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App Stalking Report and Edu-App No Brainers! Sales, Updates, Freebies Galore!

Want to know if The Stay at Home GeekMom recommends the apps below? Here’s how to tell.

If I own it and think you should get it I have inserted an icon that will take you to the iTunes page if you click on it.

If there is no icon it doess not mean I don’t like, I have two here to avoid, you’ll read that, it means I have no idea what’s it’s like, I’m just sharing information.


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Ok here we go:

WOOHOO! World of Goo was 9.99 when I bought it back in December and it’s maybe the best puzzler on iPad. It’s on sale for 3.99 so get it!! 

Attention Musicians: Korg Ielectribe has dropped $10!!  only 9.99.

Hmm, think they are worried about competition from Apple’s GarageBand? (Sorry. That name looks wrong, but I’m too tired to check, correct me in comment and I hope you KWIM, apologies to Korg!)

Reckless Racing HD is 2.99 down from 4.99!

GREAT FOR KIDS: Game of Life for iPad dropped from 6.99 to 4.99. Pump give this 4.5 Pumps Up! He loves the spinner!

Ok 2 of 3 of my My Edu-App No-Brainers are a bit more game than edu-app but they are all great for kids and everyone else in your home!!

If you know The Stay at Home GeekMom you know I adore Auryn Apps‘s new book which I reviewed here and on appadvice.com,

The Little Mermaid -Auryn was already a no-brainer at 3.99 but grab it today for 2.99. This one will really show off you new or existing iPad!

Uno, the beloved card game looosely based on Crazy-8 and one of Pump’s favorite games is on sale for .99 cents today. That’s for Hd.

This is because HUGE iOS App Comapny Gamehouse is having a BLOWOUT! Actually so is EA and just about every big player in the App Store!

Ehe second Edu-App No-Brainer which is FREE!

Doodle Rain HD is a both an AWARD WINNER and A family game fun for all ages.

It’s a Top Educational Game in 4o countries with a GREEN concept. And lots of fun.

Grab it while it’s free! Although for it’s regular price of .99 it’s alwys a good deal.

A huge update from EA/Chillingo/Rovio hit Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD.

A new holiday, St Patrick’s day, is out for Angry Birds Seasons today too! (Both veriosn)

BTW, Don’t think these sales are charity, but watch for lots of them because the big boys know how  are big for a reason.

Smart companies with hit games are going to be flooding the App Store with good deals because the iPad2 is out tomorrow.

App Insiders know that if they drop prices or let games go free they surge to the top of the charts and get maximum exposure in the App Store.

Sherk Kart is one of Pump’s and my favorite racing games is down from 4.99 to .99.

And if your kids are Shrek fans Shrek Forever After – Kids Book HD is also on sale down from 2.99 to .99.

SimCity Deluxe for iPad down from 6.99 to 4.99

Risk one of Pump’s favorite games and a much more engaging game for me than the board game becuase it’s not so slow is also on sale for iPad 6.00 – 4.99

Monopoly for iPad 9.99 – 6.99

Snood for iPad, much fun, 499 –2.99

Another awesome racing game, Needs for Speed Hot Pursuit for iPad is also down from $10 – 6.99

Rock Band Reloaded has an even bigger  drop from 9.99 to 4.99 and Pictureka1 for iPad is only 2.99 down from 4.99

Clue: Secrets & Spies is on sale too, but AVOID IT – it’s nothing like the bnorad game and gets VERY poor user reviews.

Do grab Yahtzee HD though, it’s true rendition and down from 4.99 – 2.99

WordSurge is also on sale, but a word game that calls itself “addicting” is an “avoid at all cost” game – yikes, imagine the dictionary?? Skip it in favor of all the other great titles  for sure.

I am going to grabe Alice Hd, based on Lewis Caroll‘s book. I have no idea what it’s like but itr’s 1.99 from 4.99 so it’s worth it to me to find out. I’ll keep you posted if I actually get to look at it!

Not shocking and not for me, but a hit, Madden NFL 11 by EA is down 12.99 to 4.99.

Hey Readers! Jane Austen Collection with Search (the full version this time for loyal followers) is Free today!

And check out the other edu-apps by same company all on sale!

I’ve never heard of it, but Let’s Go Chipper, a kid’s game with an eco-spin is free too – if you try it please let the Stay at Home GeekMom know what it’s like.

Other hits, Tetris, Mirrors’s Edge and Need for Speed Shift are all also drastically reduced. 5.99, 2.99, and 6.99 respectively for iPad. That’s a HUGE drop for acclaimed Mirror’s Edge!

Scrabble lovers can get the original for 6.99 and I admit I love it, but it’s not a big price drop and Words with Friends HD 2.99 is as good or better for less all the time.

Sci-Fi reader? Best Science Fiction Collection (with search) is free today too.

(I told you it was a crazy day and expect more of same for a few days as ipad2 users converge on the App Store!)

Build A Word – Easy Spelling is on sale, it’s a another app I haven’t tried, but it down from 2.99 to .99 so again if you pick it up please send me your feedback.

Have a baby or want to sleep like one? BabySleep Plus (Lullaby) HD is FREE today too.

The Lord o the Ring: Middle earth Defense for Ipad is only .99 and Spider-Man: total Mayhem HD is also only .99 usually $6.99, and the iPhone version won all kinds of best games of 2010 awarss. Another super-hero game, Iron Man 2 for iPad is also .99.

One of my fave note-talking apps for school or business had a HUGE update last week and is now on sale from 3.99 – 1.99. It deserves an icon, but I’m swampped!

My fave GTD App Do It (tomorrow) (read my appadvice.com review here) had a major update too as if it could get better. Syncing has been improved so if you don’t already have it, get it!

If you read my iPad books for Young Readers review last weekend, you might want to know that  iReading’s Emotion Management Stories Series is only .99 cents today too.

That’s it from one pooped geeky mom. I will have more tomorrow. But if you can’t wait read my App Stalking Guide and find all the treasures for yourself

here are other reviews to check out!

Happy App Hunting



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  1. Wonderful reviews – easy to read and understand. Written by and for humans!! Thanks you 🙂

  2. catriona said:

    So many great deals!!!

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