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I just went to do some fast App Stalking for myself (see App Stalking Guide) and there were a few really cool updtes and sales, so I jumped out here for  quick run-down. I didn’t have time to check if any of the HD games had their iPhone counterparts reduced too, but I suspect they would have, so if I mention an iPad game you want for your Iphone or iPod Touch it’s well worth peeking into the App Store today.

I am not rating these because they are either so big and well known as to make my 2 cents redundant or I haven’t tried them and can’t comment. Yet!

Let’s do it:

Angry Birds Rio is coming to a theatre near you and iOS/Mac/any-other-comceivable-platform soon. In anticipation of the big day, Rovio/Chilingo’s Smash Hit Angry Birds got a big update: 15 new levels and of course, an in-app movie-trailer. It’s a bit of shameless self-promotion, but if anyone deserves it they do. No price change, but worth the cost. Ask anyone. 🙂

A bunch of Games, big hits, have had significant price drops too:

Real Racing Hd from Firemint is down from 9.99 to 4.99 and if you have only one driving game for your iPad, this should be it. Again this is not news, it has been a App Store staple for a while, and just about every year-end wrap-up app-list named it the best racing game for iOS. But if you haven’t been able to convince yourself to drop $10 on a game, here’s your chance.

Not for kids or the squeemish, Amateur Surgeon for iPad is down 1.99-.99. DH loves it, and he’s the serious gamer. I don’t have the intestinal fortitude to find out for myself!

Also not for kids, and not for me, but you might want to know if you like racing games. Originally for the PS2, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a DS/iOS app: GTA Chinatown Wars on sale. (All those ‘facts’ provided by DH, so if I’m wrong blame the birthday boy!) In any case it’s on down from 9.99 to 4.99.

Another runaway hit, one I have played and don’t like, but is tremedously popular, Robot Unicorn Attack HD (and non HD?) is also on sale for .99. p.s. DH’s 2c – he hates it too.

A great educational game I can recommend wholeheartedly and a favorite of Pump’s is FREE today. Try Sandslides, it’s fun, and harder than you might first expect. It’s The SAHGeekMom’s Free pick of the Day.

Also Bubble Bobble Dubble (say it 3x fast, I dare you) is down from 4.99-2.99. This popular game franchise is from Taito Corp and it’s retro, fun and on sale for 2.99 down from 4.99. These are the folks who bring you Space Invaders, so when I say retro, I mean retro. Check it out!

Onto Books, my Edu-App No-Brainer choice for today Auryn Ink, is from a company that primarily specializes in children’s intereactive books. Everything is on sale today for .99. Don’t miss them for you pre-schoolers. Teddy’s Day looks particularly cute.

Also for the pre-k set, Thomas and Friends: Misty Island Rescue HD, another interactive book is on sale. Was 4.99 now 2.99 and while Pump was never a fan, it gets very good recoommendations in the App Store.

My WTH app is another newcomer to the Books genre. Get this title: Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. Now check the price, ready?


I am mystified. Exactly how many poor people are buying iPads and $15 digital books to make crafts in this economy do you think? I have a feeling their core demographic won’t be seeing this, much less buying this often. I’m passing but laughing.

Another new ‘Edumacation’ App, Brain-O: Memory Training Game is free, but I am always leery of ‘educational’ game companies who use the word ‘addicting’ in their description. I’m calling the grammar police and sticking with all the amazing memory games that are already out there, thanks.

A new App in productivity, best suited to High School and College students came out today. For 1.99 you can get Scribble Basic, which allows you to record the audio of a lecture while taking handwritten notes. The Audio track syncs to your notes so you can retrieve that part of the lecture. It’s a great idea if it works well, but it’s too new to find anything on it. If you give it a try, let me know. It’s universal, which is nice for the recording, but handwriting notes on an iPhone or iPod touch? I’m thinking not so much… If you have an iPad keep watching for reviews in the App Store because similar products cost a good deal more.

I did save a gem for the end. Treat yourself, your kids, or anyone who likes playing with photos to Comic Strip – CS. It’s usually 1.99 and well worth it, now .99. It’s what you think it is. You insert pics into a comic strip, add speech bubbles, cartoonish elements and make yourself and your kids the star of the iPad show.

Ok that wraps it up for today. I’ll pop in over the weekend to update everything and again welcome to my new home: http://www.sahgeekmom.com! Don’t forget to check my contest page to see if you won Playtime Theater and to win more great swag!


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