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Dedicated to a dear friend who isn’t a Cat but is a Beaver…

Happy Weekend,

A friend of mine got a brand new iPad2 on Friday, which was launch day in Canada, for her altogether too bright teenage son, Berk. He is no stranger to iOS, but it’s his first Pad (lucky duck!) so he asked me for some game suggestions:

Some games I have really enjoyed are Cablink, Euchre, KenKen, LetsTans Dlx , Lux games, PvZ  [Plants vs Zombies], Shady Puzzles, Slice It!, Solitaire City, Trainyard, Depict, Red Remover. Might get Monopoly for iPad for my dad…I do imagine my whole family will be using it seeing as I just pryed it out of camp’s hands. Any fun games I am definitely willing to try.


I have my top 10 picks and another 10 also-rans for Berk and everyone else to enjoy and challenge wits and reflexes

Most of the games are either universal, or have an iPhone/iPod touch version, so if you see something you like and you don’t have an iPad be sure to check the App Store.

And of course I have video demos  so you can see what’s in the box before you buy.

As usual my lists are in NO SPECIAL ORDER. The top ten are just the games I think Berk and others are less likely to know about, or which are well-known but need some explanation but every game on this list is at least a 4.5 star game, including the also-rans so let’s get to it.

First up is a Wii game that was ported to iPad during the holidays.

World of Goo is a gooey messy joy of a puzzler. You know, maybe there is an order, but only for number one. This is a must have game for Berk and all gamers with brains.

The goal is to lead a specific number of goo balls to the pipe exit. To do so you have to use goo balls to build bridges, ladders and any kind of structure, all very much subject to the laws of physics.  Special goo balls and The Sign Painter are friends, gravity is your foe. Sound simple?

All I can say is MWAHAHAHA… Mum get ready for several late nights! The game is perfect for a touch screen and a ton of fun for all ages. iPad only.

There is a fab new Wii-Port, that would also rock for Berk, and your kids, including the so called grown-up ones.

It’s for age 9+, it’s deceptively simple, but endlessly challenging. It’s called Max and the Magic Marker and I just reviewed it here. so I won’t repeat myself, but it’s definitely worth checking out!

Tea with Pump and Jam 😉

Berk, I hope you know that LessTan Dix is LetsTans Premium on the iPad which gets mixed user reviews, and FYI TanZen HDis a much better traditional Tangram puzzle choice for iPad.

But my favorite Tangram game is a little off the beaten path and a ton of fun.The Magic Egg gets rave reviews across the board and will challenge your spacial relations skills.

The game is universal and has a mode great for Berk’s youngest sister Tea who is Pump’s age, and for Cam, and Ash, his brothers in between.

Spirits for iPad (sold separately for iPhone) is an award-winning game that has been wowing critics and popping eyes in 2011. It’s simply stunning.

Your job is to guide spirits to their destination looking for creative ways to get there. It’s a little like World of Goo in that you use spirits to build paths for other spirits, but the elements you battle and mellow gameplay make them very different games.

Goo gets frantic; Spirits is tranquil, and if it reminds me of any game, it’s 1991’s computer game classic Lemmings. Both games will challenge your problem-solvong skills and make your new iPad2 shine.

This is one of very few games I love listening to as well as playing. Enjoy the soundtrack with the trailer:

If you are a puzzler fan you undoubtably know Chllingo’s Cut the Rope (see below) but there is a new rope-themed game that is scoring points with fans of the genre. User reviews so far are great and both Gizmodo and TUAW picked it as a Game of the Day.

Meet Burn the Rope HD.

The object is simple, burn as much of the rope as possible. Since flames rise, you have to shift your iPad (or iPhone, sold separately) to ensure the fire is always heading up the rope or it will extingish and you lose.

Are you a fire-bug? Well then the ant-singeing, should amuse as well as challenge you. I love AppSpy reviews who seem to say the game is a bit more style over substance, you decide:

Osmos for iPad (sold separately for iPhone) is a challenge, but a Zen one. It is also the winner of the Best Game of the year for iPad 2010.

It’s a PC port for the patient. (Sorry, little lapse of alliteration…) Hemisphere Games describes it best: “Osmos is part physics-based eat-’em-up, part ambient, cosmic simulator, and part Darwinistic game of survival”

However you describe it, it’s eye and ear candy and will keep you coming back for more .Here’s the original trailer. Look for Hemisphere’s game channel on Youtube to see much more.

Usually I would stop here and come back with the next 5 and all 10 also-rans, but since I am running late as usual, and that makes one too heavy, here are the first five. They are every bit as good as the top ten, they just have been so well-reviewed for so long I don’t think any additional comment from me is necessary. They are all brain-straining winners.

OK, I just checked the time and there is no way I am getting to dinner, bath and homework and another 5 reviews. CLICK HERE TO READ PART 2

In the mean time, if these ten don’t keep you busy enough (11 with Max and the Magic Marker!) then Berk, shouldn’t you be studying something or sharing your new toy with your mum and dad?

Everyone else, please check out my other reviews  here and follow my daily reviews on appadvice.com.

Happy App Hunting



Comments on: "The Best iPad and iPhone Games for Smart Teens Part One" (7)

  1. I love the magic egg so much thanks a ton.

  2. Thanks for the whole article, so far from everything you recommended I have downloaded World of Goo (loved it on the PC), LetsTans Premium (didn’t know there was a free version for iPad), Spirits, and Super 7 HD, plus Garage Band from one of your other suggestions. After I am done with these apps I am definitely coming back for more suggestions!

    • know what’s crazy good timing Berkley? LetsTan Premuim was 2.99 when I wrote the post. It went free on 3 hours ago! SAHGeekMom Magic 😉 P.S. Gift card coming tomorrow, pick up a few killer games from me just for being nice enough to share with not just your sibs, but yer mum!!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  4. Catriona said:

    Wow wow wow! LOTS of great apps, some which we already love on iPhone. Berks has been extremely generous sharing his new toy with everyone (I’m still waiting for that reimbursement cheque as he was buying this on his own) and I am absolutely dying for my own now!
    Love the review, and I’m really looking forward to trying some of the new ones like Osmos.

  5. I love this site so much I refered all my apple loving friends to you!

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