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Chillingo Releases New Game Today

Food Processing has Left the Kitchen and it’s Awesome

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  • By: Embattle Games
  • Published By:Chillingo
  • Version: 1.0
  • Genre: Casual Game, Dice Pop & Flick Game
  • Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch & HD iPad Only
  • Features: Crystal and Game Center Enabled
  • SAHGeekMom Rating: 4.75
  • Kid’s Score: 5 Pump’s up!
  • Recommended Age:  All Ages 6+
  • Note: Lite Version Available.

If two of my favorite iOS games,Veggie Samurai HD and Cooties, were to collide, like peanut-butter and chocolate, you would get two great tastes that game great together.

Well they did, and of course Chillingo, the pre-eminent distributors of huge hits like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Infinity Fields, Toki Tori and Monster Mayhem to name only a few, snatched it right up.

Welcome to Food Processing!

I saw the icon (look way up) and realized right away that Chillingo was finally making a foray into the super-popular slicing game genre that Halfbrick Games made so popular with Fruit Ninja (if you love it, they launched a big update today with tons of new Dojo items (blades galore!) and some minor tweaks.)

When I know a new fast-paced slicing game is coming, I don’t wait to ask for promo codes, nor do I pause to look for reviews; i just get it. And for $1.99 (HD, .99 for non-hd) it was worth every cent. And then some.

I didn’t wait to read instructions, I had seen the screenshots in the App Store, but fortunately they popped up as I progressed slowly through the tutorial level (can’t skip it, thankfully.)

Read carefully. The game is easy, but you process each food that comes down the conveyor belt differently.

Some need precision slicing, some can be hacked at, some must be tapped, and others swiped, so pay attention, and lookout for rotten food. Miss three times and you lose. you get extra points for perfect processing and can rack up combos to earn big points and unlock new conveyor belts.

The instructions couldn’t be clearer. It only took me a few minutes to get the hang of things and play for 15 uninterrupted minutes before I missed too many and lost.

I frankly thought this one would be too much for Pump (my first grader and co-reviewer, see about me) but he watched me play one terrible round and he was off.

I wanted him to start nice and slowly like I did, but the only feature I couldn’t find was a way to change player or reset. You can renable tips in-game, but it seems for now you only get one learning-round.

Actually that’s  a good thing for the most part. You don’t need restore points; whatever skill-level you were at when you last played, that’s where you start from next. The pace increases and in time you unlock new foods, but there is no sitting around tapping peas (first food) for 3 minutes before things get moving. Nice touch.

And it turned out not to matter to Pump one bit. I explained each of the 6 foods I have been able to unlock so far and he beat my high score beat in no time.

I literally had to pull him off the iPad and he insisted I tell everyone “this game is great.”

Remember I ‘subject’ him (Poor dear. If I manage to make a career out of this I have no idea who will be happier between us!) to every new game and kid’s app I can get my hands on, a that’s a lot now that I have access to appadvice.com’s warehouse to review for them.

So he isn’t impressed easily and is used to mommy taking the toy back.

But I had to buy the iPhone version for him so I could get my Pad back and I haven’t heard boo from him since! That is high praise.

Here check out this video:

The game clearly has more features to unlock than I have discovered, and I been watching the App Scene for long enough to know when Chillingo is really backing a game 100% and they are in this one big time.

So expect plenty of updates and the same calibre (yes we spell funny in non-America) of service as always.

I didn’t try to reach the developer, their page was exclusively, fields included, in chinese, and I’m afriad I have neither the keyboard nor the intellect for that one.

But Chillingo is not exactly looking to share credit: no co-distribution deal like Cooties has with Clickgamer.com (they are connected somehow, I have to look into that;) a LONG enhanced Chillingo screen; a brief flash of Embattle Games whose website I suspect doesn’t even provide much information in China.

I don’t know what else to add except buy it.

It’s frantic enough for any gamer, easy enough for a young kid to jump right in, and while Veggie Samurai has not been replaced as my first love, it does take me about an hour to lose and my arm is numb afterwards, so for a quick fix of slicing goodness this Stay at Home GeekMom is going to be doing a lot of Food Processing.

And I don’t mean in the kitchen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy the game and good luck!



Comments on: "Food Processing has Left the Kitchen To Play On iOS" (6)

  1. Looks like fun the kids will love it.

  2. Lori Valerio said:

    Looks like a really fun game.

  3. My kids don’t like veggies but they will love this game. Thanks for the write-up!

  4. I been reading reviews of this game all day and I found yours on stumbleupon and it is the best so far and i subcribed to ur blog

  5. How fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on an idevice to download & play. 🙂

  6. This looks awesome! My kids are going to love playing it, off to download.

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