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OMG Where Has The Stay At Home GeekMom Gone? Find Out And Win The Best Apps And Games

Hi, do you possibly remember your friendly Stay at Home GeekMom? I have been ignoring my few, but faithful readers and I apologize.

But, today I feel compelled to write a long rambling personal piece, not about specific apps, but what I’ve been up to, a bit about how my career has changed since I started this little blog, and if you still want to get the skinny on great kid stuff, I can give you some great ideas. We (yes I noted I shifted person there; I have a reason) have some changes planned too, for this once hobby turned full-time occupation.

Some of you folks know, or if you poke around the site you can know, (I am more discrete on the larger stage) that I am a disabled at-home mom, with a passion for all thinga Apple.

The iPad took me out of the stupor I had been in since leaving the working world and made me want to share that reawakening with the anyone who cared to hear what I had to say.

I set out to share, no profit in mind, what I thought were the best and least-covered apps for people like me, writers, readers, artsy-fartsy folks and other moms and dads. My son was only a year younger, but wow turning 8 changes a lot. He was really into kids books then, now he is a serious gamer.

My life has changed too – I started this, and then got picked up by appadvice.com. I left them for 148apps.com where I have been happy and at the same time last father’s day I launched a little web site with one partner (who bailed at the last second, but that doesn’t matter any more) with profit in mind.

We would cover a ton of kids stuff, but also a ton of games, apps that I personally might not use etc.

We planned to launch with a weeklong giveaway theme. But, I had accumulated not just contacts, but friends in the app world and the outpouring of free codes to share and other crazy prizes was amazing. So was the reader response, so that become the theme. I haven’t plugged it yet, but PLEASE come check it out at www.apptudes.com.

That was just this past summer, and now it’s not even winter and my life bears no semblance to the one I had when I started here.

When I am not reviewing apps and games or making app lists, I am editing, selling ads, hiring and firing staff (that one still kills me, shh, they have no idea I am total noob) contacting developers, begging writers to please please write, please … I think I spend 2 hours a day begging for content… did I mention we’re hiring! Not to mention social media, just tweeting alone exhausts me, and what is G+ anyway? I have Facebook and Tumblr and Flickr and Stumbleupon and Digg and Reddit coming out of my eyeballs… that’s the short list!

So why on earth should you care? Well I wanted to start by encouraging everyone out there to start blogging – if you can write anyway. I am so far from getting rich it’s funny (or not when the payroll is due) and if you hear promises of getting rich quickly from blogging or even running a full-on website, dismiss them. You can throw up a shoddy, shady site and jump in ranking quickly them tumble down the charts like a stone, or you can put in insane hours of sweat and hard work, and teach yourself a new skill every hour, but it can be done.

I also, of course, want you to come on over to AppTudes and meet Tudey, our mascot, because you are missing out on the fun. I still cover the same stuff, but now just about everything is winnable, and my staff (chuckle again at the notion) is amazing and everything (well almost) they cover is up for grabs too.

We put writing and honest reviews first, and only cover the best of iOS -let someone else tell you what not to buy. There are over half a million apps; we bring our readers the hottest and best, period.

And, what has startled and thrilled me most are the companies who work with us to give all this stuff away. I won’t name names, but come and check out the current and past contests and you’ll be as amazed as I have been.

Because of this and our ever-growing global, Canadian and US rankings, we actually are planning to expand.

Who are we? Well, when partner A fails and it’s too much for one person you can close shop, or find a new partner. I went local and found the most talented IT and WordPress guru and he jumped right in. Now we have a managing editor, an HR rep, and we are blasting the websites where people look for jobs to find new writers, marketing folks, and sales reps and so much more (you can hop over and check the jobs page if you think you might want to get involved.)

And, what of SAHGeekMom? Well, we are not disbanding, but we may soon be rebranding – whether we keep the name or go with AppTudes Jr, we will filter the kids and artsy content here, and create unique posts for this market. At minimum it will be SAHGeekMomS, and maybe a few dads too.

In the mean time, as time permits, I will try to post at least the intro to relevant content here and a link to the review, list or contest on AppTudes, but I really encourage you to pop in and check us out. We also have a vibrant Facebook group with some exclusive contests. And, be sure to follow us on Twitter!

For now, know that I am on hiatus here. For developers who continue to reach out (and my thanks to you all) you can contact me fastest at lisa@apptudes.com, but if you just want to send us a PR or codes the fastest route is to contact Hilary Brumer, managing editor at hbrumer@apptudes.com.

I look forward to seeing you there soon! Wow I miss just writing freely and chatting, if time ever permits I will come back to blogging just for fun, it’s great stress relief!

Happy App Hunting



The Stay at Home GeekMom Weekend Edition: The Best Apps For Earth Day. All iOS Devices.

Green Apps! The Best Apps For Earth Day. All iOS Devices.

Go Green and Learn More About Our Beautiful Home: Earth.

For All iDevices, Ages, Interests and Budgets.

Wow it’s been so long I hope you guys remember me!

With holidays and my added gig at appadvice.com, writing AppLists and AppGuides (lists are like this post, a list of different apps, related in a broad category, in no order, guides rank apps in a single specific genre) I’ve hardly had a chance to breathe. But it’s fun.  =D

Ok so Earth Day is fast approaching, but every day really should be Earth day, especially if you have kids. I don’t have to tell you it’s their world we’re mucking up and they have the most to win or lose.

But we all can do with some education, and some tools to make being green easier. And there are many increbible ways to view our planet with iOS apps. Once you check some of them out, you will learn or remember why Earth is so special no matter what lens you view it through, and desrving of loving care.

This is a reprint from my first two app lists, all for Earth Day.

Part One is a list of iPhone/iPod touch and universal apps that can help you find practical ways to make changes, and stories and games to engage your little eco-activists.

Part Two are iPad and Universal apps that show you Earth’s beauty, history, science and natural splendour in spectacular and creative ways. There are many great choices for young students to learn and play with too. In total here are 21 green apps for iOS.

Please check them both out, the  lists follow each other in a single long post rather than being split in two as usual so you can have them in time for Friday, April 22, 2011.

Green Apps For iPhone

There are lots of ways to be a part of the solution on Earth Day and around the year. Whether you want to learn more, do more, conserve more, or educate your kids, there’s a green app for that.

My Recycle List by 1-800-Recycling.com (Free)

Everyone knows recycling is a key factor in any Green effort. But it’s not always easy to know where to bring everything or even what, specifically, is recyclable. This app offers a solution by helping you create a very specific list from nine categories of common recyclables, and then finds a location near you that accepts them.

Green Outlet by Key Lime 314, LLC (4.99)

One great way of conserving energy and reducing your electricity bill is to find out which appliances are the biggest drain in your home. Here’s an app that does that for you.

Enter your current rate (per KW hour) select anything from an xbox to a fish tank and see what it’s really costing you and the earth. The app even calculates your carbon footprint.

The Four Seasons – An Earth Day Interactive childrens story book by Tab Tale (Free)

There is not a more receptive, nor a more important group to educate about the environment than children. It’s their future that is at stake after all. This beautiful free ebook created just for Earth Day will engage your youngest eco-warriors with a charming story, animations, and tons of interactive features. It has an almost perfect rating in the App Store.

EnvironRss by Michael Wasserman (.99)

Knowledge is power and this app gives you access to an wealth of information on all matters relating to the environment. Follow events from around the world by checking out any of the many included RSS feeds like government feeds, non-profits like the WWF or Sierra club, and even cutting edge think tanks. Share by Facebook or email, save for offline reading with Instapaper integration, and add your own RSS feeds too. A great resource.

Skeptical Science by Shine Technologies (Free)

The biggest impediment to Green efforts is that ignorance and misinformation about global warming in particular, abounds; there are doubters and nay-sayers everywhere. This app breaks down common misconceptions like “it’s not happening” or “It’s not bad” and then offers factual peer-reviewed scientific research to contest almost any irrational argument you may encounter.

Clean The Gulf by Tiger Stripes LLC (Free)

The Deepwater Horizon (BP) oil rig spill in the Gulf of Mexico created the biggest natural disaster in US history. This app Is a great way for young and old to learn about the impact and help in the cleanup. The app offers information about the Gulf in simple language and with animation to make it engaging for kids. It also provides practical ways to get involved.

Earth Hour 60+ by Earth Hour (Free)

Earth Hour has passed for 2011, but this app keeps the spirit alive all year. Interact with the Global Village and see what others are doing to make an difference. Get great ideas of small things you can do every day to change the world. Then share your own ideas with photos and videos.

Three Trees by Studio Pepwuper, Inc (.99)

This game already had an environmental theme. The object is to move water, air, and sun in order to save three plants from the ravages of dust, flooding, and drought. It’s simple, challenging, and the developers are adding an Earth Day update that promises to help explain the day and provide resources for learning more.

WWF Panda Collection Tin by WWF UK (1.99)

The World Wildlife Fund is a global organization that works to preserve animals from extinction around the globe. One way you can support their cause is to buy a virtual gift for yourself or a friend. You get a cute 3D panda tin, and the WWF UK gets research funds.

GoodGuide by GoodGuide (Free)

Changing what you buy, and even how you shop is another way to help the Earth. Some products are less toxic than others, some companies have a better environmental track record than others.

This app helps you sort through over 70,000 Food, Personal Care, Household Cleaners, Toys, and Paper products. You just use iPhone camera as a bar code scanner and find out everything you need to know. Then share the info on social media and create shopping and blacklists.

The Lorax – Dr. Seuss by Oceanhouse Media (4.99)

If anyone knows how to engage kids, it’s the great Dr Seuss. The Lorax is a cautionary tale about corporate greed, deforestation, and extinction. The Once-ler recounts how the Lorax “who speaks for the trees” tried and failed to save the Truffula Forest and its inhabitants from his Thneeds Factory. The app comes with read-it-myself or read-it-to-me options and renders the Green classic beautifully for iOS.

Lorax Garden by Oceanhouse Media (1.99)

To compliment the book, the Lorax Garden offers gameplay for any age. Where the book ends sadly (but with a glimmer of hope), now you have the chance to help the Lorax reforest the woods with Truffula trees and flowers you grow. It’s a lot of fun and brings the message that change is possible home.

iPad Apps For Earth Day

To know Earth is to love Earth. But efforts to secure our planet’s future require a knowledge of it, past and present. Only when we understand our wondrous world can we truly engage in the battle to save it. In honor of Earth Day we look at some of the very best iPad titles in the App Store for learning about our home. From the sky, through a camera lens, through animals, nature, art, history and fun, we we bring you the best iPad apps to celebrate our planet and understand our place in it, on Earth Day and all year long.

Google Earth, by Google. Free

The best way to get to know your planet is to see it, and no one brings it to you quite like Google Earth. It uses Google’s satellite imagery to allow you to explore the far reaches of the globe or your own backyard at a swipe. The app is great on all iOS devices, but it shines on iPad, especially when viewing the high-resolution images of over half the world’s population and browsing the vast nunber of geo-located photos from around the globe.

DINOSAURS iPad: American Museum of Natural History Collections by American Museum of Natural History.( 99)

They say those who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it. How better, then, to learn how to avoid a catastrophic future than by studying dinosaurs and their legacy. The American Museum of Natural History brings their world-famous exhibits to iPad so everyone can discover the clues our cold-blooded forbearers left behind.

It contains a mosaic of over 1000 images from the museum’s archive in a collage that replicates a T-Rex; each interactive pic provides information about where the fossil was found. It’s Mesozoic eye candy.]

50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic by National Geographic Society – 4.99 (Reg. 9.99)

How the National Geographic Society narrowed down their spectacular archive of iconic photographs is beyond imagining, but this app presents you with 50 of their finest shots. And a ton of background information too.

Features include: a video introduction from the Editor-in-Chief of the Magazine; photographer bios; background information on the photos; videos; and interactive maps and timelines. It is a bit expensive, but the way National Geo captures nature and culture is priceless.

Britannica Kids: Rainforests by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc ($4.99)

If you have a child in grammar school, they have almost certainly learned about the fragile existence of the world’s rain forests. Brittanica (of Encyclopedia fame) serves up an interactive mix of games images and information on 21 animals and topics like “What is a Rainforest”, “Rainforest Plants” and “Rainforest Threats” It’s a great study aid, and sure to engage. Aimed at kids 8-12.

 Living Earth HD – World Clock and Weather by Moshen Chan (.99)Looking for something a little more functional? This app brings you a virtual 3D view of Earth from outer space and while universal, serves as an ideal showcase app for your iPad’s display. It features accurate cloud rendering in close to real time, allowing you to see storms as they happen from a rare vantage point.
It’s also a world clock with an alarm functions, and a weather app with a four day forecast for over 22,000 global locations. Watch sunrise lead to sunset, the seasons as they change, all in stunning hi-resolution.

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Factbook by Vito Technology Inc. (2.99)
This app provides an innovative approach to teaching kids about the world. Young users are presented with a 3D virtual globe that is spinable and scaleable. The app contains 500 pictures and brief descriptions broken into four categories: places, animals, plants, and people. There is even an interactive quiz. It’s a good choice to engage grade and middle schoolers with their planet without overwhelming them with tons of information. They call it “Edutainement”; that’s on the nose

Heritage, by Fotonauts Inc. (Free)

Fotopedia brings you the world in many wonderful ways, but none of their apps are better suited to Earth Day than Heritage. This award-winning collection of 25,000 stunning photographs from around the globe is completely free. Admire images of our beautiful planet in all its glorious colors then save your favorites to use as wallpaper or share via social media.

Here On Earth by Arcade Sunshine Media, LLC. ($11.99)

For those who want something substative, the interactive edition of Tim Flannery’s book about Darwin, Dawkins, evolution, and how to reshape our thinking on those matters, is an ideal choice.

The multimedia version of the bestselling work, “traces the history of the planet, the history of humanity, and the impact that we have had on our planet.”Before you balk at the price, the text iBook is only a dollar less; in print, it’s more.

Here the text is accompanied by 25 Interviews with the author, videos from award-winning filmmakers, social network integration, even air play support. it’s not for the intellectually timid, but the special features make the book much more accessible. A benchmark for interactive books in any genre.

TreePad by Algorithmic Botany (Free)

Here’s a completely different way to celebrate Earth Day and your love of trees year round. Treepad gives you the ability to render 3D tree models from a vast assortment of natural tree elements. It has the customizability of a top-notch art app, but with results so realistic you will find yourself making one after another and filling at least your virtual space with oxygenated wonder.

Art Authority for iPad, by Open Door Networks, Inc. (9.99)

Photos, fossils and facts are traditional ways to view the world. A path less travelled is history through the lens of art. Of all the multi-artist apps in the App Store this one offers the greatest breadth. It has everything from cave drawings to contemporary classics, taking you on a journey like no other. The app is full of hi-def images of masterworks broken into periods and displayed like an art gallery. It will take you on an odyssey through time guided by many of the most creative people to ever grace our planet. Also availble for iPhone.

Thanks for checking this out doing your part to make a greener tomorrow. I’ll be back soon with fresh apps soon, in the mean time please check out some of my recent reviewes:

Happy App Hunting


The SAHGeekMom’s 4 Favorite Art Apps: AppAdvice Extra Appisode:

OMG I am so excited!

Robin Rhys, veteran Writer, Editor, Producer and on-air talent for the hugely popular daily iOS report, AppAdvicee Daily, asked my humble opinion on Art Apps.

And YAY! She feature them all on last’s night show!

She even showed my blog logo and my favorite, called me the resident Art Aficionado. 🙂 Happy Dance!

Please check it out, the apps are amazing and 2 are even universal!

Here are direct links to the apps in iTunes:

Also, I knew that Coroled Pencils was made by the nicest man in Japan, Kengo, and he is having a sale until the end of the month, the app is only .99 and proceeds got to Japan.

What Kengo told me this morning, though, is that Zen Brush is also from Japan and they were very badly damaged in the quake, so I urge everyone who enjoys anything from creating professional art to doodling to PLESAE support these apps and these devs. It’s a tiny way we can make a difference.

Have Fun and CREATE!


Angry Birds and Doodle Jump Have Brand New Games And This Time Kids Rule!

Angry Birds and Doodle Jump Have Brand New Games And This Time Kids Rule!

Well this has been a banner week for fans of two of the most beloved franchises in iOS history and both have movie tie-in so these new versions are aimed at kids more than ever before.

The biggest news is that Rovio/Chillingo launched Angry Birds Rio (.99 for iPhone 1.99 for HD) and it’s cool, Pump loves it, all angry bords fans will love it.

The game forget evil pigs this time and instead has you freeing fellow birds from cages, presumably in Rio.I find this premise much more appealing than killing evil pigs who ate their babies, to this parent anyway, and connects the game, however loosely, to the Upcoming Fox Film.

Also there is no question the gameplay is easier. Pump found me playing with it for a review minutes after he woke up. Before he had rubbed the saned from his eyes, he had completed the first four levels.

But I covered Angry Birds at such length the other day (Click Here to read post) I don’t want to go on and on about it. If you like Angry Birds, you’ll like Angry Birds Rio, it’s really that simple.

I want to focus today on Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie. I submitted my QuickAdvice review to AppAdvice.com, but I always cover the kid-angles on my own dear SAHGeekmom.com.It finally brings the iPhone classic Doodle Jump to the iPad (and iPhone, it’s universal.) Well almost…

What the game really is, is an advertisement for the upcoming Easter animated kid-flick from Universal, HOP.

Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie  is similar to the original Doodle Jump. You still tilt the device to have the hero, E.B. star of the film, jump from platform to platform, avoiding obstacles, shooting invaders and aiming for the sky.

It’s a lot of fun, but it’s not really the fulfilment of Lima Sky’s promise of an iPad version of the game that just saw its 10,000th paid download.

Instead of controlling The Doodler you control E.B., and instead of endless gameplay, there are levels to clear, but otherwise expect the familiar.

It plays beautifully and looks good enough to eat. I even found it easier to control E.B. on the iPad than on the iPhone version of this universal game. The interface is vibrant, the execution excellent, and best of all the game is free. Which seems only fair since it is basically an add-supported game.

Angry Birds Rio does charge, and I don’t think it far (see post here) but they give you a very full game.

This game is very winnable, it won’t be a keeper for anyone over 10, but it should help tide fans over while the always ‘coming soon” iPad Doodle Jump finally hits the App Store.

But for young kids, repetition is fun and  the best way to learn, so you actually get a lot for nothing more than a link to the movie trailer your kids have already seen unless you ban the big box in your home (oh how I wish…)

The game has you bouncing off gummies and falling through candy-string platforms. There are no monsters or aliens to shoot; instead E.B. takes out baby chicks taking no prisoners in his candy-quest. But’s it’s not gory, it’s silly.

Check yesterday appisode of AppAdvice.com’s AppApdvice Daily, with Robin Rhys:

The famous and subject of recent controversy, The Doodler (google Doodlegate! I won’t explain, but if you want to see how some devs are just big kids, for better and especially for worse, it’s a very interesting story of trademark law, flaming, poor journalism and hurt feelings) does make a cameo appearance: E.B. follows his lead for a few seconds and then he’s off to loftier vistas.

Just as the Doodler pops in to this new Lima Sky offering, E.B. is no stranger to the Doodle Jump world.

Since the last update of classic Doodle Jump you have been able to change the player name to HOP, which activates an Easter theme, and replaces the Doodler with E.B, but it’s a skin, not a new game, and not on iPad.

One certainty is the game’s appeal to kids. The Easier theme, E.B., and candy-coated levels, target the youngest players, the market for whom the movie is intended.

Pump loves Doodle Jump on his iPod touch, and loves all the themes especially, of course, the scary ones.  And as usual he is better at this game we both enjoy than I am. But neither of us can really get very far so the games is great, but only a few minutes distraction.

Doodle Jump: Hop the Movie, however, on both iPhone and iPad is really much easier to control.

If you have played Doodle Jump before, you know that as you jump up, the board also keeps scrolling up. What I mean is you can’t just wait on a platform, you must keep moving. Everyone I have seen play it, at some points, falls because a platform they remembered being there, fell out of view mid-leap.

This doesn’t happen on Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie. The board only moves up when you do, so it’s much easier to plan your moves. You can play for much longer. Also the levels help. Having short attainable goals is a better idea no what your kid is doing, than giving them an open-ended job.

In Doodle Jump losing is the most common occurrence. This makes the game addictive, replayable and beloved, but it frustrates Pump that he has not really improved his score in months ofplay. But he loves all the Angry Birds games, because he is rewarded for completely small tasks, often.

And of course the bright colors, adorable Easter Bunny offspring and the fact that kids have been bombarded with ads for the movie all make this a game they will want to go back to.

For me, the original is still the kind go doodle games, but for Pump, Doodle Jump: HOP the Movie has become an instant fave.

Mom’s you HAVE to check out this amazing new calendar app for iPhone and iPad, called MommyCal. I reviewed it yesterday and everyone I know who grabbed one has been have too much fun getting organized! You can read all about it here.

OK, I have to do a review for Appadvice now, but be sure to check back often for more great games for everyone.

Happy App Hunting,


All PopCap Games On Sale To Benefit Japan Disaster Relief.

This is reprinted from AppAdvice.com Posted by Tyler Tschida on: March 19th, 2011, 10.00 but I wanted to make sure my readers saw it too.

And just FYI, Plants vs Zombies is am amazing, addictive, kid-safe game and it’s a steal at the sale price, so do yourself and your world a favor and check some out:

Following in the footsteps of quite a few other charitable app developers, PopCap has decided to slash the prices on all of their iOS games this weekend and donate the proceeds to the International Red Cross to aid in their ongoing relief efforts in Japan.
As always, an “*” next to a title indicates that this is its lowest price ever.
Even if you already own most of these titles, you can always gift them to friends or family members to help out those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

I will be posting  TWO great top 10 lists for the SAHGeekMom weekend edition. Tonight Pump’s Top 10 Games for kids 6-10 and tomorrow I will do the same! Please subscribe to the blog or RSS feed or follow me on twitter @sahgeekmom, to be the first to know when part one goes live!

Happy App Hunting



Best iPad iPhone and iPod touch Books For Preschool – Second Grade: Part Two

here are other reviews to check out!

The Stay At Home GeekMom Weekend Edition

Best iPad Apps For Preschool – Second Grade

Best Books Part Two (5/6 for iPhone/iPod Touch too!)

Hello Again,

As promised here is part two of The SAHGeekMom’s 12 best books for iPad for Young Readers.

To read part one click here.

Please allow time for all the pictures to load, I don’t know about you but I like to see inside a book before I buy it. ;)

Remember these titles are in no particular order, except the order in which I took the screenshots.

The only thing that makes today’s offerings a bit diffrent is that all but one of the titles are Universal or have an iPhone/iPod touch version available.

And most would appeal to kids as young as 3, but are also aimed at older children and adults too.

All these titles have earned the 

Ok let’s get straight to it because the Stay at Home GeekMom has about 20 reviews in a queue right now. (I know right?!?)

No young reader’s library, physical or digital, is complte without at least one dose from the inimitable Dr. Seuss.

Ocean House Media is the sole publisher of Seuss and many other children’s favourites for iOS and most of their offerings are universal which means they work on iPad but also iPhone and iPod touch too. You only need to buy one copy and it will be available for all your iDevices.

They run from .99 for shorter books to 2.99, and have some free lite versions available too.

I picked One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Dr. Seuss 2.99, for two reasons.

I wanted to pick a book that is silly and simple enough for the youngest kids, but would still engage an older child learning to read. The rhymes and alphabetic structure are great learning-to-read tools.

And I wanted a title Pump and I both loved as toddlers

If I had to pick another 5 Seuss offerings from OceanHouse to suggest, which is  daunting task, I would have to list: Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hears A WhoThe LoraxOh, the Place You’ll Go and of course Green Eggs and Ham.

But seriously you can’t go wrong with The Doctor. As for the app, it is wonderful, they all are.

The narrator sounds like, well, like he ought to. The text and illustrations, of course, are left untouched, but there are just enough things to tap to keep fidgety fingers occupied.

And of course it can be read aloud or for older kids, there is an option to read it themselves. Don’t worry, if they stumble, OceanHouse allows any word to be tapped and spoken-aloud.

Next up is a book I stumbled onto by accident while researching this piece.

If your kids like pop-up books, wait until they check out Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book by Ideal Binary, Ltd. You are going to want to grab this for them at 1.99.

Everything works as it should, and no matter how much you play with it, the pop-ups will never collape or fall apart.

It held not only Pump’s but my attention for a long time, particularly considering I was in a rush to get through a ton of eBooks.

Bringing a pop-up book to iPad is a very clever idea; I haven’t seen anything else quite like it in the App Store before except in their version of Rapunzel. Check it out:

Since that was such a short promo, here’s a few extra screenshots:

My next choice is as far from literature as you can get, but if you want your kids laughing and engaged in a book, it certainly wins the prize for funniest title on this list.

AlphaBELCH – A Children’s Book About Burps by Stephen White is just what you think it is: a book about animals passing wind.

Not exactly highbrow, sure, but the book is certainly a way to get my 7 year old boy’s attention. The app is 1.99, universal, and easy to use:

By the way, the text rhymes. I just picked two of my favourite pages at random.

I must be channeling my own copy-editor because I really want to change “burps that” to “whose burps” on the unicorn page. Not that’s it’s wrong, I just keep reading it that way!

Seriously though, it’s an original way to learn the alphabet and is often laugh-out-loud funny.

UPDATE: I just found out why this book strikes such a chord with young audiences. Author Stephen White was one of the main creative forces behind the smash TV hit, Barney for over 16 years. If anyone would know how to entrance the pre-k crowd, it would be a Barney vet.

And he’s a charming, engaging fellow too. Thank you so much, Stephen, for contacting me. I can’t wait for your next book.

Next, Zoobert’s BIGGER Day by Shrink Ray Studios is another fun choice and only .99.

Like iReading’s Puss In Boots from Part One, this is more app than book, but it’s really witty and another selection that offers up something a bit different from the normal App Store children’s selection.

There is also a Zoobert title for iPhone and iPod touch

Here’s how it works. Zoobert get’s into a spot of trouble and you have to shake the device to see how he’ll get out of it.

Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t get the shaking thing right away though; you can just turn the page and the app will chose for you.

It makes the book very re-readable.

My final two choices are children’s classics. They are very well received by reviews and have been around for a while. But if you got your iPad any time since  Christmas, you might have missed them and they really are too good to ignore.

Gaeme Base’s 20-odd year old  book, Animalia, is now also Animalia for iPad by AppBooks. Price 3.99 (the books sells at amazon.com for $15-20) and is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch for 2.99.

Check out the app page here for some amazing images and background information.

The is part book, part game and part edu-app. Graeme describes it best in the video below.

Warning: the video is about 5 minutes long, a little lengthy for a promo, it’s more like a mini-doc. But if you want to know what you’re getting or the back story, it’s well worth watching.

If you don’t have the time for that here are a few Stay at Home GeekMom screenshots:

Finally a true classic novel and an equally classic iPad book.

Lewis Carroll’s 1865 seminal work Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is on iPad , in abridged format or with the complete text, (great for sharing between older and younger readers) with what I believe are the Victorian cartoonist, John Tenniel’s illustrations. But I am no expert so if I am mistaken please leave a comment.

Alice for the iPad by Atomic Antelope, (I love that name, hey no birds in today’s choices…) 8.99 which is also available, for iPhone and iPod touch at 3.99 is the Weekend Classic Edu-App No-Brainer.

If 8.99 seems like a lot, I won’t even mention the retail cost in a book store, but will let you know there is a lite version you can try for free.

If you love Alice, you will buy the full version eventually I’m sure. Once again I have a video for you:

And some screenshots:

So there you have it, the 12 best iPad (and iPhone/iPod touch) books for your young readers:

  1. The Going To Bed Book for iPad
  2. The Three Little Pigs – Nosy Crow  interactive storybook (iPad)
  3. Monsters & Magical Creatures Guide For Kids
  4. Teddy’s Night
  5. The Rocket Book
  6. iReading HD – Puss in Boots
  7. Hop On Pop
  8. Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book
  9. AlphaBELCH – A Children’s Book About Burps
  10. Zoobert’s BIGGER Day
  11. Animalia for iPad
  12. Alice for the iPad

That’s it for this Weekend Edition of The Stay at Home GeekMom.

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Finally here is an abridged list of Educational Games and Reading Apps for ALL AGES, from sahgeekmom.com and from my reviews for appadvice.com.

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Please Take a Moment to Reflect With Me – An Aside

Egypt, Youth, Freedom & Peace in the Age of Social Media

A Cause for Pause

Please take a moment to watch this video and reflect on how lucky we are to be free, and what price others will pay for the same luxury.

Now please thank God or your Higher Power (or Google and Facebook et al.) for the fact that we live in an age where all this global-interconnectivity unites freedom-lovers everywhere.

Then let’s celebrate  the un-repressable, often blessedly-myopic, optimism of youth that drove this movement forward and reminded us all that change is indeed possible. It’s easy to forget that on the wrong side of 40…

Be grateful if you didn’t have to shed blood in order to log on to your favorite websites to post whatever was on your mind last week.

Finally let’s all hug our kids (and parents who sacrifice everything for their children all over Earth) and show them the video too.

If we all care, there is nothing stopping humanity from it’s never-ending quest for basic rights and freedom.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am not going to editorialize further. IMO if you don’t get goosebumps you don’t get it and nothing I can say will change that.

But since Memri TV who put this video up seems to be having trouble at their website, I want to do my small part to help keep it viral.

I hope one of the lessons of all this is how each of us doing our small part in this age of social media can make miracles happen even in the deserts of oppression.

(BTW I have no idea who Memri TV is, I am just in awe of the person who wrote this song)

Politics can come back another day, for now. whatever your concerns or political affiliations, I think everyone ought to rejoice at this incredible movement of the people, for the people and by the people.

The human spirit is indomitable and there is no problem that does not contain its own solution.

Wishing you all

Peace, He Ping, Piax, Pax, ShalomAøxsÿti, Vred, Rauha, Sith, Heiwa, Heddwich, Pace, Paz, Salaam.


ps. if you are wondering what this has to do with a blog aimed at parents, kids, educators, readers, writers and other creative and artsy folk, I think you are missing the point to0; what better chance to teach our children than by the power of example?

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