be frustrating when you have several birds and a fast current in play. It’s hard to get the timing right.

Tip: Hold the bird up by keeping your finger on it or drag it to avoid burns. It’s particularly helpful with multiple birds in play.

Additional worlds would be great too, but the developer assures me they, as well as new power-ups and birds species, are in the works for future updates.

In an App Store replete with great bird themed games like Tiny Wings and Angry Birds it’s an unexpected treat to find an original concept, much less one that is so much fun. Burning Birds is a winner.Want to win a free copy? You can leave a comment about why you need another new bird game or new gaming addiction and I’ll pick the ones that make me laugh the hardest.

And/or Tweet this and I’ll also pick winners at random from Twitter. Be sure to copy me one it and that you you are following me @sahgeekmom because I can only deliver the code by DM (direct message) and only if I can find it! You can enter once per method for a total of two entries. I have an undisclosed but henrous number for both versions so enter and Good luck!

Contest Closes Monday, April 25, 9:00pm EST.

Here’s a slideshow with bigger screen shots:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a fantastc holiday weekend and happy Easter to all who celebrate. Don’t forget it’s Earth Day! Please Check out my HUGE list of Green Apps from earlier today and take  moment to be kind to our planet and to teach your kids to love Mother Earth too.

Here are some popular and/or recent reviews for you to chceck out until next time:

Happy App Hunting


If It Walks Like A Lemming and It Talks Like A Lemming It Must Be … Caveman_HD??

Caveman_HD by Mobile 1UP iconCaveman_HD ($3.99) by Mobile 1UP (available for iPhone for 1.99) is so much like the classic Amiga game Lemmings, calling it a clone somehow doesn’t feel entirely accurate. The game is not similar; it’s the same game in a prehistoric loincloth. 

There are many clones of the game that rocked the early 1990’s. It was one of the original “lead-them-out” puzzle games and you find elements of it in everything from World of Goo to Spirits.

If you never heard of Lemmings, but like this genre of puzzler, it’s time you were introduced. It’s an award-winning puzzler that has been ported to just about every gaming platform, and has had sequels and spin-offs galore. The fervor for this title has never died and the gameplay fits each new technological advancement well.

The object of this game, like the original, is to lead a certain number Lemmin…, er cavemen to the exit.

You have a variety of tools to work with. You can turn cavemen into diggers, climbers, blockers, bashers, whatever it takes to guide the hapless followers to safety.

I grabbed Caveman_HD the moment it launched last night and immediately noticed the first three boards were so identical to Lemmings, that I had to contact the developer, Mobile 1up, to see what was up. I learned there was a good reason Cave and Caveman_HD are so alike. The game was meant to be Lemmings. 

Check out the iPhone preview trailer from last summer: :

But Sony, wanting to keep the little critters for their own platforms issued a cease and desist order. You can read the details here.

So if Caveman seems authentic that’s because it is; the caveman artwork is just a skin over what the devs had hoped to be a licensed and true-to-the-original Lemming iOS (and webOS) game. Expect PC and Mac ports soon too.

So how did they do with the classic title? Well, I knew it was Lemmings within three seconds, so they are doing something right.

In fact, they are doing a lot right. They have adapted the game very well to the touchscreen and because the webOS version launched first, this release is rather well tested. After playing most of the night, I found no bugs, nor any levels on which my old tricks did not work.

But, the current price is a pre-release price. Note, this is not even version one. For now, not all of the levels are available, and only the easy mode (one of four planned difficulty levels) is up and running.

But that detracts not at all from the nostalgia. Check out  the first level in action (Spoiler Alert: the solution to the level is shown:)

On top of the extra levels and modes that are en-route to the App Store, I am hoping to see Game Center and multiplayer options too.

But, I have been assured not only are these elements in the works, but special goodies that will please diehard fans will be trickling out in due time.  

What started as a labor of love and yes, profit, from Mobile 1Up has become something of a crusade. They are putting 120 percent into the game now for many reason, so I’m willing to risk the limitations of the prerelease and suggest you do too. I don’t know what the price point will be, but similar classic hits that port to iOS run from $4.99 to $9.99.

Whether Sony and Mobile 1up will settle so we can see the cute creatures which inspired the original game on iOS or not, remains to be seen.

But, if you loved Lemmings or want a new (or old) challenge I’d suggest you grab this before the full version is released and the price jumps.

There is much work to do before it is complete, but this price is intended for those who can’t wait, and want to get their hands on as many of the classic challenges as possible now.

I’m glad I didn’t wait, but if you get it, think of it as a beta-plus. And, check out this forum to leave comments, speak to the devs, or find out more about what’s in store.

Even though Mobile1up has some proving to do once the full version hits the App Store, everything is in place so far for Caveman and Caveman_HD to join the ranks of the best classic game ports to iOS for 2011.

Watch for my review, pretty much the same, on appadvice, and enter to win a copy with a comment!

Well that’s two amazing classic gaming apps in a row, but I’ll be back with education, and art, including a big giveaway soon! In the meantime check out my other posts here and on appadvice.com to find the best content for you iDevice.

Check out these contests:

Read and Comment to Win Procrete: Move Over Brushes, Get Creative with Procreate. Win A Copy With A Comment!

Read and Comment to Win Crux: Crux Crosswords HD: A Word Puzzler’s Delight – Win A Copy With A Comment

and please check out:

Happy App Hunting


SAHGeekMom Game Of The Week: SwipeTapTap

The Stay at Home GeekMom game of the week 3/21-3/25: SwipeTapTap

  • By:MochiBits
  • Genre:  arcade game, puzzle game, family game, swipe & tap game
  • Platform: Universal
  • Price: 1.99
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 5 Stars
  • Pump give it 5 Pump’s up!
  • Recommended Age:  5+

SwipeTapTap by MochiBits, Universal, at 1.99 is my game of the week, and perfect for any age.

Ok to my GAME OF THE WEEK 3/22/21-25

I truly believe that despite it being on March, and despite the endless apps coming out for the new ipad2, SwipeTapTap is destined for the December year-end round-ups of best games. It’s really that good. Seriously.

SwipeTapTap has been steadily climbing the charts since its launch earlier this month, and is featured in the What’s Hot section of the App Store for good reason. It’s awesome!

This visually appealing swipe and tap game is hard to categorize. I have seen it aptly compared to: Simon says; Simon the game; and iOS games, Fruit Ninja, Chillingo’s Food Processing and Bop it!

SwipeTapTap is all about quick reflexes. The game is fun, fast paced, and dangerously addictive. It is also gorgeous and intuitive. There are various ways to play, but the premise to all is universal. The game flashes a series of brightly colored orbs and each has a specific action associated with it.

The game provides text and visual instruction for all the gestures required and each orb has an icon that makes it clear what you need to do to remove it. This made it instantly playable for Pump and any Pre-Reader.

There are four modes of play: classic, memory, speed and endurance. They are quite different from one another, which is why the game appeals to a broad cross-section of gamers. I was shocked at how different each one was, and understand the broad appeal now.

I like endless games, where I get credit for going faster and faster.

Pump loves the Simon-esque memory mode best and that’s great because the game is really an action game, but memory has a least some educational merit, and this is one fun way to train yours or your kids.

My husband who has little time except on the commuter train for games, plays speed.

And we are all trying to get the highest star ratings classic which is a perfect compromise between speed and endurance.

Also I noticed that while the game is identical on iPad and iPhone iPod touch, the game is totally different because of the different size screens. This doubles the replay value if you have one of each.

On the iPhone this game can be played one handed, I use two fingers. You can play two-handed of course, but for me it’s more natural and I score higher with one hand. On the iPad this is very much a two hand, not two-finger game.

That means you have to learn new sections to master both versions. The easy levels are even appropriate for kids. But don’t mistake this the game as child’s play, it’s not. If you like fast arcade games or challenging puzzlers this game is for you too.

How To Play:

An orb pops up on the screen and to remove it you must complete the required taps or swipes.

You start with just red and yellow single-tap orbs and progress until all nine are in play. It get frantic fast!

Both classic and endurance have a scrolling line of small orbs at the top. They indicate which big orb is coming next. The game ends when you let the line get too far ahead of you and the small orbs enter Death Zone on the left.

In classic you have set goals, in endurance you play for as long as you can. Memory mode requires you to repeat patters of gestures like Simon and speed is time-limited, like a blitz mode.

Check out this demo, to really see how it works:

There was one problem I encountered; some of my taps seemed not to be registering.

But, I contacted MochiBits and not at all to my surprise, since it’s becoming a habit of mine to fall for indie devs who work hard to bring great games and actually innovative ideas to the App Store.

Well I spoke to Kyle who was quick to acknowledge that the fingertip issue was known and that they are going to include a quick in-game tutorial to help with gesture mastery.

He explained that taps should be made with the fingertip, not your whole finger and avoid using your thumb. Most thumbs are so big the device registers them as a swipe.

Once I followed the simple advice, I was able to spend 30 minutes in this pressure-cooker of fun without a single misread gesture.

And not to my surprise either, he partner is a father of a young child, and he had her very much in mind as he designed this game. I can’t help but feel that personal connection to the child end-user is akin to adding the “love” ingredient we add to our meals.

All that would make this game a smidge better would be Game Center integration and Facebook posting. Beyond that it’s close to perfection.

And with the new update you earn stars for how well you clear each level, which adds even more replay value and new challenges.

MochiBits also has a new lite version so you can try before you buy.  And future updates will suit the diverse demographic with both a “cute” theme pack for kids and cute-fans and a “tough” pack for those who want to make this an even more intense action game.

SwipeTapTap has all the hallmarks of an instant classic. It’s addictive, easy to play, hard to master, and has a fantastic GUI. It might be the best new game of 2011 to date.

Please check out my Contest Page to see all the ways to enter a SAHGeekMom contest. My prizes can only be redeem in the Canadian or US iTunes accounts, but all the people I would consider ineligible for the other contest happily live in North American so be sure to enter, you are going to love this game.

Now excuse me, please, I have to beat my endurance record before I go into tap-swiping withdrawal.

If you want 20 more of the best games for kids and everyone in your family for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with the top 10 reviewed and with video trailers please see:

The Stay At HomeGeekMom’s Weekend Edition Part One 3/19

The Stay At HomeGeekMom’s Weekend Edition Part One 3/19

Enjoy the game and happy app hunting,


Edu-App No-Brainer: MosaicHD

Edu-App No-Brainer for 3/9/11:

Kids Can Create A Magical Multitude of Multi-Colored Masterpieces with MosaicHD

  • By:KidAppFactory
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Genre: Creativie Play, Educational, Art
  • Platforms: iPad Only
  • Price: .99
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 5
  • Kid’s Score: 5 Pump’s up!
  • Recommended Age:  All Ages 3+

I have one of the VERY best Edu-Apps the Stay at home GeekMom has ever stumbled upon.

My QuickAdvice review will go up on appadvice.com soon, but I couldn’t wait to bring you the details! (check out my AppAdvice.com Reviews here)

Mosaic HD, by PopAppFactory mimics the old-fashioned wooden pegboard games that have been toy-room staples for generations.

In fact developer Elena told me:

The idea to do exactly Mosaic comes from our Soviet Union past… There was a lack of child games [but] on every shelf in every shop, one of this Mosaic – it is looks like this:

It has such an organic feel, I want to call this a toy, not an app and it’s a total Edu-App No-Brainer at .99.

This simple yet sophisticated game is great fun for children and even appealing to creative adults.

The board looks wooden and 3D. You have  simulated knobs to turn and buttons rather than just places to tap.

The game comes with both a small board and large pegs for the smallest fingers and large a pegboard with small pegs for older kids.

The pegs come in a assortment of vivd colors, and you can use them to play several games or create freestyle peg-art.

The game board, or more aptly the interface, is intuitive, engaging and simple.

If you choose to play with a pre-patterned card (available for both boards with varying difficulty levels) you are presented with a selection of pictures to copy.

There are two methods of play for both boards.

To make this fun rather than frustrating, there is a “help” mode. When engaged the image overlays the pegboard for easily placement.

For more of a challenge, kids can try to recreate the picture from a scaled-down image on the side.

Tapping on the image will quickly overlay  the pattern on your work indicating correct place ment, but only for a moment. The hint doesn’t reveal the whole solution.

(I know I barely make sense to myself – look at the picture up to the left to see what I mean!)

In “make your own masterpiece” mode, kids create free form and can easily share their creations via email and Facebook.

The optional Zen-like ambient soundtrack is another ingenius touch. It shows just how much  thought went into every aspect of this edu-app.

The music creates a tranquil environment to foster perseverance and creativity instead of distracting from the task at hand.

That alone sets it apart from most app offering for children. When you factor in the replay value and fun it’s truly a 5 star app!

It’s colourful and appealing, but has no unnecessary bells and whistles.

Based in Kiev, PopAppFactory understands that with kids, less is often more.

The specific educational benefits vary depending on age, but there is something for every stage of development. And the app rewards achievement at every level.

The youngest players gain from color, shape and pattern recognition and pre-schoolers improve fine-motor skills. Older children are challenged with more complicated spatial relations tests, while memory gains and creative expression are enjoyed by all.

MosaicHD is close to perfection, but needs a bit fine-tuning: peg placement can be frustrating on the big board.

It is too easy to remove pegs by accident or misplace them by missing the hole by the tiniest margin.

But updates and better still new kid’s apps are on their way soon!

Notwithstanding this app is a 5-star winner.  It is the rare educational app that encourages patience along with learning and will engage every member of the family.

MosaicHD is more toy than app and a must-have for parents looking for smart, guilt-free screen-time for their little learners.

And I will have some Promo Codes to give away as usual so don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, RRS feed or follow me on twitter @sahgeekmom 

Happy App Hunting


Lab Mat Is All That: Talking 3D Lab Mat & Talking 3D Lab Mat HD

Lab Mat Is All That:

Talking 3D Lab Mat & Talking 3D Lab Mat HD

Yikes, I’ve gone and done it again.

I brought you so much in the Weekend Edition with my Top 12 books for young readers: part one and part  two.

But Monday hit and with Pump going back to school after Spring break and my reviews or appadvice.com (check them out here) I got pulled away.

But I had to pop in tonight to tell you about an app I reviewed in brief on appadvice.com.

It’s too good not to get in my own editorial comments 😉

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Ok right to it:

Meet Talking 3D Lab Mat and Talking 3D Lab Mat HD.

  • By: Mobobo
  • Version: 1.0
  • Genre: Creativie Play, Talking App, Entertainment
  • Platforms: iPhone/iPod Touch & HD iPad Only
  • Price: .99 for iPhone 2.99 for iPad.
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4.5
  • Kid’s Score: 5 Pump’s up!
  • Recommended Age:  All Ages 4+

Talking Lab Mat is a breath of fresh air in the ever-popular “talking-back” app genre. It the first such offering to offer “real-time 3D animation, morphing and voice changing.

There is an IPad native and an iPhone/iPod touch version and there is a free lite version of Talking 3D Lab Mat you can try out once before you buy.

Check out this brief Promo Video:

Here’s how it works.

Like most apps of this kind Lab Mat, your hapless foil, will repeat what you say back to you in a funny voice. He also responds to touches. You can punch, or tickle him to evoke cute reactions.

But this vibrant HD app takes the fun to the next level: mix a potion in the lab and Mat will magically transform into one of 1000’s of different creatures.

And with each creature come a new voice, there are over 100, and new animated reactions.

To change Mat you just tap on the test tube icon, mix a few drops of whichever color chemical you like and tap the check mark. 

A new crazy character is yours to torture (or tickle.) This added dimension adds tons of replay value.

There are many more animations, voices and effects than in similar apps. So make sure you have some time when you try it out, because you aren’t going to want to stop.

Pump’s Points:

Pump was instantly enthralled, and has been creating monsters on his iPhone and my iPad for days now. He never tires of it. He wants to tell you that:

This is a really really really fun game. I like getting the scary monsters best but even the rabbit is funny too. I like when the monsters fart. That is going to make kids laugh like me.

What can I say he’s a seven-year-old boy…

Seriously though, both kids and adults can’t help but laugh out loud at the endless antics of this poor lab experiment gone awry.

My husband is no more immune to passing-wind humour than pump, but to be honest I hate these apps and anything that encourages my kid to make more rude sounds.

But this is the first and only such app that has ever entertained me!

I try to pretend I’m above such crass wit, but I can’t suppress my chuckles at some of the voices and yes, sound effects.

The clever variability of this app allows for endless creative possibilities. This video, by Neill the dev behind Mobobo of Mat performing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is hilarious:

Check out Lab Mats Facebook Fan Page to find out how you can star in a video soon!

Ok how clever is Neil? He told me it took the better part of the day, but he had entirely too much fun in the process.

You can see how this app stands apart from the pack. It’s more like dozens of taking apps all wrapped in one. 

The only thing missing from an otherwise perfect package is the ability to record your crazy creations from within the app.

A direct upload-to-YouTube and Facebook feature would be the icing on the cake, but the developer assures me these features are in the works right now.

As always the Stay at Home GeekMom tried to engage the creative Neil Pettitt was so affable and pleasant.

He is yet another dad-dev and get this. He changed the adds in the free version to wish his son a happy birthday!

And he promised if I remind him he’d do the same for Pump who will than be assured that this blog has brought him world-fame. At least in his homeroom, anyway.

If you have a kid or a funny bone you will find talking 3D Lab Mat monstrously good fun. Get it get the xxx price is more than worth it!

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Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow with MosaicHD a geart edu-app for kids, and creative fun for everyone and if anything good besides an Angry Bird update happens in the App Store I’ll keep you posted.

Happy App Hunting


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