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The Stay at Home GeekMom game of the week 3/21-3/25: SwipeTapTap

  • By:MochiBits
  • Genre:  arcade game, puzzle game, family game, swipe & tap game
  • Platform: Universal
  • Price: 1.99
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 5 Stars
  • Pump give it 5 Pump’s up!
  • Recommended Age:  5+

SwipeTapTap by MochiBits, Universal, at 1.99 is my game of the week, and perfect for any age.

Ok to my GAME OF THE WEEK 3/22/21-25

I truly believe that despite it being on March, and despite the endless apps coming out for the new ipad2, SwipeTapTap is destined for the December year-end round-ups of best games. It’s really that good. Seriously.

SwipeTapTap has been steadily climbing the charts since its launch earlier this month, and is featured in the What’s Hot section of the App Store for good reason. It’s awesome!

This visually appealing swipe and tap game is hard to categorize. I have seen it aptly compared to: Simon says; Simon the game; and iOS games, Fruit Ninja, Chillingo’s Food Processing and Bop it!

SwipeTapTap is all about quick reflexes. The game is fun, fast paced, and dangerously addictive. It is also gorgeous and intuitive. There are various ways to play, but the premise to all is universal. The game flashes a series of brightly colored orbs and each has a specific action associated with it.

The game provides text and visual instruction for all the gestures required and each orb has an icon that makes it clear what you need to do to remove it. This made it instantly playable for Pump and any Pre-Reader.

There are four modes of play: classic, memory, speed and endurance. They are quite different from one another, which is why the game appeals to a broad cross-section of gamers. I was shocked at how different each one was, and understand the broad appeal now.

I like endless games, where I get credit for going faster and faster.

Pump loves the Simon-esque memory mode best and that’s great because the game is really an action game, but memory has a least some educational merit, and this is one fun way to train yours or your kids.

My husband who has little time except on the commuter train for games, plays speed.

And we are all trying to get the highest star ratings classic which is a perfect compromise between speed and endurance.

Also I noticed that while the game is identical on iPad and iPhone iPod touch, the game is totally different because of the different size screens. This doubles the replay value if you have one of each.

On the iPhone this game can be played one handed, I use two fingers. You can play two-handed of course, but for me it’s more natural and I score higher with one hand. On the iPad this is very much a two hand, not two-finger game.

That means you have to learn new sections to master both versions. The easy levels are even appropriate for kids. But don’t mistake this the game as child’s play, it’s not. If you like fast arcade games or challenging puzzlers this game is for you too.

How To Play:

An orb pops up on the screen and to remove it you must complete the required taps or swipes.

You start with just red and yellow single-tap orbs and progress until all nine are in play. It get frantic fast!

Both classic and endurance have a scrolling line of small orbs at the top. They indicate which big orb is coming next. The game ends when you let the line get too far ahead of you and the small orbs enter Death Zone on the left.

In classic you have set goals, in endurance you play for as long as you can. Memory mode requires you to repeat patters of gestures like Simon and speed is time-limited, like a blitz mode.

Check out this demo, to really see how it works:

There was one problem I encountered; some of my taps seemed not to be registering.

But, I contacted MochiBits and not at all to my surprise, since it’s becoming a habit of mine to fall for indie devs who work hard to bring great games and actually innovative ideas to the App Store.

Well I spoke to Kyle who was quick to acknowledge that the fingertip issue was known and that they are going to include a quick in-game tutorial to help with gesture mastery.

He explained that taps should be made with the fingertip, not your whole finger and avoid using your thumb. Most thumbs are so big the device registers them as a swipe.

Once I followed the simple advice, I was able to spend 30 minutes in this pressure-cooker of fun without a single misread gesture.

And not to my surprise either, he partner is a father of a young child, and he had her very much in mind as he designed this game. I can’t help but feel that personal connection to the child end-user is akin to adding the “love” ingredient we add to our meals.

All that would make this game a smidge better would be Game Center integration and Facebook posting. Beyond that it’s close to perfection.

And with the new update you earn stars for how well you clear each level, which adds even more replay value and new challenges.

MochiBits also has a new lite version so you can try before you buy.  And future updates will suit the diverse demographic with both a “cute” theme pack for kids and cute-fans and a “tough” pack for those who want to make this an even more intense action game.

SwipeTapTap has all the hallmarks of an instant classic. It’s addictive, easy to play, hard to master, and has a fantastic GUI. It might be the best new game of 2011 to date.

Please check out my Contest Page to see all the ways to enter a SAHGeekMom contest. My prizes can only be redeem in the Canadian or US iTunes accounts, but all the people I would consider ineligible for the other contest happily live in North American so be sure to enter, you are going to love this game.

Now excuse me, please, I have to beat my endurance record before I go into tap-swiping withdrawal.

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Enjoy the game and happy app hunting,



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