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I just wanted to write a brief review of a brand new UNIVERSAL (iPad and iPhone) Entertainment app for kids as young as 4, but genuinely fun for anyone who likes zombies and other ‘make-your-own’ apps called Make a Zombie.

Make a Zombie is a brand new app from Marcus Scherer and does not have enough ratings to be posted in the App Store but…

SAHMGeekMom (SAHGM) gives it a 4.5
Pump give it a perfect 5 stars!
it’s a Creative Play Edu-App No Brainer!

What a fun little toy! Make a Zombie is about as simple as an app can be. You get a ‘blank’ zombie and a bunch of different way to customize it. Choose hair style (or head machete as you prefer) eyes, mouth, clothes, background from a ton of free options with adverts, or upgrade to add pirate themes, humans, etc… and remove the ads for between .99 and $3.99.

This app works perfectly, requires no reading, and anyone can pick it up for a minute and have a really cute (or scary) zombie to send in an email, post to Facebook or Twitter, or use as wallpaper etc… To call the interface intuitive would be undserstatement.

Pump took one look at this and didn’t come back until he had an album’s worth. Needless to say we bought the works. He hasn’t stopped raving about it. I confess I have made a few myself and it’s really fun.

Here’s my 1st creation made in under 30 seconds from opening the app:


Grab this up. The free version is great, the extras make it super-customizable and are well worth the small investment, (not to mention helpful to an independent developer) especially if your kid loves all things zombie like mine. Play around, it may not be a something you keep on your device for years, but everyone in your home will get many hours of fun. Well worth it for .99, but for free it’s a no brainer.

Snag it from the App Store Here – Make A Zombie

SAHGeekMom Tip: The latest operating system for all iPads and iPhones (and iPod Touches,) IOS 4.2 has multitaking for a reason. Great fun was had by Pump and I when we imported the pics we saved to the photo album into my favorite art app, ArtRage Play around with your photo editors and art apps, you will double the fun!

If you and your child like creative apps, watch for my comprehensive review of Pump and SAHGM’s favorite creative play app, a puppet theatre app called Playtime Theatre. I will have exclusives about upcoming updates and some words from the two dad’s who developed it, so subscribe now to be the first to see it!

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Comments on: "Great New Creative App for Kids and Zombie Fans of all ages: Make A Zombie – Free UNIVERSAL App" (1)

  1. Wow, thank you SO much for this review and sharing your experiences with our app – we are very glad you and your family enjoyed this app so much and I hope you will also enjoy the upcoming updates (with free assets) 🙂

    Thanks again and keep up these awesome reviews! 🙂

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