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  • Publisher: Chillingo
  • Genre: Action Game, Family Game, Casual Game
  • Platform: iPhone/iPod touch and iPad sold seperately
  • Price: $.99 or $2.99 HD
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4.75 Stars
  • Pump gives it: 4.0 Pump’s Up
  • Recommended Age: 8+ (Subject matter is G-rated, but the gameplay quickly gets too difficult for mini-gamers)

If you are a fan of pick-up-and-play action games Chillingo has a new title that should have you flying high and planet-hopping with glee.

Rocket Bunnies and Rocket Bunnies HD, developed by Android game devs, Defiant Development, have landed on the App Store with an already established a following, an excellent concept and killer style.

The game is simple, and almost obnoxiously fun. You are Rocket Bunny – your job is to careen across the universe saving baby rocket bunnies stranded on two galaxies in 60 different environments.

First, it’s a simple matter of timing your blasts from planet to planet with the brilliantly responsive single-touch control.

But, soon you are dodging singing suns, blasting through webs, avoiding electric currents and other obstacles and collecting hats. (Yes, you read that right.)

The environments are quite varied for this type of “complete one level to unlock the next” game and the graphics are vibrant.

You will be as compelled to laugh at Rocket Bunny’s antics as you will be to play Rocket Bunnies over and over.

The use of the word addictive is over-used, especially in reference to iOS games, but this one will have you saying “just one more time” for hours.
There is a sound Rocket Bunny makes when he has a close call that actually makes me laugh out load.

If you have ever seen the now defunct Fox animated series King of the Hill, do you recall that sound that Hank Hill would make when upset? It sounded kinda like “mawwhahaha?” Well, Rocket Bunny sounds just like Hank on helium!

Seriously though, this is a very polished offering. The devs had a chance to work out the kinks on early Android versions, and with Chillingo behind the iOS port, there is a promise of a third galaxy, Game Center and Crystal Gaming Network integration with leaderboards and achievements, and a GUI spit-shine.

Check out the trailer:

The learning curve is gradual – there is a tutorial world to teach you the tricks to safe bunny space flight. The instructions, though few are needed, are clear and the animated scenes will crack you up. This game is not cute – it’s cartoonish eye candy.

That said this game is really fun for kids, just a bit too difficult from the middle levels onward. Pump laughed at everything Rocket Bunny uttered or did. But, he was quit before the second galaxy because of the steep rise in difficulty. He is a kid though, so he doesn’t mind repeating the first levels over and over.

Pump’s Point: This is a really really funny game. I love Rocket Bunny and when he makes funny noises or is in the little movies. The game is fun too, but maybe you should let a grown-up or big kid play after a few rounds. It’s fun to watch too.

There is little to complain about. Several hours of testing revealed no bugs or crashes on either iDevice and gameplay is great on both iPhone and iPad.

The responsiveness and simplicity of the one-tap control mechanism is superb.

A little more logic to the galaxy maps, and a bit more information on the hats thing would be nice, but otherwise this is an almost perfectly executed game. I haven’t completed the game yet, maybe the hats make sense later?

If you are looking for fast-paced action, served in small fun helpings, Rocket Bunnies is a must-have. Grab it!

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