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TGIF has never been a more welcome acronym!

There are still sales more sales to tell you about plus a few Edu-Ap No-Brainers for everyone in your family for the weekend.

Click for This Morning’s App Stalker Guide!

And please remember the Stay at Home GeekMom Weekend Edition where I do app round-ups and top 10 lists is coming so if you have a catergory of app you wanted reviewed leave a comment.

Time’s a wasting so let’s go to the rest of the goodies today! Please forgive the sloppy editing, my eyes are bleary from looking at screens for so many days and I can hardly see my own words – I appreciate your understanding.

My first Edu-App No-Brainer will keep the curious busy this weekend.!

Articles -The Wikipedia App let you read through Wikipedia’s articles ina beautiful magazine-like format. It’s normally 4.99, now .99 and I spend hours browsing it. A MUST-HAVE!

For the little learners an amazing way new learn to read and spell is Montessori Crosswords – Teach and Learn Spelling with Fun Puzzles for Children. A much-too-complicated name for a simple and wonderful Edu-App No-Brainer.

Kids as young as 3 can complete simple puzzles and get familiar with words in a way only Montessori can offer. It down to .99 today so grab that too.

The last of my Edu-App No-Brainer is for folks between preschool and high school. Math Academy -TAG is a wonderful and engaging math program for addition, subtraction, multiplication and divison. It’s well reviews and FREE down from 1.99.

Do you have a fan of retro gaming in your house? If so Pix’n Love Rush DX is an fantastic little gem that taes me right back to the 80’s, but it’s iPad-awesome. It’s dropped a dollar to .99 and worth a play.

Time for true confessions. I love Sneezies! Pump and I both give the original iPhone version 5 stars, and the ipad version is almost as good – 4.5.

It may have been forgotten in the wake of hits like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, but App Store vets know Sneezies was one of the first games to put pre-EA Chilingo on the map.

This game so simple I use to to help with relaxation, but then again, now that the iPad version has increased the difficulty a little too much (I am an expert and some levels are just plain impossible without a run of luck)- They seem not to have accounted for the larger iPad display when they decided on the ratio of germs to space, but who cares, it’s still fun.

The premise is simple,

Touch the screen to drop a burst of sneezing powder into the field of floating Sneezies and watch as they sneeze themselves out of their bubbles in a marvelous chain reaction. Try to rescue as many Sneezies as you can in one go by setting off the chain reaction at just the right place, and at just the right moment.

There is a kid’s mode, challenge mode and 2 years later, I still turn to it at least once a week. The HD version has been sitting at 2.99, but is .99 to celebrate iPad2 launch so if you have kids or just need a pleasant distraction and addcitive (no not addciting) casual game this is an all time Stay at Home GeekMom fave.

OK so many more to cover, but no more details!

I briefly mentioned that one of my favorite full-featured handwriting and note taking app, Notability had a huge, pre-iPad2 update, but it’s also on sale. It’s universal, an amazing tool for students from middle school – grad school and suitable for work and a steal at .99.

Here is an app with a misleading name, but for once it understates. Writers Studio, universal, is on on miSoft’s many sale items today. But as I writer I assure you this is no studio for me. What is is a great cheap tool to make multi-media presentations.

It’s got tons of features and is froma dev you can trust and I would think a middle schooler with a presentation would be the best audience. it’s a dollar off, like their other offerings which I won’t list but encourage you to check out. They are not stellar, but they do the job, are simple to use, and have been around long enough to trust.

I was on the fence about mentioning this one other miSoft app. Blocks!! is a Lego simulator and I really think Lego is the superlative toy ever created.

I don’t like their popular console games, I don’t like anything that takes away from the creative and tactile building experience. ( i do not like Green Eggs and ham…lol, I’m app-slap-happy after 48 hours round the clock app stalking!)

But Lego has many pieces to lose and is not a great travel companion, so if you have a lego nut and a road or plane trip coming you might grab this serviceable emulator while it’s .99. I certainly wouldn’t pay more for it.

Zombie Pond for iPad is new to me, but gets good user reviews and Pump is a zombie-nut so I took a chance and grabbed it for .99, down from 1.99. The screen shots look kid-safe. I’ll let you know!

If you love manking music, but don’t really know how here is another universal offering, an App Store staple and fun toy! it’s normally 2.99, for iPad2 day, .99.

description reads: SoundPrism enables you to create beautiful music immediately without any previous knowledge. With its unique visualization of pitches and intuitive controls composing sophisticated melodies, tone and chord patterns becomes child’s play.

sometimes even big names like Playrix screw-up and we profit. Fishdom HD, one of several slick puzzlers from the same company was so eager to get to the charts of the top, they forgot to wait until Apple approved their update!

Well goody, because while their other titles have had recent prince INCREASES, they could only package the Lite version in the HD version of Fishdom for now and had to give it away for  FREE.

Remember if you download it that you are warned in the silly description that the game currently is only partly there, but when the update is approved you will have free updates of the full version for as long as Playrix keeps the title so grab it, you can’t lose.

Pocket Informat HD, a full-feature time-management program with every bell and whistle you need and several you might not, has been drastically reduced. I don’t use this, it’s more GTD than I have things to do, but I have reviewed it before and it’s really nice.

At 14.99, the regular price, I don’t usually recommend it.You can lose a few features and save over $10, but since’s it’s down to 5.99, now is your chance to get something to micro-manage every moment of your hectic business or private life. The most recent update has seen user reviews skyrocketed and it’s gorgeous to look at.

I confess the sokoban-style game craze went passed me, but if you like that sort of puzzler Psychoban HD is a top hit and  it’s completely free instead of the regular 2.99.

My last one for the day (yay!) is a really fun casual game both Pump and have enjoyed for a while. It’s a bubble popper called Dubble Bubble Shooter HD and while it’s a fair price at 2.99, this one is free too!

Holy Cow! I have brought you 51 apps in the last 48 hours. The best of the thousands of sales. And I’ve been on ipad2 patrol for appadvice.com so I am pooped.

I am all apped-out and done for the week! But my Weekend Edition where I get chattier, (I know, right?) and do app round-ups is just 18 hours away so please subscribe to the blog or RSS feed so you don’t miss anything. And if you want me to do a top 10 list for you, just let me know!

Also watch appadvice.com for the latest on the iPad2 ad iOS 4.3 and all things apple, and watch for my review there on the amazing new art app Vermeer HD

Read my App Stalking Guide to find all the treasures for yourself.

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Happy App Hunting



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