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The Winner of The 3rd, 4th and 5th codes…

To Win The Last Code You Must…

Suggest a Great Kid’s App to My Readers In The Comments on the Home or About Me page. If I get more than 2 commetns, winner will be determined by random draw.

And remember tweets, likes, reposts and subscriptions can still earn you entries – see below for details and good luck!

Tamara won an iPhone code  for being the ONLY person to leave a comment about her little monsters.The last random draw was from new subscriber meesterc@xxx.xxx – she has a GREAT blog on iOs and Special Needs – check out out: Click here. Cindy choose Make A Monster HD.

The most recent random drawing winner, who will be contacted within the hour is: Liz, tulip_angel@yxxx.xxxa

The First Winner of A Promo Code…

for iPhone Versions of Make-A-Monster Has Been Awarded to auntava@xxxx.xxx. Who got 5 free entries by posting in FB, leaving a comment, and subscribing. Thank you so much!

Thanks for the Reposts and Tweets, Please keep Them Coming, A New Winner Coming Very Soon! Read below for details on how to enter!

Did you guys check out yesterday’s edu-app no-brainer? It’ for all iOS deivces! (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) It’s an amazing enterment/photo app for monster fans – please check it out here! If you want a copy I am starting a fresh contest  (see Contest Page for general information please) – and the odds are in your favor.

To win a free copy of either app here is what you need to do.

Tweet, Post or Like this review and you will earn one entry (show me where @sahgeekmom@gmail.com)

Tweet/Like/Post AND Leave a Comment on the review earn 3 entries.

As always subscribers get one automatic entry. New subscribers will earn two!

When you enter, be sure to let me know which version you want.

When I have 10 entries Pump will select a random winner.

I have quite a few codes to give so the contest will end when I run out. If I run out of one platform or the other I will Update this page so check back.

If you earn 3 entries and you may all have three in a single draw, or if you are number 8 or 9, you will be entered once or twice for that drawing and have the remianing entries continue into the next round.

The contest begins at 12:00pm EST,  but if you already commented you will be entered. Good Luck! The 


Comments on: "New Contest – Win Make A Monster or Make A Monster HD – 3 More winners! Only 2 More Codes!" (4)

  1. Glad I found your blog. I think my students would love using the app in our speech therapy sessions! They love using my iPad.

  2. I need this for my little monsters so their horns are more obvious LOL!!

    • Tamara you win! Please send your email address to SAHGeekMom and let me know which version you want, and I’ll send the promo code right out!

  3. I was right when I said my daughter will love it. SHE DOES! Thank you, Geek Mom!

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