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New Post: 2/2 8:00 AM EST


From Playtime Theater

I am still going to tease a bit, but I have seen the prize the developers are giving away and I can tell you what for: The person who submits the best show made on the virtual puppet theater wwill receive an original and beautiful special something to show off – you can pick b/t 2 , um, we’ll call them models for now. Details will be in Pt 2 of my Feature article, read part one here now!

From Dino Rush

We loved this game so much we covered it in an AppStalker Report. I am super pleased to announce that sometime in the very near future I will be giving away a few promo codes

First Post: 1/21 2:00pm EST

The Winner of Promo Code for NeedFood (The Visual Grocery List) & Enter to Win Copy of Playtime Theater!

I am happy to announce that the first winner of the NeedFood (The Visual Grocery List) Promo Code is: Hsudik.

I will be contacting you by email to deliever the code shortly, Congratulations!

A review will follow, but I want to hear what our winner has to say too. I will post the winner of the second code this evening so you still have time to enter just tell me about your favorite newspaper or magazine app – click for details: RealGrocery Promo Code Giveaway

New Contest:

Enter to win a Free Copy of PlayTime Theater *(see pt 1 of full review here)


The Rules:

Most contests will follow this format:

As always each usable suggestion sent to me (anyway you choose: twitter, posting here, or by email) will earn you one entry.

If you retweet my latest review, or post my link somewhere you can have a free entry, just show me where the link is. If I get referrals from your link you may have one extra entry for each one.

You may earn multiple entries by any combinations of the means listed above.

All subscribers to the blog or the RSS feed already have one entry into every contest until March 1, 2011. I plan on running a contest about twice a week

Just please don’t forget to leave contact information so I can reach you if you win.

New Contest closes at 800pm EST Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011.

Thank you for your input and support and good luck!

As always I encourage developers to contact me to review their apps!

*Prize can only be delivered to US and CND App Store Accounts. CND App will be sent with 48 hours, US winners may have to wait up to 5 business days due to international money transfer times.


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