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Today’s  2 Edu-App No-Brainers & The Best Apps On Sale or Free for 21 February 2011

I apologize again for being absent. This time I have a great excuse though.

As I have hinted at, I was recently hired by appadvice.com to do reviews for them! This is very flattering and will help me get access to the best apps and developers to pass along to you.

But I did have to spend the free time I had between hockey and everything else this weekend learning the ropes, and today I have been busy on my first post. I am covering the app here too, but only in brief, so I do hope you’ll follow the link and check out my full review when it goes lives later this evening.

By the way, a new feature to make things easier for you. Just click on the App Icons to go right to iTunes and buy!

Ok since I still want to bring you some other stuff later today, let’s get right to it!

I mentioned this gem in one of my earliest App Staler Reports . A great new games for both kids and adults, Dino Rush, has been taking the App Store by storm.

The developer kindly gave me some promo codes to give away to you a while ago, but if you missed them today is your chance!  The game is still great and right now it’s free thanks to FreeAppADay (FAAD) who has been offering a much better calibre of free apps and games lately. I really urge you to check it out, but act fast.

Today’s Edu-App No-Brainer is a fantastic version of the classic boardgame BattleShip. iSink U for iPhone and is free today as well, down from .99. I have to tell you Pump can play with this game for hours. It’s got great graphics, and a rock-solid reputation. Download it today!

Yet another fantastic puzzle game, one for both iPad and iPhone, Midnight Mahjong is also free (it’s a really great day!)

I must tell you, I love solitaire Mahjong games and this one is my absolute favorite. (this month anyway!) The graphics are stunning, the interface intuitive, and it’s just plain fun. This game launched at $4.99 and usually hovers between 1.99 and 2.99, so get it while it’s free.

Do It (Tomorrow) HD, is is a brand new. It’s a super-simple Universal task-manager. It is 1.99, syncs across devices, and does as it claims – it helps procrastinators procrastinate. But it also helps you to determine what can and can’t be put off and does it with elegance.

Please read my full review on appadvice.com (I’ll let you know as soon as it goes live) to find out more details and to see screenshots.

What I didn’t say there that I will tell you here, is that this is a great first to-do list for kids from older grade-schoolers right through college. If your child needs a simple way to stay on task, this is definitely worth checking out.

For anyone who enjoys high-quality news, but especially for my fellow Canadians, I have another treat. CBC News has arrived at the App Store and it’s free. I really don’t have too much to say about it except get it.

The CBC is known for its journalist integrity and hard-hitting documentaries around the world. This app gives you their content on your iDevice for free. It’s the more grown-up Edu-App No-Brainer of the day.

For the younger reader, free today is Rapunzel – Tangled By Rene Retz. OK the name is off-putting because it’s a total keyword spam.

They have nothing whatsoever to do with Disney’s Tangled, not the app, the movie or anything related to it. But why they feel the need to try and trick buyers is beyond me, because frankly a non-disnified version of a classic tale is always wonderful and in spite how sour a taste this misnamed app left in my mouth, I have to admit it’s a very nice.

It doesn’t have any read aloud option, but it has some beautiful illustrations and animations and the copy is clean even if not it is the most elegant writing on earth. For free it’s worth checking out, but I urge you if you do to leave a review mentioning the name-thing. I know I will. I am sure, however, Disney’s lawyers will catch it eventually without our help. 😉

While we’re on the topic of free books, a nice but limited collection of Jane Austen’s works, with a search function is free today too.

And while you’re checking it out look for a more complete compendium of Jane’s great novels and many other classic fiction and nonfiction titles, many reduced today from the same developer.

This last one is really not my type of game, but it’s a HUGE action hit for EA. Mirror’s Edge (the iPhone version, NOT the iPad-only HD version) is one of the highest rated and best-reviewed games in the EA warehouse and today it’s only .99. It’s usually 4.99 (9.99 for iPad, wait for a sale!)  So if you have a fan of this genre in the house, snap it up.

Ok that’s all I have for you right now, but as soon as my review goes live on appadvice.com I’ll be back and hope you really will take the time to check out my new adventure in app-reviewing, and if I can, I might even get out the sneak peek of Chillingo’s Cooties, that I have been promising. If not tonight, I will get it ready overnight so I can bring it to you tomorrow.


If you have a brand new app you want covered on appadvice.com or any app that suits this site reviewed here please check out my new Developer’s Page to find out how to submit your creation!

Have a great evening,



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