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App Stalker Report & the Edu-App No-Brainer: 2/26 Weekend Edition

new app, apps on sale or gone free!

The first app I have to mention is Ontime, by Rabble.

This is an incredible new time management app that for 1.99  (iPhone only) syncs every single entry in all your calendars on your iphone and magiacally creates a to-do list and prompts you to enter a destination.

You can enter the address or a search term and when you see your location, the app, using Google Maps, will let you know when you need to leave from where you are (I know, how cool, right?) and will even factor in traffic, to let you know exactly when to leave so you are, well, Ontime.

You can get SMS, Email and Push Notifications and even turn-by-turn navigation.

The Stay at Home GeekMom just covered this app in detail for appadivce.com – please click here to read it and see a video.

Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer is for the Fairy-Tale lover of any age.

AurynApps, who bring many wonderful books to life and make Auryn Ink, one of my favorite painting programs (read my review here) has just been released. It s by far their most stunning and grown-up interactive book to date.

The Little Mermaid – Auryn features the incredible artwork of Lisbeth Zwerger, who I will feature along with Diane Cholette from Playtime Theater (my feature article and review here) and some other amazing artists behind some of my favorite apps in a feature I am putting together for you now.

I will be reviewing The Little Mermaid on appadvice.com tomorrow (see About Me) , so watch for it. For now take my word, this is an instant classic.

It’s elegant, beautiful, underwater of course, and brings the classic Hans Christian Andersen’s original text to your iPad. It can be read aloud, and is a joy for young and old.

At only .99 for the introductory sale it is the weekend’s Edu-App No Brainer! (iPad only)

Speaking of Andersen’s works, new and free today Andersen’s fairy tales[Audio]-HD (universal)

I didn’t have time to listen in, but it’s free and it’s Andersen so I hope it’s worth the download.

If you try it, please let me know.

In keeping with their Deal of the Day promise, today EA brings Yahtzee (both HD and iPhone/iPod Touch) to you for free. What can I tell you it’s Yahtzee.

You roll the dice and rack up points much like you would in poker. It gets mixed reviews, but I enjoy it as a brief diversion and it’s only going to be free for a little while longer so snatch it up.

A fantastic financial program, great for home or small business, Bills for iPad is on sale too. (Normally 3.99 now .99.)

It’s a simple and effective expense tracking and budgeting tool and syncs with it’s iPhone counterpart, also .99.

That’s all I have for you so far, but if anything exciting changes in the App Store on Sunday I wil update this post.

Don’t forget, you can always find the best deals and everything that’s on sale pretty easily. See my App Stalking Guide for details.

Check my Contest Page, there are still promo codes left for Kids Corner!

Happy App Hunting,



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