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So many updates and sales and freebies to report, so little time. Today I review only app & games I already have, but I also turn you on to some sales and as always if I try it, you will get a full update tomorrow!

This morning the following apps were updated, went free, or went on sale:

So many updates and sales and freebies to report, so little time. Today I review only app & games I already have, but I also turn you on to some sales and as always if I try it, you will get a full update tomorrow!

This morning the following apps were updated, went free, or went on sale:

The Hands-Down Best EduApp No-Brainer: Dr Seuss’s book Gertrude McFuzz. It’s another perfect Suess Interactive book from Oceanhouse who also bring you other great titles for kids like the Berenstein Bears, and a lot of peaceful relaxation apps/books too. Well over 200 titles if you include iPone and iPad apps including lite versions and they are constantly bring out new content at very reasonable price. Speaking of which G. McF is on sale for a mere .99. SAHMGK and Pump give it 5 stars! Ages 2nd Trimester -Methusela

Second Edu-App No Brainer1: The SAHGM and Pump pick: MasterCode. It’s free for a limited time and is a faithful rendition of the classic brain-building logic puzzle/board game MasterMind. I’ve only played a bit, but it’s smooth and simple, with a fair amount of customizability for the look, but is a little lite on game-play features. I am hoping for an update with additional features especially a two-player mode soon. 3.75 Stars!


If you have a younger child you might prefer a MasterMind clone more suitable for pre-k and kindergarden. Check out Crack the Code. You can start with a very simple 3 peg board. But it can get as complex as you decide. It’s pretty customizable for a game of this type. 4 Pump Stars It’s free to try.

Another CREATIVE app Pump and I use together has been updated with new free and paid elements. I am talking about ScrapPad. While I found it a bit simplistic for my uses, the fun stickers and other embelishments you can add to pictures make it one of Pump’s faves. 3.75 Pump Stars

A very sophisticated note-taking app that I plan to cover in a comparitive review soon, Notes Plus has been updated. It’s pricey at 5.99, but the list of features is almost endless and now has both password protection (thank you) and background recording. I haven’t given the update a test drive yet so for now I can rate it only on the previous version. It’s ideal for High school and College! 4.25 Stars.

Facepad+ a facebook client for the iPad is on sale down from 1.99 to .99, but I’m not buying. The reviews are not great, and their free app suits my perpurposes just fine, and gets better user comments. It could be great, but it still lacks too many features to pay for. Don’t recommend.

A solid Bubble Shooter, Double Bubble, went universal today. It’s a great deal of fun. 4 Stars!

Tilt to Live, the incredibly well-received game has new free content in their update and an in-app purchase for additional levels. If you haven’t tried this game that was on most top 10 Game of 2010 list’s for the iPad and iPhone this year this is the time to do it. 4.75 Stars!

Silly but fun game, Coin Dozer, is brought to you today free by FAAD. It’s a great wait to kill a few minutes. Pump enjoys it more than I do. 3.5 Pump Stars.

TweetPad, already free, now has a pull-down-to-update feature. Will it usurp Twitter’s app as my fave? I’ll let you know tomorrow. I would try suggest you try it, it’s free after all!

FieldRunner for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch needs no help from me to be downloaded. It is one of, if not THE most popular tower defence game for iPad and iPhone. It’s been updated. Pump’s dad let him play on his Ipod Touch and he loves it but preferred the now gone lite version to the full version on the iPhone. It gets 5 stars from most sites and since it is not my thing I will leave it at that.

A classic, Super Mega Worm dropped from 1.99-.99, it’s fun. 3.25 Stars.

App Store staple, Stair Dismount, also was updated today and remains free as ever. 3 Stars.

Finally here’s one to avoid at all costs, even for free. A pseudo-lego building game called Blocky has a free and paid version. I tried the free one, it does nothing. Don’t waste your time. Frankly Lego, IMO should be played hands-ons. It’s probably the single best toy ever, no?

Has anyone Tried Shakespeare Bits? I am dying to, but @ 14.99 the asking price is too steep, even for a Bard-worshipper like me. Still if anyone has seen it I would love to hear your thoughts.

Ok that’s it from me for tonight. I have to postpone the second part of my article on Playtime Theater but you can see part one here. Part 2 will go live tomorrow. The devs needed some time to get their prize sorted out and to tell the truth I got called to pick up a sick Pump at school today and that but into my blogging-time. I will make it up to you with fantastic content in tomorrow’s sequel.

Don’t forget to check my Contest Page often and to check my updated App Stalker Report from 1/31 -I have updated my reviews and given more ratings. There were quite a few keepers so check it out!

As always I welcome Devs to contact me if you need a review. Follow me on twitter @sahgeekmom or email me at sahgeekmom@gmail.com

Remember, use AppShopper to track apps and see changes in the App Store, and rely on AppAdvice.com Apps by AppAdvice.com or just visit their website for the most comprehensive app reviews and guides. Learn more about App Stalking here: App Store Stalking: Everything You Need to Know to Keep it Simple

Pump is still sick and we’re getting over 30cm of snow (Thanks Weather HD!) so that’s it for me for today. Goodnight, and happy app hunting!

The SAHGeekMom


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