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Easter App Stalker Report: Games Gone Free – All iOS Devices (Great Kid’s Titles)

Another holiday, another app store blowout. It’s not quite Christmas, but there are ton of hits apps and games on sale or free. Here’s part one of my app stalking report, which I will update as necessary until Monday.

Check back VERY soon for a list of sale apps and games, there are a ton of hits for free out there! Sorry with so many lists, I can’t link to the app store. Also check the price before you buy. Some of the titles were free for 24 hours only.

Ok let’s get to it:

iPhone:/iPod Touch Only

Stickman Cliff Diving: Take a stickman cliff diving by controlling his jump and kick. Your performance is rated by five judges who analyze your every motion. OpenFeint integration.

Zentomino: Great Tangram game – puzzles for all ages. Over 200 puzzles, multiple difficulty levels, and Game Center integration.

Pocket Button Soccer: A turn-based soccer game where you must flick disks at a ball in order to try and be the first player to score 10 goals. 32 teams to choose from, a single player and online multiplayer mode. Game Center.

Wordicus: Take turns creating words and swapping letters in this multi-language word game. Online multiplayer modes, reward system, and OpenFeint integration.

Batak: A variant of card game Spades. (those days of endless spades…hi 1987!) The game features two modes, multiple difficulty levels, and an in-depth tutorial. One day sale.

PottedGarden: Utility, even for those without a green thumb. Plant and grow an urban garden.  Details on when to plant and harvest, how much water is required, properties of the plant, the types of pests that often attack the plant, etc.

Vikings Slice: Physics puzzler that requires you to slice ice in order to rescue trapped vikings.

FaceShift: Take a photo or import one from your library, and FaceShift will allow you to quickly swap the faces. The app is usually able to automatically detect faces, or  you can manually add the face boxes. Completed images can be uploaded to Facebook or saved to your library.

The Creeps!: A classic tower defence game. Creeps are alive in your closet; destroy them with weapons like toy blasters, glue bottles, and flashlights. Warning: Additional content available via in-app purchase. (Pump LOVES this one!)

Chicken Escape: Help the chicken get home to her eggs and chicks by sliding matching road tiles of the same color into place. Tiles can also be rotated by tapping on them. The game features over 100 levels, six modes, and Game Center integration.

I Dig It: Help farmer Lewis dig up old items in order to pay his mortgage by controlling his high-tech digging machine. You have to manage fuel, temperature, and damage while searching for items.

NewtonApples: Keep Newton safe by popping all of the apples that fall from the evil tree. Mix things up with  mini-games or endless mode. The game features 27 levels, unique cutout graphics, multiple levels of difficulty, and local leaderboards.

Caligo Chaser A side-scrolling hack and slash role playing game that features tons of quests, customizable characters, 135 different skill upgrades, and 300 items to equip.

Convertr: Simple conversion calculator that with hundreds of units from 18 categories.

Pocket Zoo™ with Live Animal Cams: Bring the zoo to you. You can watch live streaming videos of a variety of animals from zoos all over the world, and take a pictuee to share. But that’s only the start, you can also view 40 original animal illustrations and listen to the sounds they make, watch over 150 recorded videos, view fun facts, learn about endangered species, and much more.

Lorax Garden: I just covered this app in my Earth Day Round Up. Help the Lorax regrow the world’s Truffula tree forests by planting seeds, watering them, pulling the weeds in all of the pots, and shooing away harmful insects. Once your trees and flowers have grown to a proper size, you can take pictures of them and send them as postcards to friends and family.

Sneezies Easter Edition: If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I LOVE Chillingo’s Sneeezies. This Easter-themed version of Sneezies has the same gameplay. Touch the screen to drop a pinch of sneezing powder into the field in the hopes of creating a chain reaction. The game features 24 Classic mode levels, eight challenge mode levels, and OpenFeint integration. It’s a little easier than Sneezies and a perfect choice for kids.


Connect 9: Tap on numbered discs so the sum equals nine. You can use as many discs as you want to achieve the total, but matching like colored discs will earn you bonus points.

Hockey 2011: Amped up air hockey with Game Center integration.

Instapic: Not a game, but fun you get to create collages from your own pics and ahare via email or Facebook. Images can be manipulated using multitouch controls, and the app includes seven backgrounds.

Candy Rush: Here’s another conveyor belt game. Candy comes streaming down  and you have to fill orders as quickly as possible by tapping and dragging the sweets into boxes. The game features a wide variety of candies to box up, 60 levels, Rush mode, and Game Center integration.

Chop Chop Caveman: Take control of a cute but hungry caveman and make your way through 20 different levels. Speed is of the essence  as you collect gems and eat dinosaurs. Features two control schemes, four worlds to explore, and Game Center integration.

Geared 2!: The sequel to the hit physics-based puzzle game. Place a wide variety of gears in the playing field in order to power the blue gears. The game features 60 official levels and over 440 user-generated ones. It also includes a level editor so you can create your own.

iPad Only:

Braveheart HDPlay as a brave knight who has been sent to find and bring back the Holy Grail in this action/RPG. The game features a fantasy storyline, 10 different weapons, magical spells, power-ups, and boss battles.

Inspector Gadget’s MAD Dash HDAn endless distance game where you control  Inspector Gadget. Collect Gadget Coins along the way to unlock bonus content. The game features power-ups, a Gadget soundboard, concept art, a digital version of the official comic, and Game Center integration. Go Gadget Go!

Chicken Escape HD: See iPhone Version Above: iPad-optimized graphics.

Math Ball: An educ-app that will help improve your child’s math skills. Math Ball is available for free today only (04/23). It has a 5-star rating with a total of 6 ratings.

Radio – iPad Edition ($.99 -> Free, 3.2 MB): A straightforward radio streaming app that allows you to listen to over 45,000 stations. The app features full multitasking support, the ability to mark stations as favorites, the ability to share links to stations, AirPlay support, and much more.

I’ll be back with the sale apps ASAP in the mean time check out my contest for a hot new game, Burning Birds, and:

Here are some popular and/or recent reviews for you to chceck out until next time:

Happy App Hunting



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  1. Can you guess how many I had to download? 🙂

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