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Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer for 2/24 is EA’s Classic Boggle for all iOS devices!

  • By: EA Games
  • Ver.: 1.1 iPhone, 1.01 iPad
  • Platform.: Left icon iPad, Right icon, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • SAHGeekMom Rates it 4.25 Stars.
  • Recommended Age 9+ (Hasbro say 8+)

Good morning,

I got here as early as I could because in the time it’s taken me to create this post, one of the best word games ever, Hasbro’s Boggle, for all iDevices, by EA Games has been COMPLETE FREE for 3 hours.
(hey, a girl needs her coffee…)

The great thing about EA games is that if you can be patient, it seems inevitable that all the games in their huge vault will significantly drop in price or go free.

If you are a word game nut like I am, today’s your chance to get one of the best absolutely free. EA has a Deal of the Day, which you can plug into by following them (or me!) on twitter! (@sahgeekmom).

Unless you have been living in sub-terrain cavern you already know Boggle.

The iOS versions are really fun and true to the original. You shake your device to get going and start word-hunting. The game play is fun and familiar. I have had no trouble with anything technical with either version.

But a common complaint in the App Store, one I share, is that the dictionary is a tad wonky. While EA’s Scrabble dictionary is woefully lacking, it seems Boggle uses the official Scrabble dictionary and likely in several languages as some words they find don’t even yield a Google hit, much less a spot in the OED.

That said I am not sure why it matters that much. If you are playing alone, ignore the computer’s list and just track your own progress and if you are playing with friends all that counts is what words you know that they don’t.

While you can’t submit words that aren’t in Boggle’s dictionary (not easy!) you can choose between yourselves to disallow anything you want. It’s not like EA is watching. 😉

At $4.99 for the iPad version the game is more than a a fair deal (compared to the board game at amazon.com for around $20.00) and at $1.99 it’s already a steal for iPhone and iPad Touch which has a multiplayer option in this version, which is a great addition to the game.

I hope they bring ii to the iPad very soon, but either way, on any iDevice, for free Boggle is an Edu-App No-Brainer.

Get it while you can, EA sales don’t last long and this is called a ‘deal of the day.”

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Happy App Hunting, I’ll be back with more later in the day.

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Comments on: "Edu-App No-Brainer for Word: Boggle Fot iPhone & iPad" (2)

  1. I laughed out loud at the “if you are playing with friends all that counts is what words you know that they don’t” comment. How very true. 😀

  2. Shastababy said:

    One of my all time favorites! Thanks for letting me know it was even available. There’s so much in the App Store, I get tired of looking through them.

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