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Apologies, I’ve Been Busy With New Site – Please Come Visit


I miss this blog so much, I haven’t had a chance to ramble on and on at all since I launched AppTudes – a fresh site for app and game reviews for all interests, which I launched on Father’s day. I have been so lucky! I managed to get some amazing writers from other big sites like my own 148apps.com, my former home appadvice.com, and padpadget.com, appolicious, and some serious bloggers.

We’ve almost hit 1oo posts and our number have been through the roof! It’s so exciting, in seven months this is only my 86th-ish post, but that what’s great about having a tea. And the support from the developer and publisher community has been overwhelming. I hoped to do a launch-week push of giveaways, but we just hit the one month mark I don’t think a day has gone by where there wasn’t at least one active contest going, most days we have several.

And for those of you who like my SAHGeekMom picks, trust me we have a ton of kid stuff, art apps, and culture there too, but also real gamer games, general inteerest apps, and we just got an iPhonegraphy expert on board too!

By the way, if you review or have skills like copy editing, wordpress guruship, web or graphic design, come on over and check it out because we’re hiring! That page has most of our staff bios, but we have three newcomers so it’s time for an update. And, if you have skills, we’d love your face up there too.

I only have a minute, but I stopped by because I am going to flood my blog with the reviews I’ve written since I’ve been gone. In fact you are even getting on AppTudes doesn’t have…yet.

But remember when you see the posts, if there are contests attached they are being held on on apptudes.com and through our twitter account anf fcebook page, so you’ll have to pop on by if you want to enter. I hope you do, I have a lot of parents and educators on board and you might discover altogether different kinds of app, like I have been, that aren’t one I tend to run into.

I’m going to start using this blog again soon though, but less for reviews and more to discuss iOS news, and topics of interest that go beyond reviews. But don’t worry, wherever you find me writing, I’ll be focusing on only the very best apps for iOS. Hope to see you everywhere soon.

Happy App Hunting



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New Contest – Win Make A Monster or Make A Monster HD – 3 More winners! Only 2 More Codes!

The Winner of The 3rd, 4th and 5th codes…

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Suggest a Great Kid’s App to My Readers In The Comments on the Home or About Me page. If I get more than 2 commetns, winner will be determined by random draw.

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Tamara won an iPhone code  for being the ONLY person to leave a comment about her little monsters.The last random draw was from new subscriber meesterc@xxx.xxx – she has a GREAT blog on iOs and Special Needs – check out out: Click here. Cindy choose Make A Monster HD.

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Did you guys check out yesterday’s edu-app no-brainer? It’ for all iOS deivces! (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) It’s an amazing enterment/photo app for monster fans – please check it out here! If you want a copy I am starting a fresh contest  (see Contest Page for general information please) – and the odds are in your favor.

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When you enter, be sure to let me know which version you want.

When I have 10 entries Pump will select a random winner.

I have quite a few codes to give so the contest will end when I run out. If I run out of one platform or the other I will Update this page so check back.

If you earn 3 entries and you may all have three in a single draw, or if you are number 8 or 9, you will be entered once or twice for that drawing and have the remianing entries continue into the next round.

The contest begins at 12:00pm EST,  but if you already commented you will be entered. Good Luck! The 

Edu-App No-Brainer for Word: Boggle Fot iPhone & iPad

Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer for 2/24 is EA’s Classic Boggle for all iOS devices!

  • By: EA Games
  • Ver.: 1.1 iPhone, 1.01 iPad
  • Platform.: Left icon iPad, Right icon, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • SAHGeekMom Rates it 4.25 Stars.
  • Recommended Age 9+ (Hasbro say 8+)

Good morning,

I got here as early as I could because in the time it’s taken me to create this post, one of the best word games ever, Hasbro’s Boggle, for all iDevices, by EA Games has been COMPLETE FREE for 3 hours.
(hey, a girl needs her coffee…)

The great thing about EA games is that if you can be patient, it seems inevitable that all the games in their huge vault will significantly drop in price or go free.

If you are a word game nut like I am, today’s your chance to get one of the best absolutely free. EA has a Deal of the Day, which you can plug into by following them (or me!) on twitter! (@sahgeekmom).

Unless you have been living in sub-terrain cavern you already know Boggle.

The iOS versions are really fun and true to the original. You shake your device to get going and start word-hunting. The game play is fun and familiar. I have had no trouble with anything technical with either version.

But a common complaint in the App Store, one I share, is that the dictionary is a tad wonky. While EA’s Scrabble dictionary is woefully lacking, it seems Boggle uses the official Scrabble dictionary and likely in several languages as some words they find don’t even yield a Google hit, much less a spot in the OED.

That said I am not sure why it matters that much. If you are playing alone, ignore the computer’s list and just track your own progress and if you are playing with friends all that counts is what words you know that they don’t.

While you can’t submit words that aren’t in Boggle’s dictionary (not easy!) you can choose between yourselves to disallow anything you want. It’s not like EA is watching. 😉

At $4.99 for the iPad version the game is more than a a fair deal (compared to the board game at amazon.com for around $20.00) and at $1.99 it’s already a steal for iPhone and iPad Touch which has a multiplayer option in this version, which is a great addition to the game.

I hope they bring ii to the iPad very soon, but either way, on any iDevice, for free Boggle is an Edu-App No-Brainer.

Get it while you can, EA sales don’t last long and this is called a ‘deal of the day.”

CHECK OUT MY NEW CONTEST to win Promo Codes for Kids Corner and a Gift App of Do It (Tomorrow) HD!

Please click on the icons to to see my reviews on appadvice.com – they don’t go to iTunes.

Happy App Hunting, I’ll be back with more later in the day.

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Edu-App No-Brainer: Kids Corner – eCards and Photo Phun!

Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer for 2/23 is Kids Corner ($0.99)

Click Here to Enter to Win one of 5 Free Promo Codes!

Kids Corner by Dirk Bost icon
  • By: by Dirk Bost
  • Ver.: 1.0 (1.1 coming VERY SOON!)
  • Platform.: iPad Only
  • SAHGeekMom Rates it 4.25 Stars.
  • Pump gives it 4.5 Pumps up!
  • Recommended Age 4-12

Kids Corner is a brand new creative-play app. It is like a combination ecard and scrap-booking app for iPad aimed at children from preschool through grammar school.

It allows children (and at least this one adult) to let their imaginations take flight, as they merge a wide assortment of elements with their own pictures to create one-of-a-kind scenes, photo projects and memories.

I reviewed Kids Corer this morning for AppAdvice.com. Please check out the review here.

I won’t repeat myself verbatim, that would be unfair to appadvice and to you.

But in brief, this app is busting-at-the-seams with all sorts of adorable elements that you child can use alone to create any kind of print project from an ecard to a scrapbook page to a poster.

Compared to the many other apps I have aimed at all ages, this one really gives you a ton of features and yay! No in-app purchases.

Kids Corner is chock-full of pre-designed elements in a variety of themes. You have a wide assortment of borders, backgrounds, word and clip art to use with as many photos from the iPad album as your child wants.

There are a few features (see review, click above) that might make this a perfect 5 star Edu-App, but I have to say for a first release it is really impressive.

It’s simple, fluid, stable, and so easy it took Pump under 20 minutes to create a montage with pirates (see below) and I made the above two pages in under 10 minutes each, never having used the app before.

Tip: You can only currently export via email, bu you can easily snap a screen-shot of your kid’s work on your own. Just hold the sleep button for a second or two and then press the home button. You will hear a camera-click and the project will be in your ‘saved photos’ album.

Once again the app I am featuring has a really responsive developer. Dirk Bost replied to all my questions in a super quick (I mean seriously, within minutes, but give him a little longer just in case he is not tethered to his email like some of us are (who me?) 😉

He was also kind enough to offer 5 free Promo Codes for me to give away at my discretion. In my experience devs who give away a few copies already know the quality of their work will shine through and the recipient can return the favour by posting a favourable review in the App Store. It’s well-deserved.

There is no way to over-value creative-play toys; they foster imagination and nurture artistic impulses. But this app takes it up a notch. While stimulating those creative juices, it also teach your kids quite a bit about page layout, photo editing including working with layers, and other skills that are easily transferrable into future school and art projects and may even inspire a few of your budding artists to go into graphic design!

At $.99 it is a creative Edu-App No-Brainer! Don’t Forget – keep you eyes on my Contest Page for winners and new Promo Codes Giveaways. The current one is on Twitter (@sahgeekmom,) the next will be on facebook. The last 2 are still a mystery, even to me!

Also check back after supper for my long-awaited Exclusive Sneak Peek at Chillingo’s Hit Game, Cooties, major new update for serious gamers and the youngest players alike!

Here a Slideshow with all the Screenshots and Projects we made today:

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See you again very soon


Developers! Want a Review of your Brand New App on AppAdvice.com or A Comprehensive Review of Any App that Fits This Site on http://www.sahgeekmom.com? Check out my For Developers Page.

Keep Watching The Stay at Home geekMom’s blog! A long-awaited Exclusive Sneak Peek at Chillingo’s Hit Game Cooties first Major Update and more Chances to Win are coming up very soon!

Edu-App No-Brainer: Rise of Atlantis HD

A Lunch-Time App Stalker Mini-Report:

Great Free Game from FAAD. Don’t Miss Out. It’s an Edu-App No-Brainer!

Rise of Atlantis HD

  • By: Playrix Entertainment
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Platform: iPad Only
  • Genre: Puzzle Game; Gem-Swapping Game; Casual Game; has some educational content.
  • Price: Reg 6.99 FREE TODAY 2/16/11
  • Recommended Age: 7 – adult
  • Rating: 4.25 stars!

Good Morning,

It’s great to be back. I missed my cozy little corner of the internet. I have some big stuff for you the rest of the week and on into the weekend to make up for my absence.


  • The Stay at Home GeekMom’s EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at the major overhaul of Chillingo’s hit game Cooties. (Read my Original Review of Cooties Ver 1.0 with comments from the developer to see what’s on his mind)
  • An in-depth look at one of the finest apps for News Junkies: PressReader, and a peek at a first release of a new visual grocery manager NeedFood (The Visual Grocery List) and other apps to K.I.S.S.
  • My regular Edu-App No-Brainers, App-Stalking reports, and I’m hoping time permits a round-up of some great Jailbreak/Cydia Apps I used on Valentine’s Day to give my iPad a funky makeover.
  • I will be posting the winners of last week’s Dino Rush Promo Codes
  • The WeetWoo! Give-Away and New Contests start later this week! Read About WeetWoo! and other Sanity Saving App for Parents.
  • Most exciting (to me anyway) I will be telling you about a groovy new spot you’ll soon be able to find Stay at Home GeekMom QuickAdvice Reviews! I’ll have details  as soon as I can, but it will mean more access to the best apps for me and of course more goodies for you.

Onto Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer 2/16: Rise of Atlantis HD

I was going to post this later as part of an App-Stalker Report, but to get in this sweet freebie, time is of the essence.

If you recall my App Stalking Guide., then you might remember I mentioned a website called freeappaday.com. Known as FAAD they work with developers to bring a game or app (based on popular request) free for one day.

It benefits the developer as they swiftly rise in the rankings as a PAID app, and of course we get a free paid-app if we act in time, in this case a great one for anyone who enjoys puzzle games and gem-swapping games.

Rise of Atlantis HD is truly a stellar redition of this popular puzzler sub-genre. Pump and I give it 4.25 stars because of the steep price, but it’s free right now making it a (Semi-)Edu-App No-Brainer!

Rise of Atlantis HD is the game you would get if PopCap’s multi-platform hit Bejeweled married EA’s Jewel Quest franchise and they sent their baby to study the Ancient World before letting him loose on the iPad.

I love both of those games for iPhone, but I am guessing PopCap is waiting to release it’s latest Bejeweled 3, already on sale in the Mac App Store (4.75 stars – it is gorgeous!) and for other platforms, rather than updating Bejeweled 2 for iPad (which is fine with me since the in-app purchases have ruined that one. And did I mention Bejeweled 3 is gorgeous? 😉 )

And while EA doesn’t distribute it, there is a Jewel Quest for iPad, but as you can tell from user comments, it is a poor rendition of one of my favorite puzzlers, so Rise of Atlantis HD, with its polish and sophistication is a very welcome addition to both the Casual Game category and loosely the Edu-App category as well.

This game normally costs $6.99 so I wasn’t buying, but I was using the App Shopper App (again see App Stalking Guided for details) to track it in the hopes I could pick it up for a few dollars less, a more appropriate price for a gem-swapper unless it really brings something unique to the table.

Rise of Atlantis HD is not exactly one-of-a-kind, but it is unusually slick, fun and different enough that I would have gladly paid, say, 2.99.

I was thrilled, however, to find this morning it had gone completely free. I had been canoodling with the Lite Version (a very generous one if you read this too late) and really liked its twist on the all-too-familiar line-up-three jewels theme.

Playrix’s spin is that you are on an adventure through the great empires of the Ancient World in search of mythical treasure.

I confess Pump & I haven’t made it beyond Phoenicia yet, but I happen to have (yes another useless UG) degree in Ancient Religions of the Near East, so the subject matter is one I like exploring with my son.

Also as I discussed in my review of the INCREDIBLE new interactive book for iPad: Rome – A Virtual History, when educational content grabs Pump’s attention by seeming, well, not so educational, he loves it. Just mention warriors, treasure or mysteries and he is gung-ho to listen and learn.

I can’t say if playing this sort of puzzle game is educational per se; all games of this sort do help with motor skills, pattern recognition, eye-hand coordination, visual processing, etc. that in an of itself does not make it an Edu-App.

This games skirts that line, however, by setting itself in, and providing some detail about, a time in ancient history/mythology that tends to be overlooked altogether in the North American educational systems, unless it’s elected for in college.

Now let’s be honest, you don’t need to read the historical bits to progress in the game, you just need the ability to swipe gems to make matches and earn points and power-ups. On his own (see below) Pump would look at all those WORDS and just press the easily (and for replay purposes mercifully) available skip button.

But like all media, if you encounter it with your child, and make the educational aspects important and relevant, and if you seem engaged, you child will likely follow suit. At least until she’s 11, if you’re lucky!  ~~~insert rolling eyes~~~

As far as the game itself goes, first who can resist the opening screen with the Playrix mascot. Pump and I want to take him home, set him up in a castle and moat with a princess or three and call him Herewing the Horrifying.

Seriously though, when you are looking at an app priced at 6.99 you want polish and polish is what you get from the opening credits and throughout the game.

The controls are so intuitive (and so familiar: swap gems, use finger) that Pump disabled the tips after, like, two? He may not know exactly why he gets power-ups, but he knows what to do with them.

And he gets the point: he has to get the pieces of the treasure freed from the board by clearing their path to the bottom. I want to show you, not tell you, so I am going to try a new feature here.

When I was doing my Cydia Makeover of my iPad (see above and read about it later this week) I found an amazing app, Display Recorder, which allows me to actually show you how Pump interacts with a game or other application.

I haven’t learned much about Video Editing so I confess the first clip is stupidly short and the second is needless long and soundless, but you will see for yourself how a 7 year encounters the game for the first time, and see details of the gameplay you won’t find anywhere else but at the Stay at Home GeekMom’s new digs. (Please bear with me, two weeks ago i didn’t even know how to put a picture in a post. I learning as fast as I can.)

I hope you snatch this up while it’s still free, you will enjoy it.

[I’m not going to review Display Recorder at length but you can read about by clicking on the name if you have a jailbroken iOS device. I will say it’s extraordinary, possibly worth hacking your device just to get it, and Apple is insane not to either buy the technology and offer it themselves or let developers this good access the hardware and into the App Store (whoops, sorry, putting my soap-box away now.)
Anyway it works better than I dared anticipate, 4.5 Stars! If they add an option to convert the video format on the iPad so more stuff actually can get up to YouTube from the mobile device instead of having to download it to your computer, convert it and upload it yourself it will be a perfect app. Seriously.]

Ok that’s what I have for you for lunchtime, but check back often, I am working on so many reviews I can hardly type fast enough.

Happy App Hunting,



SAHGeekMom’s Contests Update 2/11! Win Exclusive Swag, Promo Codes & Free App!

New Contest For Kids, Parents and the Young at Heart*:

Quick Update 2/11: Due to family circumstances beyond my control, I will be away this weekend, so to be fair I have extended all the contest deadlines until Wednesday, Feb 16th 6:00pm EST.

Also note, the last Dino Rush code is still available. You have to follow me on twitter to win it, (see below for details) but I do see you guys re-tweeting and will award the winning tweet as promised.

But to be fair since I may not close the contest on time, I will award a gift app* of Dino Rush to a random tweet-author or link poster who does so before the contest deadline above, 2/16 6:00PM EST. So make sure you follow me on twitter @sahgeekmom to enter and claim your prize!

Update 2/8:

Playtime Theater (Buy it Here) is sponsoring my next contest.

To Enter: Post a link to a youtube video (you have to film it yourself with a video camera or iphone, not within the app) of the best play you or your kids can make in my comments section below (only here, not on twitter please.)

The guys have an Amazing One of a Kind Prize. The winning video (as chosen by Make Believe Worlds) will be featured  on their new YouTube channel and will receive their choice of one of four beautiful 8×10″ posters signed by the artist Diane Cholette, highlighting your faveorite characters from the game. You can enter anytime. Contest Closes: Thursday 2/10/11, 9:00 PM PST

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ongoing Promo-Code Giveaway – Dino Rush:

I have 5 Promo Codes graciously donated by the Nemoid Studios who bring you a Brand New but Instant Classic game called Dino Rush. To win the first code you can start now! Just tweet the Following UPDATE 2/8 I have only 2 left, follow me @sahgeekmom on twittter to win the rest!

Make sure you leave a message in the comments on THIS PAGE,  to be officially entered. You must follow @SAHgeekMom on Twitter to enter as well, at least for the duration of the contest so I can give you your prize.

Contest Closes Saturday  2/5 at 12:00pm EST.

I will tweet about how to win one of the other TWO codes between today 2/8 and tomorrow 2/9/11.

Up Next:

From WeetWoo!:

My EduApp No-Brainer pick for 2/3WeetWoo!, is also going to be giving away something special. For now all I can tell

you is you can only get here it! I will have a full review including exclusive sneak peeks at their upcoming major update and a brief interview with this other amazing dad-dev team! In the mean time pick up the app and check out WeetWoo’s Web Site! I will tweet when the contest opens so be sure to follow @sahgeekmom!

Ok, well I think that’s more than enough for today. Good Luck and bookmark this page or subscribe to my RSS feed, as I will update this page often with winners and new information.

The SAHGeekMom

*Gift App prizes from the SAHGeekmom can only be delivered to US and CND App Store Accounts. CND App will be sent with 48 hours, US winners may have to wait up to 5 business days due to international money transfer times. Prizes from developers will arrive from them as soon as possible. Promo codes are good at all iTunes stores.

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