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OOPA! Plate Smashing Fun Has Moved From Greece To iOS: Dish Break –  Fun For The Whole Family and FREE!

I reviewed this great new game for appadvice.com, and our on-air editor, Robin Rhys loved it too. Check out the Videos at the end!

Dish Break by SpinFall iconDish Break (Free) by SpinFall is a new casual swipe and tap game where shattering every plate in the kitchen won’t get you in hot water. 

The object of Dish Break is simple. Just break everything that pops up; dishes, bowls, glass pitchers, if it’s breakable, break it.

You can tap to shatter a single item, or use multiple fingers to break several dishes at once. To increase your score swipe one dish into another, or create a chain reaction and watch your points soar as the pieces fall.

Dish Break is a free game that is really free. You can make in-app purchases to obtain an extra life, a gun and ad removal, but they are not necessary, and even superfluous if you don’t mind the advertisements.

The GUI is uncluttered. Dish Break has a black background with few distractions. The dishes are white or clear, and they come up from the bottom of the screen before falling back down.

Dish Break by SpinFall screenshotPlayers get three lives in the free version, or you can unlock a fourth via in-app purchase. You lose when you drop that number of dishes. 

There are lot of games out there that reward fast tapping and swiping, what makes me like Dish Break is its simplicity. It’s not cute or colorful, it’s just a good gaming idea with unassuming implementation.

It’s an easy game to play for five minutes while waiting for an appointment. But, it’s also compelling enough to make you want to beat your record and post your scores to the Game Center leader boards.

There is a small but noticeable lag, however, particularly when the dishes really start flying.

I have spoken with the developer, and he assures me he is aware of the problem and a fix is in the works right now.

I also would like to see a few special dishes (I had the special vegetables in Veggie Samurai in mind), or power-ups to make the game a little more exciting.

Dish Break by SpinFall screenshotSpinFall is adding two new features: the Vortex of Doom that sucks dishes into it, and a Halo Dish that explodes all the dishes on the screen. 

Those updates should be available in the App Store soon and will be welcome additions.

The game feels a little incomplete, but is compelling and fun nonetheless. And, the developer is genuinely eager to get user feedback.

If you like tapping and swiping games that test your reflexes, Dish Break, especially at no cost, is worth trying. It should happily amuse casual gamers and kids of any age. Be careful though, it has addition potential. Oopa!

Check Out The Game Play Video!

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