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Wow! it’s Friday, and I’m actually going to get to my own blog? That’s awesome because both Berk and other readers have been responding to the first part of the list (click here to read Part one) and I want to get these out in time for you to enjoy them over the weekend.

To recap how we got here, a friend’s very bright teenage son got an iPad2 last week and he asked me for the best puzzle games. I meant to write a top ten list, but there have been so many great new puzzlers so far this year, the best I could do was a top 20: 10 “bests” and 10 “also-rans.”

The real difference between the two groups? The former are either newer titles or those that need some explanation, while the latter have been reviewed to death and need no additional editorializing from me.

Beyond that there is no real order to this list. Each game has at least  4.5 App Store rating and a similar rating from the Stay at Home GeekMom.

I am including video trailers as always, but I would love to see some comments as to whether you prefer the reviews with or without them. Are screen shots faster to load? Let me know and enter win a surprise gift app!

Ok without further ado, The SAHGeekMom Weekend Edition presents Berk’s List, Part Two.

I don’t mean to pick my favorite for first place, but I guess since I’ve done it twice, I can’t say I like all these games equally. They are all winners, but some are more my style than others.

My favorite of this week’s lot is Land-a Panda HD, available separately for iPhone. (Or maybe not? I just had to add one BRAND NEW Game!)

When I first took Land-A Panda HD for a test drive, I was slightly put off by the cute factor. With three younger sibs, I’m sure you’re as tired of squeaky-voice animated  kid stuff as I am Berk, but don’t be quick to dismiss this new puzzler.

What seems like a super-easy kid’s game, quickly turns into a serious physic puzzler with enough action to make it one of the best and most popular new games of of 2011. And it’s not derivative, a quality that sets it apart from the start.

Here’s the story: “The world’s panda population is in decline, and your help is needed! Assist the lovestruck Yang Guang (male panda) to meet with his dream partner Tian Tian (female panda), in this highly innovative puzzle game.”

The key to the game is careful aim, and exact timing. You launch Yang Guang through a series of cannons, collecting coins and aiming towards his lady-love. But be careful, one wrong move and you’re Panda-mush.

Ah Zenbound 2 HD, you are such a treat for the eyes.

If you want your iPad2 fit for showing off, this game is a gem. This unique universal puzzler will soon have you tied in knots. Or rather wrapped in twine.

The goal of the game is simple: cover a certain percentage of the 3D object on the screen with rope. I know, I didn’t get it eaither, until I gave it a whirl.

There is something actually Zen-like about playing this game. You’re thinking, but there’s no pressure. Small careful movements serve you better than frenetic swipes and swirls.

The interface could use a little refinement, but I keep comigng back to it and so will you. Here is a game that shows a lot better than it tells:

And now for something completely not different.

I thought it might just be me. As soon as I tried the new universal hit puzzler, Drop The Chicken, I thought of Chillingo’s Cut The Rope (see Cut The Rope and the rest of  last week’s picks here) But so it seems did about 3/4 of the folks who left comments in not “on” the App Store

(I don’t care what Steve Jobs or the folks at Apple do; I, personally, can not say  or write “on” the App Store without hurting my own teeth. The last time I checked the OED did not change the definition of store, and apps do not rest on top of anything but their merits and laurels – thank you,  I needed to vent, now back to your regularly scheduled review)

But don’t skip this if you are a fan of the other, cherish it! !The gameplay is really quite different despite the similar look and will surely appeal to the same crowd. Sharp Creative Agency describe the game like this:

In each level you need to plan your journey to the nest collecting the bugs along the way. Use a variety of special tools in your effort to bounce, slide and float yourself around the levels.

This cute game may appeal to kids, but right form the start you have to use your noodle to figure out exactly how to get the chicken, whose naming  has become a contest, (see iTunes description if you have a good one in mind) to his nest.

The game is brand spankin’ new, so here’s the promo trailer:

iSlash HD, (available for iPhone and iPod touch separately) is the closest thing to a classic game I have on this weekend’s list.

But as long as it’s been around, and in spite of it’s critical acclaim, this game often gets overlooked in favor of Fruit Ninja, or one you mentioned you liked, Berk, Slice It!

I don’t get this whole either/or thing in the App Store. If I love a game, I am glad to see new twists on the theme pop up. You don’t have to give up fruit slicing to start shape-slashing, any more than you have to give up pears to like apples.

Apps are not expensive like console games; you can buy them for a small price, and once you find what you like, more is a good thing.

So try this slashing game if you like any of the others, it’s a winner no matter which app came first. They added a ton of new levels recently, so I’m still in love!

I enjoyed the game on my iPhone, but since the object is to shave away ever smaller portions of the game board until you achieve the requisite percentage, it just plays so much better on the larger iPad screen. And it combines elements of both the aforementioned games in one slick and genuinely addictive package:

I saved this award winning puzzle game for the end because it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Puzzle Agent HD (say it with me, I must write this 20 times a day: available separately for iPhone) is a mash-up of adventure game setting and detail with a variety of puzzles, mazes, riddles, and, Berk I am betting you love these as much as I do, logic puzzles. The App Store needs more logic puzzles.

And these are not for the intellectually timid. By the second puzzle I was fully engaged both in the problem itself and the creepy-cool comic book setting.

Mystery envelopes mystery as you follow Agent Tethers from the U.S. Department of Puzzle Research to the sketchy town of  Scoggins.

I confess I have never made it to the end of the game, and with new apps to review daily, I likely never will so someone please, what is with the gnomes anyway? (see App Store Description.)

Check this video out, once again it’s an AppSpy review that explains the game the best, in the least amount of time, but bear in mind it’s been updated many times since it’s iPhone debut. Many of the bugs have been addressed in updates.

And if you love it, keep your eyes on the App Store for the sequel coming soon:

UPDATE 4/2/11:

WAIT!! I just reviewed this AMAZING new action-puzzler today for appadvice.com and I have a new personal favorite iPad addiction.

It’s part shape sorter, part Tapper, part Food Processing and 100% Original.

I have finished the entire game and I started over, for your sake, please check it out. If you like games that test your mind and your reflexes this is my NO BRAINER PUZZLER OF THE WEEK! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

So there you have the second five best iPad Puzzlers, and here are my runners up, no less fun or challenging, just more familar to iOS gamers: Beyond Ynth HD, Mummy’s Treasure, Arriving HD, Enigmo 2, and Blokus HD.

That should be enough even for all of Berk’s siblings to play with over the weekend! But if you are still looking for the best content for your ipad, iPhone or iPod touch, don’t forget to read Part one, and  please check my other recent reviews here and follow my daily reviews on appadvice.com.

Happy App Hunting



Comments on: "Best iOS Games for Smart Teens: Part Two" (3)

  1. Thanks for the second post! So far from this list I have downloaded Land-a-Panda, Drop the Chicken, iSlash, and Puzzle Agent. Been having so much fun thanks a lot for your great work!

  2. Catriona said:

    There are some seriously great looking games there, Lisa! Berkley’s going to love that physics one I’m sure. As always, your recommendations are cherished in our house, they’re guaranteed hits.
    (and yay, even better, I got reimbursed for the purchase!)

  3. So many games, so little time. I want to try them all! Thanks for some more great info, Lisa!

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