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Sorry I hadn’t the time to post fresh material earlier today. I have been working on a feature length article about the app Playtime Theater and its developers and that ate up most of the day. It will go live sometime in the next 24 hours so check back often! UPDATE: I have insider tips on what coming in ver 1.1 and further down the line, the devs answer user questions and talk about the process, Pump offers his two cents and EXCLUSIVE contest (or two??) open only to readers of The SAHGeekMom. All I can say for now, is watch for the instalments and updates to find out what you can win! You will find it HERE now!

I have been hunting in the app store though, and wanted to bring you today’s best pickings. I already have the apps mentioned, or I just bought them, and will have reviews for you tomorrow.

Let me preface by saying I bought the BlogPress app so I could write short posts like this on my iPad, but my first try over the weekend and my 2nd, just now, for this post were disastrous. Both times it failed to save my work despite my trying to save it on and offline and neither did it post. So I’m removing it and hoping the HUGE update of WordPress, out today, which addresses about 50 known problems will be a worthy replacement.

For the kiddos: Rush Hour is one of the best educational board games around from ThinkFun Games (who make tons of unique educational games for kids of all ages) and its IOS version has been a staple on moms’ iPhones everywhere for a long time.  It’s a great deal at its regular price of 2.99 but at .99  it is today’s EDU-APP NO-BRAINER.

In fact at the retail price for the board game we have had the Junior version and bought the real game twice. (P.S. if you like board games for kids ZINGO is a huge hit with pump and has been since he was 3.5!)

ThinkFun also just released Chess Solitaire for IOS, if you get a chance to play it before I do please send me your feedback, I have no doubt it will be as good as everything else they do, but blogging, guest writing, momming and playing chess are mutually exclusive, time-wise. FYI: Both Games have Free Versions so you can Try before you Buy!

For everyone who goes outside: The most popular and certainly the prettiest weather app for the iPad, Weather HD is also on sale for .99. I bought and will let you know what I think tomorrow.

UPDATE: OMG it’s Beautiful. It can be a clock or just show you the weather like you have never seen it before. I love that it offers forcasting hourly, daily etc. and is one of the VERY rare apps that pinpointed the tiny village I live in. I usually get info from a bigger weather station in a more urban location,. If it can find me, I am guessing it will find you too – we can’t even get satellite TV! On sale or off it’s a 4.99 STARS.

Would asking for an alarm function for a perfect 5 so I can stare at this all night, be asking for too much? I hope not. Get it, it’s one of those apps I have mentioned that really make the iPad shine. It’s great for showing off your divine device.

Word Puzzle Lovers Alert: Moxie and its sequel Moxie 2 have JUST been released for the iPad! If you aren’t familiar with the critics (and my) darling word game, you must get your hands on it.  It is a combination of that scrabble-like board game I remember hearing about in the 90’s where you could build words ‘upwards’ by stacking tiles (do you remember the one? The name escapes me and I am frankly too tired to Google it) and word solitaire with a spare and pretty interface and features that make it most unusual for a genre riddled with scrabble knock-offs and a million and one ways to play with anagrams.

The original Moxie, now in HD, is selling for 1.99, Moxie 2 HD for 2.99. The only difference if memory serves is that the latter allows for up to six-letters words and thus has a bigger ‘deck’ while the original is limited to 5. The game is otherwise pretty much the same, but if I had to pick (and I did) I suggest Moxie 2, it gets a lot more challenging than the original (which is not a game for the verbally-challenged to begin with) and I like the added difficulty and scoring. UPDATE: It’s as good as before if not better! 5 STARS!

I grabbed the free game, Photos Puzzler [sic] in the hopes that the game is better than the grammar, since Pump is a jigsaw aficionado, and as a treat for my little star student who got 100% on his spelling and vocab tests today I went ahead and just bought Dino Rush for .99 because I know my kid and if it is ½ as fun as it looks, he’ll love it. After all it has dinosaurs.

UPDATE: Dino Rush is a hit! Even with me and I usually hate platform games. This side scrolling endless running game, is completely adorable Dino munching fun. The game is polished, and the controls are so simple Pump jumped right in, and even the SAHGM lasted more than a minute! Pump and both give it 4 stars!! I would say this is good for ages 4 and up. I will have some promo codes to give away so stay tuned!

For the Art Lover a brand new app called PosterMania was released in books today for free to celebrate it’s launch. It is a book of early 20th century art posters from Europe and looks promising, I’ll keep you posted (pun intended even if it’s an awful one.)

For students at any level Flashcard Share is free today. I’ll give it a test run as soon as I get to work on my actual homework instead of on this blog 😉

I am not a film buff, but if you are the free app (which was launched at 9.99 in October, dropped to 5.99 a week later and has stayed free since) Film Study has been updated to include in-app movie purchases. I am not a film buff so I’m not buying any content, but if you do please tell me how the app performs.

I also grabbed 2 lite games, Ninja Chicken lite, in the hopes it is anything like my personal favourite games, Veggie Samurai HD and Fruit Ninja HD and The Last Temple as it looks like a promising puzzler. If I decide to buy, I’ll tweet to let you know. (@SAHGeekmom)

Ok that’s it for now. Please check back here tomorrow for updates and the results of the Free App Contest that ended tonight and a new giveaway, 2 promos codes for the new grocery management app NeedFood (The Visual Grocery List) along with my review of the app.

And remember, use AppShopper to track apps and see changes in the App Store, and rely on apps by AppAdvice.com or just visit their website for the most comprehensive app reviews and guides. Learn more about App Stalking here: App Store Stalking: Everything You Need to Know to Keep it Simple

Happy App Hunting

The SAHGeekMom.

As always developers are welcome to contact me if you need a review! SAHGeekMom@gmail.com


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