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Cooties is Undergoing a Major Makeover!

Advanced play for gamers and a special KID’S MODE!

Only the Stay at Home GeekMom has these EXCLUSIVE SNEEK PEEKS!

  • By: KYY Games
  • Published/Distributed By: ClickGamer.comChillingo
  • Ver.: 1.0 (1.1 coming VERY SOON!)
  • Platform: iPad Only
  • SAHGeekMom PREVIOUS Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (Great!)
  • Recommended Age – Grade 2 to Retirement, Coming Soon Pre-K and up

I have been promising this forever, but I had to get the timing just right. I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer tho so finally here is the long-awaited Cooties Update preview. And don’t forget, now all you have to do is click on an App Icon and you will be directed right to its page in iTunes!

If you’ve been with me for a while, you may remember I reviewed Chillingo’s new hit game, Cooties, as soon as it hit the App Store.

I liked it, but said it wasn’t especially friendly to young kids (particularly pre-readers) who were otherwise enthralled by the cute characters and comic-book appearance of this fun game.

It was one of the very first reviews I did and so you can’t begin to imagine my surprise when Mika of KYY Games, the developer, came to my site to address those concerns. (Read It Here.)

It was the first glimpse I had that my site might actually take off and very much in part to Mika and other amazing Devs like him, it has surpassed my wildest expectations.

And so have the updates to Cooties! I said I like responsive developers, but this beats all.

A picture is worth a thousand words and we all know the Stay at Home geekMom has no trouble wasting words by the thousands, so let’s just take a look:

As you can see, Cooties will soon have 3 modes of play: Normal which is what you’ve been playing with a few new surprises; insane for those of you, like me, who have become addicted to this frantic-fun swipe, flick and pop game; and as promised not just an Easy mode, but a Kid’s Mode!

I had the great pleasure of getting to know the man behind KYY Games, and like so many of the amazing devs I’ve worked with, he is a father, who consulted his daughter on exactly how to make this game accessible to younger players and she was inspired! Look how EASY the directions now are, even for non-readers, to understand:

I can’t get over how cute and clever these are. I don’t think any more geekmom’s will be stuck at level 4 anymore!

Don’t panic though, none of the great comic-book story, nefarious germs or disgruntled useless organs are missing:

The game retains all it’s charm, but now has something for everyone in the family.

I can now say Cooties is about to be a 5 Star game. Get it before it become a huge franchise like Angry Birds, because it’s already climbing the charts! Watch the App Store to make you catch the update coming VERY SOON!

Ok that;s it from me for today! I’ve done 2 AppAdvice.com reviews and don’t forget to CHECK OUT MY NEW CONTEST to win Promo Codes for Kids Corner and a Gift App of Do It (Tomorrow) HD!

(please click the titles to see the reviews on appadvice.com. And your comments here or there are very much appreciated!)

Phew that’s a lot of writing for one day! 2 appadvice reviews, 2 SAHgeekmom reviews, and 2 news contest! I’ll see you in the morning with some great new apps!



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