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Good morning when I started this, good afternoon now, fellow geeks, parents, gamers, art lovers and app stalkers, 🙂

Today is going to another wonderfully crazy day in the App Store and I have the best picking and suggestions right here for you!

So I am here as early as possible to bring you all the best deals. I have something for everyone and every age in all genres and many huge hits! Click the icons to go to iTunes to check out or buy!

To see  yesterday’s list, all of which is still current to the best of my knowledge please click here.

I have 2 great Edu-App No-Brainers up coming for you today for all ages, and I have a bunch of reviews for appadvice.com, so I have to jump right in!

My favorite brand new release is from Apple directly. great onthe original iPad and blazingly fast on iPad2, is GarageBand.

They have brought the amazing music playing and recording studio, GarageBand over from the Mac and it rocks!

I reviewed it for appadvice, Please click to see the review. Unlike Pages, Keynotes and Numbers, GarageBand is only 4.99 and you have to try it whether you have a little player, or you are an accomplished artist.

But Korg and Fender are definitely making their presence known too and Apple is graciously sharing the App Store  homepage, since while GarageBand is amazing, it’s not, on it’s own, a tool for hard-core musicians.

I don’t know enough about these amps and mixers to give you any comment or even get the spellings right (IELECTRIBE??), but if you are so hard-core you actually find GarageBand is too little for you, check out Korg and Fender in the App Store – their stuff is up to 50% off!

Hugely popular tower defense game, TowerMadeness HD is FREE down from 7.99. It’s the best deal I have seen so far for gamers.

Flipboard, an incredible way to read all your social network feeds has undergone a major revamp for the new iOS 4.3 and iPad2. It’s always free and a must-have app for any iPad owner!.

This next one is an award winner and a jaw dropper.

Spider: Bryce Manor is too hard to explain but this screen shot might help. It’s only .99 cents right now and again this one is not just a no-brainer it’s must-have!

It’s here! it’s here! I bought it right away but haven’t taken it for a test drive. That proves I love you!

Firemint’s increbile Real Racing 2 just got amp-ed up and Hd’ed for iPad2 and iPad!

Woohoo, they make BY FAR the most realistic drivining simulator and the most widely acclaimed iPad classic (and iPhone/iPod touch for both games -they were there first!), Real Racing HD.

I have had both titles for my iPhone and Pump and I go back to them over and over. But the iPad and lighter iPad2 are just the perfect size for this game. You really feel like you are holding a steering wheel!

Check both games out and then whether you just bought a shiny new iPad2, or you have your faithful origianl pad at your side, buy one of these.

If you are a fan of the genre you will immediately see how Firemint takes racing on iOS to the next level. And even if you are not, you’ll be surprised at how natural it feels to steer.

It also has kid-safe graphics unlike many hit non-cartoon racing titles.

I love the 60 Minutes app for iPad, but it gets mixed user reviews.

Maybe I’m such a life-time fan of the show that when I hear the iconic ticking clock, I get lulled into a stupor. Lord knows there episodes have been sub-par in recent years…. (discussion for another blog on another day – lol)

It’s not cheap at 4.99, so you decide; I like it. I get access to (diminshing?) archives and the extra footage they put up online that I never get around to checking out. It’s got a really slick GUI too.

60 Minutes for iPad just launched a big update and I’ve yet to try it, but. I am hoping for more content. I’ll let you know what I think soon.

The titles I have brought you so far are hard to miss. I am trying to get the best ones for you in one place, but they market themselves with no help from bloggers.

This one, Cardboard Castle HD is newer, smaller, and a huge hit with Pump and his Stay at Home GeekMom and it’s on sale for .99. It’s another organic=feeling toy-like game.

It feels like you are playing with tactile cardboard pieces and Pump and I like it so far, but haven’t played with it enough to rate.

Last for creative types, Inspire Pro, a nice painting app that usually costs 7.99 is only .99 to maximize exposure for iPad2 launch as well.

I still love Art Rage, Auryn Ink, and Zen Brush best, but I doodle, I’m not an artist so what do I know?

I have this too and it is is a quality, full-featured alternative to hits like Brushes so check it out if you want to paint on your iPad or iPad2.

That wraps up this report for now, but I’ll be back later with 2 amazing Edu-App No-Brainers you might not have seen before so please check back often or subscribe to the blog or RSS feed!

Also watch appadvice.com for the latest on the iPad2 ad iOS 4.3 and all things apple, and watch for my review there on the amazing new art app Vermeer HD

Read my App Stalking Guide to find all the treasures for yourself.

Here are other Stay at Home GeekMom reviews from my blog or appadvice.com to check out for more great apps for your iDevice:

Happy App Hunting



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