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Burn It All  – Journey to the Sun Is Smoking Hot!

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  • By: BulkyPix / Pastagames
  • Genre: Puzzle game, casual game, addictive game, family game
  • Platform: Universal
  • Price: $.99
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 5 Stars!!
  • Pump gives it 4.75 Pump’s Up
  • Recommended Age: 6+ but not a kid’s game

Burn it All - Journey to the Sun by Bulkypix iconBurn it All – Journey to the Sun is only a day old in its iOS incarnation, and it’s already a hit.

That’s saying a lot because yesterday was a banner day for new games with several highly anticipated titles launching and contending for top spot and press.

Gears is great, I will be covering it tomorrow. I just gave Vampire Rush a glowing review, and Snuggle Truck (formerly Smuggle Truck) has backstory buzz galore. But Burn it All stands out for good reason. This game is smokin’! Just read the user reviews in the App Store.

Bulkypix teamed up with Pastagames, who together brought “retrofied” insta-classic Pix’n Love Rush to the App Store, and this time they offer up a must have action-puzzler.

Before you assume that Burn it All is a copycat of Burn the Rope, know it was released for Windows Phone 7 last August in advance of the tilt-to-control game that shares the theme.

And while both games are puzzlers that involve burning ropes and both are safe bets for kids, that’s where the similarities end. And frankly, Burn it All is by far the better game in every way.

What Burn it All gives you is 100 levels of finger-guided, pyro-powered fun. So much so, you hardly realize you’re thinking a lot too. And if you play for just ten minutes, you will find there is a lot more to burn here than just ropes.

The game starts off simply. Drag a little fireball to a rope-end and set it ablaze. If it burns in time, you clear the level and unlock the next.

Soon the challenges pile on. Your little firebug has to battle vampire bats, dripping icicles and gas leaks. And that’s just in the first 25 “easy” boards.

Further along you meet a blue flame that can ignite from any spot on an object and a green fireball that can singe its way through several objects. And you face all kinds of new elements in need of roasting.

As a final burn, Pastagames has a twist: “time looping”. Did I mention the game is universal and only $.99?

Burn it All requires dexterity and a fast touch, but it also requires thought. Different colored ropes burn at different speeds. Cord length and obstacle-dodging factor in too.

I thought it might be over Pump’s head (he’s my seven-year-old son and co-reviewer, see about me.) But, as usual, he was faster and better than I was in no time.

He wants you to know that: “This game is really really fun. You think you are just burning ropes and bats and stuff and then you have to think about it a lot too to get faster scores. I think it is good for kids and moms too.”

Well, this mom anyway and at least one GeekDad who is a pretty serious gamer too.

Check out the trailer, read the rest of this then go grab it before they realize they could easily charge five times as much and still be offering a great deal:

The learning curve is fantastic. Challenges are revealed gradually, with clear pictorial explanation. But, since you can earn up to three gems for fast completion times, there is a ton of replay value too.

Add Game Center and Open Feint plus email and Facebook bragging and you have a title that will keep gamers, casual and hard-core, coming back for more.

The only flaw I found was a slightly sticky control mechanism. It’s designed to stay out of your field of vision, but it’s also a bit counterintuitive.

By instinct I want to drag the fire right to the rope, but because touching anywhere works too, I found myself losing fireballs to old habits. It’s a small matter, well worth the adaptation.

Burn it All – Journey to the Sun may be the most innovative puzzler of 2011. It’s a gamers delight and poised to be a permanent fixture on App Store charts and your iDevice.

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Contest Closes Monday, May 3 2011, 6:00pm EST.

Here is a slideshow of all the screenshots I took and the promo pics.

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  1. ok in light of the tremendous support and all the tweets and comments and with the help from bulypix and everyone else to get this contest seen I decided to award 5 copies. Winners have been contacted already.

    If you are in Canada as I know one winner is you will get it tonight. US winners, I have a US itunes account, but you can only give out gift apps with a US credit card. Being in Canada I don’t have one.

    But as always my trusted friend is picking me up a prepaid in the morning, and aas soon as I get it in I will send the rest of the gifts out. Please allow up to 48 hours.

    And thanks to Bulypix and Pastagames for the amazing game and to you all for reading the Stay at Home GeekMom!

    If you subscribe you are automatically entered in every contest I hold with one entry by default so sign up! 😀

    (and thanks to appadvice for passing on the contest so I could bring it to you! 😉 )

  2. The Contest is now officially closed.

    Winner will be contacted as soon as I do the draw, within 48 hours.

    If you used twitter to enter I will need to DM you or get your email address so please either follow me or if I tweet to you, email me back promptly as you prefer.

    Thanks everyone for entering and for reading the review. I have giveaways like this all the time so please come back and visit soon!

    I know I’m a mommy-blogger, but I get a million hard-core gamer game codes too and if there is continued interest I will run continued contests 😀

  3. SparkysPhun said:

    yah count me in too

  4. starscream1017 said:

    tweeted & followed! @starscream1017
    cool review, i love playing burn the rope, will love to see how this compares to that!

  5. Zully2113 said:

    The only way for me to know for sure it isn’t a ripoff is for me to win jk! 🙂 Thank you so much for the giveaway

    • lol sorry you’ll have to trust me or hopefully the winner will pop out and say hi. But I’m legit, I get so many apps and codes, I don’t know what to do with them all. And I have a very honest face, right? =D

  6. I don’t tweet but saw this on facebook. Please enter me

  7. Would like to win it 🙂 so count me in,and its my first time here between so i hope to win 😛

    Oh and the contest ends the 3th of April? Do you mean May lol…

    Cheers and Thx,
    Wal from CAD too 😉

  8. Marvin Velasquez said:

    I want to win this game so I can control my pyromania!

  9. The game looks awesome!
    I hope I can win one promo code..
    Thank you Lisa for running great giveaways like this.. 😀

  10. I want to win a copy for my 7 year old son too and his brothers 9 and 11 – I need them distracted. Please pick me!!

    Great name by the way, I like your about me page and your son is very cute!!

  11. I’m in

  12. I like to win free copy! Thanks you!

  13. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I love games and I tweeted to! I want one
    ( =’:’)—

  14. Of course I want one, Lisa!

    I-ntelligant 🙂
    S- uper

  15. APP_FREAK said:


  16. Love the review, and the game looks like a blast!

  17. I would like to win this game for my daughters please. looks fun

  18. c'est moi said:

    looks fun

  19. I want one please

  20. I love puzzle games! They help keep your brain young and can stave off alzheimers!

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