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UPDATE 1/31: This Contest ends today so enter now!

In honour of the one week anniversay of the SAHGeekMom’s blog and in appreciation to you all for making it so successful so quickly I will be giving away 2 Free Promo Codes for a new Grocery Management App: NeatFood (The Visual Grocery List) Price 2.99. It’s a novel new approach to creating and managing your grocery lists available in many languages and for worldwide use. Check it out here, and check back often today for more details! I will be trying it out myself and reviewing it in the next 48 hours as well.

Also check later for SAHGM and Pump’s a comprehensive look at Playtime Theater the BEST creative app for iPad. I will have some exclusive information about upcoming features and a few words from the two dads who developed this wonderful toy.

original post

The iPad is revolutionizing the way we interact with the printed word. As an avid reader, I am looking forward to exploring this new phenomenon over a series of posts.

My last giveaway got me some good ideas and some subcribers, so I am upping the ante by a dollar and running the contest again only this time I am planning a review for moms and dads, older students, and any news-junkies on the best newspaper and magazine iPad apps.

I am not looking for feed readers or news aggregators for now. I want the best apps that either give away or offer paid access to what would normally be thought of as print media. i.e. the PressReader app, Zinio, The NYT app, or the National Geographic Magazine app, Wired Magazine etc…

The Rules:

As always each usable suggestion sent to me (anyway you choose: twitter, posting here, on facebook or by email) will earn you one entry.

If you retweet or post my link somewhere you can have a free entry, just show me where the link is. If I get referrals from your link you may have one extra entry for each one.

You may earn multiple entries by any combinations of the means listed above.

All subscribers to the blog or the RSS feed already have one entry into every contest until March 1, 2011. I plan on running a contest once every week to ten days so subscribe now!

The Prize for this NEW contest will be a gift app valued at $3.00 or less, taxes on me.

Just please don’t forget to leave contact information so I can reach you if you win. Contest closes at 5:00pm EST Tuesday, Feb 1, 2011.*

As always I encourage developers to submit apps for review, but of course they are not eligible for the prize.

Thank you for your input and support and good luck!

*Gift Apps can only be sent to US and CND iTunes accounts. CND app will be sent as soon as contest ends, but a gift app from US may take up to 5 business days to arrive.

Check out my review of the brand new hit ipad game, Cooties, here.

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  1. you can’t win unless you let me know where you posted my link. I am getting a lot of referrals, but they are not coming in with identifiable information to contact the winner, so please contact me!

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