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The Stay At Home GeekMom Weekend Edition

Best iPad Apps For Preschool – Second Grade

Best Books Part Two (5/6 for iPhone/iPod Touch too!)

Hello Again,

As promised here is part two of The SAHGeekMom’s 12 best books for iPad for Young Readers.

To read part one click here.

Please allow time for all the pictures to load, I don’t know about you but I like to see inside a book before I buy it. ;)

Remember these titles are in no particular order, except the order in which I took the screenshots.

The only thing that makes today’s offerings a bit diffrent is that all but one of the titles are Universal or have an iPhone/iPod touch version available.

And most would appeal to kids as young as 3, but are also aimed at older children and adults too.

All these titles have earned the 

Ok let’s get straight to it because the Stay at Home GeekMom has about 20 reviews in a queue right now. (I know right?!?)

No young reader’s library, physical or digital, is complte without at least one dose from the inimitable Dr. Seuss.

Ocean House Media is the sole publisher of Seuss and many other children’s favourites for iOS and most of their offerings are universal which means they work on iPad but also iPhone and iPod touch too. You only need to buy one copy and it will be available for all your iDevices.

They run from .99 for shorter books to 2.99, and have some free lite versions available too.

I picked One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish – Dr. Seuss 2.99, for two reasons.

I wanted to pick a book that is silly and simple enough for the youngest kids, but would still engage an older child learning to read. The rhymes and alphabetic structure are great learning-to-read tools.

And I wanted a title Pump and I both loved as toddlers

If I had to pick another 5 Seuss offerings from OceanHouse to suggest, which is  daunting task, I would have to list: Yertle the Turtle, Horton Hears A WhoThe LoraxOh, the Place You’ll Go and of course Green Eggs and Ham.

But seriously you can’t go wrong with The Doctor. As for the app, it is wonderful, they all are.

The narrator sounds like, well, like he ought to. The text and illustrations, of course, are left untouched, but there are just enough things to tap to keep fidgety fingers occupied.

And of course it can be read aloud or for older kids, there is an option to read it themselves. Don’t worry, if they stumble, OceanHouse allows any word to be tapped and spoken-aloud.

Next up is a book I stumbled onto by accident while researching this piece.

If your kids like pop-up books, wait until they check out Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book by Ideal Binary, Ltd. You are going to want to grab this for them at 1.99.

Everything works as it should, and no matter how much you play with it, the pop-ups will never collape or fall apart.

It held not only Pump’s but my attention for a long time, particularly considering I was in a rush to get through a ton of eBooks.

Bringing a pop-up book to iPad is a very clever idea; I haven’t seen anything else quite like it in the App Store before except in their version of Rapunzel. Check it out:

Since that was such a short promo, here’s a few extra screenshots:

My next choice is as far from literature as you can get, but if you want your kids laughing and engaged in a book, it certainly wins the prize for funniest title on this list.

AlphaBELCH – A Children’s Book About Burps by Stephen White is just what you think it is: a book about animals passing wind.

Not exactly highbrow, sure, but the book is certainly a way to get my 7 year old boy’s attention. The app is 1.99, universal, and easy to use:

By the way, the text rhymes. I just picked two of my favourite pages at random.

I must be channeling my own copy-editor because I really want to change “burps that” to “whose burps” on the unicorn page. Not that’s it’s wrong, I just keep reading it that way!

Seriously though, it’s an original way to learn the alphabet and is often laugh-out-loud funny.

UPDATE: I just found out why this book strikes such a chord with young audiences. Author Stephen White was one of the main creative forces behind the smash TV hit, Barney for over 16 years. If anyone would know how to entrance the pre-k crowd, it would be a Barney vet.

And he’s a charming, engaging fellow too. Thank you so much, Stephen, for contacting me. I can’t wait for your next book.

Next, Zoobert’s BIGGER Day by Shrink Ray Studios is another fun choice and only .99.

Like iReading’s Puss In Boots from Part One, this is more app than book, but it’s really witty and another selection that offers up something a bit different from the normal App Store children’s selection.

There is also a Zoobert title for iPhone and iPod touch

Here’s how it works. Zoobert get’s into a spot of trouble and you have to shake the device to see how he’ll get out of it.

Don’t worry if your little one doesn’t get the shaking thing right away though; you can just turn the page and the app will chose for you.

It makes the book very re-readable.

My final two choices are children’s classics. They are very well received by reviews and have been around for a while. But if you got your iPad any time since  Christmas, you might have missed them and they really are too good to ignore.

Gaeme Base’s 20-odd year old  book, Animalia, is now also Animalia for iPad by AppBooks. Price 3.99 (the books sells at amazon.com for $15-20) and is also available for iPhone and iPod Touch for 2.99.

Check out the app page here for some amazing images and background information.

The is part book, part game and part edu-app. Graeme describes it best in the video below.

Warning: the video is about 5 minutes long, a little lengthy for a promo, it’s more like a mini-doc. But if you want to know what you’re getting or the back story, it’s well worth watching.

If you don’t have the time for that here are a few Stay at Home GeekMom screenshots:

Finally a true classic novel and an equally classic iPad book.

Lewis Carroll’s 1865 seminal work Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is on iPad , in abridged format or with the complete text, (great for sharing between older and younger readers) with what I believe are the Victorian cartoonist, John Tenniel’s illustrations. But I am no expert so if I am mistaken please leave a comment.

Alice for the iPad by Atomic Antelope, (I love that name, hey no birds in today’s choices…) 8.99 which is also available, for iPhone and iPod touch at 3.99 is the Weekend Classic Edu-App No-Brainer.

If 8.99 seems like a lot, I won’t even mention the retail cost in a book store, but will let you know there is a lite version you can try for free.

If you love Alice, you will buy the full version eventually I’m sure. Once again I have a video for you:

And some screenshots:

So there you have it, the 12 best iPad (and iPhone/iPod touch) books for your young readers:

  1. The Going To Bed Book for iPad
  2. The Three Little Pigs – Nosy Crow  interactive storybook (iPad)
  3. Monsters & Magical Creatures Guide For Kids
  4. Teddy’s Night
  5. The Rocket Book
  6. iReading HD – Puss in Boots
  7. Hop On Pop
  8. Grimm’s Rumpelstiltskin – 3D Interactive Pop-up Book
  9. AlphaBELCH – A Children’s Book About Burps
  10. Zoobert’s BIGGER Day
  11. Animalia for iPad
  12. Alice for the iPad

That’s it for this Weekend Edition of The Stay at Home GeekMom.

Next Weekend I will be bringing you the best iPad Edu-Apps and Family Games so stay tuned or subscribe to the blog or RSS feed.

Also check back weekdays for Edu-App No-Brainers, App Stalking Reports, and reviews of the best apps for anyone who only wants the finest apps on their iOS device.

Don’t forget to enter my contest to FREE PROMO CODES for the amazing kid app – Make A Monster and Make A Monster HD for all iOS devices. I have plenty more to give away!

Did you publish, design or develop a book for iOS? Want a review here or on Appadvice.com? Please check my Developers Page.

Finally here is an abridged list of Educational Games and Reading Apps for ALL AGES, from sahgeekmom.com and from my reviews for appadvice.com.

And if you want the tools to find the best new app store offering and the best deals check out my App-Stalking Guide – it will tell you everything you need to know! Happy Reading,



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  1. Thanks for all the great information. I have a 5 year old and we love your site!!!!

    Finally a site that is for parents and their children.

    Please do some Top 10 lists.

    Love the site and the writing.

  2. The Three Little Pigs is really terrific. Have you seen the endless amount of features?

  3. My kids love to read. We’ll be checking out these and other titles. Thanks!

  4. Wow, I’m amazed at all they can do with iphones etc, now. Totally cool!

    We love Sandra Boynton, and I think I might have to get the burping book. bathroom humour is all the rage here!

  5. Stephanie said:

    I’m so excited about the Dr Seuss and the belching one! Lol

  6. Catriona said:

    Must. Have. Rumplestiltskin.
    That looks amazing, I’ll definitely be checking out these titles!

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