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Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer for 2/23 is Kids Corner ($0.99)

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Kids Corner by Dirk Bost icon
  • By: by Dirk Bost
  • Ver.: 1.0 (1.1 coming VERY SOON!)
  • Platform.: iPad Only
  • SAHGeekMom Rates it 4.25 Stars.
  • Pump gives it 4.5 Pumps up!
  • Recommended Age 4-12

Kids Corner is a brand new creative-play app. It is like a combination ecard and scrap-booking app for iPad aimed at children from preschool through grammar school.

It allows children (and at least this one adult) to let their imaginations take flight, as they merge a wide assortment of elements with their own pictures to create one-of-a-kind scenes, photo projects and memories.

I reviewed Kids Corer this morning for AppAdvice.com. Please check out the review here.

I won’t repeat myself verbatim, that would be unfair to appadvice and to you.

But in brief, this app is busting-at-the-seams with all sorts of adorable elements that you child can use alone to create any kind of print project from an ecard to a scrapbook page to a poster.

Compared to the many other apps I have aimed at all ages, this one really gives you a ton of features and yay! No in-app purchases.

Kids Corner is chock-full of pre-designed elements in a variety of themes. You have a wide assortment of borders, backgrounds, word and clip art to use with as many photos from the iPad album as your child wants.

There are a few features (see review, click above) that might make this a perfect 5 star Edu-App, but I have to say for a first release it is really impressive.

It’s simple, fluid, stable, and so easy it took Pump under 20 minutes to create a montage with pirates (see below) and I made the above two pages in under 10 minutes each, never having used the app before.

Tip: You can only currently export via email, bu you can easily snap a screen-shot of your kid’s work on your own. Just hold the sleep button for a second or two and then press the home button. You will hear a camera-click and the project will be in your ‘saved photos’ album.

Once again the app I am featuring has a really responsive developer. Dirk Bost replied to all my questions in a super quick (I mean seriously, within minutes, but give him a little longer just in case he is not tethered to his email like some of us are (who me?) 😉

He was also kind enough to offer 5 free Promo Codes for me to give away at my discretion. In my experience devs who give away a few copies already know the quality of their work will shine through and the recipient can return the favour by posting a favourable review in the App Store. It’s well-deserved.

There is no way to over-value creative-play toys; they foster imagination and nurture artistic impulses. But this app takes it up a notch. While stimulating those creative juices, it also teach your kids quite a bit about page layout, photo editing including working with layers, and other skills that are easily transferrable into future school and art projects and may even inspire a few of your budding artists to go into graphic design!

At $.99 it is a creative Edu-App No-Brainer! Don’t Forget – keep you eyes on my Contest Page for winners and new Promo Codes Giveaways. The current one is on Twitter (@sahgeekmom,) the next will be on facebook. The last 2 are still a mystery, even to me!

Also check back after supper for my long-awaited Exclusive Sneak Peek at Chillingo’s Hit Game, Cooties, major new update for serious gamers and the youngest players alike!

Here a Slideshow with all the Screenshots and Projects we made today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you again very soon


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  1. that seriously looks fun. I might even let my kids touch my iphone!! 🙂

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